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Sunday, July 22, 2012

They only look innocent...

Uh, huh...
don't let the peaceful little gray face fool you...

I've been giving the Dining Room a little freshening for late summer.
Humor me OK...?
Let me think it's late summer

Of course I have lot's of help from the girls.
We know...

not to mention that it would be 150 degrees in there...

she's goofy and in no danger, 
she just loves bags...
and fake faux flowers

(trust me, I'm not a negligent pet owner or cat mom)

So as you can see,
 I had help redo-ing the window box arrangement on the DR table.
not to mention trying to eat the new linen/burlap table runner.
(more on the changes this week)

I've had this cartoon for ages on my message board, 
it's one of my faves and sort of is the story of my life.
Most cats have some issues with hair balls,
mine seem to have their share and more.
Hairball Control food helps,
 we use that, but I guess it's just sort of their "thing".
May and June were peak "Hairball Season" months,
I was hoping I was done for the year.

My office/studio was clean and pretty from 
Where Blogger's Create

so where do I find a massive display of said "Hair Ball" relief?
oh yes,
all over the carpet...
so guess what I'm doing today?

and while that big machine is out I might as well do the rest of the carpet.
good grief. 
(good machine, really)

Gotta love'em.
cats and carpet cleaners

Hope you're having a great day,
now to finish the fun!

If you haven't entered the Give Away from
French Bleu Vintage 
just scroll down to the last post.
Dee has a $50 Gift Certificate with someone's lucky name on it!

Joining in on these great parties:
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Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chirp, chirp

You know how they say "a little birdie told me"...?
well, my little birdie has a message he wants to share with everyone.
He's a sweet little birdie with a smile on his face,
but he's sad cause he's having a hard time leaving comments.

So many blog friends where he's tried to leave comments.
Those that have word verification, 
have been a real bummer for the last day or two.

I haven't had word verification for over a year, maybe longer.
Blogger is doing a great job on filtering spam. trust me...
99.9 percent of the looney tunes are filtered out!

and on another note...
thanks for all the sweet comments on my new blog header.
After the shock and upset of Picnik calling it quits,
I've spent hours and hours looking for alternatives,
(those of you who are Picnik addicts like me 
are having advanced withdrawal.)
Picasa seems to be a contender, but I'm still fussy and fumey.

If you have issues, (and who doesn't) just Google your questions,
there are some great tutorials out there.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

You saw it here first, folks...

Not that Pantone or anyone else out there in the design world would give a lick about what I was thinking. But since the news was announced a  couple of weeks ago about the "Color of the Year" by Pantone, Tangerine Tango, I couldn't help but remember that I dedicated a whole month to the sassy color orange, in September.

Do you remember how you had to shield your eyes each
time you clicked over to my blog?

I've always loved the color orange, mostly because my favorite season is Autumn. Love the pumpkins and the many shades of the Fall leaves. Orange is a color that I wear frequently, Spring I lean toward the melons, and citrusy colors, then thru the summer a more vibrant shade, and then into Fall with many scarves and sweaters in the deeper hues of bittersweet to russet. This post for Vintage Inspiration Friday was all about how the seasons influence our color choices.

Designer clothing to accessories...

Check out this fabulous hand knit scarf on Etsy

kitchen goodies...

my new obsession, Le Creuset, but in "Dune"

Kitchen Aid...

Then back to paint choices
I don't think I could live with the orange walls...

Christian Louboutin...this is where we need the sunglasses!

but I do love it as an accent color!

And when we were up in St. Louis last Fall 
our older daughter was all about finding one of these...

or this one...

to go with her gorgeous gray walls.

Then, before Thanksgiving, our younger daughter 
was needing a change from her red Dining Room walls
which were more of a "Lipstick Red" with cool pink/blue undertones.
They really screamed "traditional" and "formal", 
where as she was wanting something a little more hip and trendy.

(not that this isn't an awesome room, just going for the color, here) did Mrs. Claus get into this?

She went from that red to this...

more of a paprika like the one on the right...

Just a slight but subtle difference in the undertones.
It's a whole new room with a new vibe,
and she has been able to coordinate colors and fabrics so much easier.

So if you need just a little Pick Me UP,
you might want to learn to "Tango"

Oh yeah, and lately my hair has been rockin' just a little of this

(all images from Google Images)

Hope you're having a great Sunday,
and you know thats not me in the above photo. (te he)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bosom Buddies

Sorry, I just couldn't resist...
I thought these vintage lovelies displaying jewelry at
 Leola's Christmas Open House
definitely needed some "air time".

Hmmm...they look "well loved"...

Cool jewels too...

Now that I have your attention, just wanted to remind you that 
Vintage Inspiration Friday
is still going on, and that my 
All Things French Give Away 
is just getting started. 
Just scroll down to join in the fun!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Hey Mom, Hoo's Dat?"

You never know what or "WHO" (hoo)
you'll find out here!

If you haven't linked up your Fall Decor with 
Vintage Inspiration Friday
you still have time!

Just scroll down to the next post

Happy Saturday, dear friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Birthday Party!

Attention all you furry kids out there!
A superstar of the feline variety is having a special Birthday Celebration.

Baby Kitty
 our amazing "co-host" from
(click above to get party times and directions)
is turning the big 8 on Friday
and we're all gonna

It's a little early for the party,
but the girls and I thought we'd send out a head's up invitation
to one of the biggest little parties in blogdom.

They're taking a break from their supervisory painting positions
to get spiffed up and send hugs and kisses
to the most handsome dude around.
Baby Kitty, himself!

Miss Jenkins...

and Miss Wrigley

are saying,
"Come on all you cool cats and pups,
let's get down with the fun!"

Be there, or be Square!!

See ya back here Thursday afternoon for
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

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