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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Spring Forecast is Green

One of the things I loved most about having a shop space or antique mall booth was the styling and designing. I always had plans for each new Holiday and Season rearranging furniture and displays. That part was something I truly enjoyed, and I've really missed those days that I could bring in some new items and then just "play". Taking a color scheme and expanding on it with prints, dishes, linens, and accessories was and still is, one of the best ways for me to get my creativity and inspiration flowing.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Going Green...Pantone's Color of the Year

Have you heard about Pantone's
 new pick for color of the year?
yes, here it is in all it's jewel toned glory...

Well, what do you think?
Is this a color you will be running out to try?

This is what got it all started for me...
watching Million Dollar Decorators this last week.
It's one of my favorite shows because let's face it...
these people are professionals.

I may not always be crazy about the finished room design,
 but I love seeing how they take the individual elements and pull it all together.

Mary McDonald case in point. When she picked this wallpaper in a bright green I sort of cringed. Don't get me wrong, I love color, but in the last few years, only in small doses. I have a problem with getting bored with a particular color. Now I guess if I was a "million dollar decorator" and could change things out when after only 3 months I shuddered when I walked into a room then it would be fine. I don't have that luxury. And after making my own mistakes throughout the years, I've learned my lesson. Keep the backgrounds and big ticket items neutral, then accessorize with "color".

I actually like this, even though there were descriptions like "70ish".

I'm not sure I could live with it for long,
but I really do like it.
Love your beautiful home Mary, 
and your bedroom is heavenly!

(last 3 photos borrowed from Fabiana at Ciao! Newport Beach)

So here are some other examples of a deep emerald(ish) green,
they vary somewhat, but you can get an idea.

 (Nate Berkus)

 LOVE this amazing sofa!
(slightly "avocado". Hey, I was around in the 70's)

this one...not so much

This is more of a Kelly Green
as it is lighter with a little more yellow,
whereas Emerald has more blue undertones.

Looks pretty, fun, and fresh.

Love the chair and green as an accent.

Here are two more spaces where Mary uses Green.

This gets a resounding yes from me

How about some Vintage Retro Green
one of my favorite colors.

Here are more shades of "green" for the kitchen.

How about Spring Green paired with Robin's Egg Blue?

a.dor.a.ble stove

I think I'd rather get my need for "green" met this way...

In accessories...

My favorite shade of green,
 and it smells wonderful too. 
 So what are your thoughts on GREEN this year?
Do you have it now?
Would you paint something green?
How about accessories?
or do you hate this (Emerald) color of green?

just wonderin'...

It's too close to the "Forest Green" of the 80's for me,
yikes, I'm having flashbacks of combos with peach, rust, or burgundy.

All Images found on my
Pinterest Page Going Green

joining in for
Wow Us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style


Sunday, January 15, 2012

You saw it here first, folks...

Not that Pantone or anyone else out there in the design world would give a lick about what I was thinking. But since the news was announced a  couple of weeks ago about the "Color of the Year" by Pantone, Tangerine Tango, I couldn't help but remember that I dedicated a whole month to the sassy color orange, in September.

Do you remember how you had to shield your eyes each
time you clicked over to my blog?

I've always loved the color orange, mostly because my favorite season is Autumn. Love the pumpkins and the many shades of the Fall leaves. Orange is a color that I wear frequently, Spring I lean toward the melons, and citrusy colors, then thru the summer a more vibrant shade, and then into Fall with many scarves and sweaters in the deeper hues of bittersweet to russet. This post for Vintage Inspiration Friday was all about how the seasons influence our color choices.

Designer clothing to accessories...

Check out this fabulous hand knit scarf on Etsy

kitchen goodies...

my new obsession, Le Creuset, but in "Dune"

Kitchen Aid...

Then back to paint choices
I don't think I could live with the orange walls...

Christian Louboutin...this is where we need the sunglasses!

but I do love it as an accent color!

And when we were up in St. Louis last Fall 
our older daughter was all about finding one of these...

or this one...

to go with her gorgeous gray walls.

Then, before Thanksgiving, our younger daughter 
was needing a change from her red Dining Room walls
which were more of a "Lipstick Red" with cool pink/blue undertones.
They really screamed "traditional" and "formal", 
where as she was wanting something a little more hip and trendy.

(not that this isn't an awesome room, just going for the color, here) did Mrs. Claus get into this?

She went from that red to this...

more of a paprika like the one on the right...

Just a slight but subtle difference in the undertones.
It's a whole new room with a new vibe,
and she has been able to coordinate colors and fabrics so much easier.

So if you need just a little Pick Me UP,
you might want to learn to "Tango"

Oh yeah, and lately my hair has been rockin' just a little of this

(all images from Google Images)

Hope you're having a great Sunday,
and you know thats not me in the above photo. (te he)


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