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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What to do with vintage birdcages...

They were a huge fad a few years ago, but now they've become a staple in vintage home and garden decor. In the last few years I've bought and sold many of them, but now I'm keeping the ones I have left to sprinkle here and there, in the house and garden. Here are just a few I grabbed for a photo vignette.

We've had parakeets and a conure in the past, but cats and birds in the same household can be a little stressful on everyone. (mostly the birds) But an empty birdcage is a little sad to me, so fill it with something fun and it feels like a cloche; a great place to display plants, candles, flower pots, even dishes, but don't forget the little birdies!

(the backdrop is my antique dressing screen that I papered in pages from an antique French Language Lesson book).

Say Hi to this sweet little guy...

and here's his little friend

I'll be linking up with Debbie's Copy Cat Challenge on Thursday
so here's my inspiration,
The June 2012 issue of Country Living Magazine.

I'll also be partying at these great places:

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