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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Seed Box Spring Open House

Many of you know Brian and Meloney Russell from
They're veterans at the Texas Shows
 and used to have a brick and mortar store in Ozark, Missouri.

Now they do shows in Kansas City,
have a space at Artichoke Annie's in Columbia, MO.,
and a space at Riverview Antiques in Ozark.

But the all time best, is their twice yearly
Open House at their residence in Chadwick, MO.

This post I'm showing their Garden House
that Brian built last spring.
(a mini shop featuring a lot of their vintage garden items)

click on any image for a larger view of the goodness!

For more fun and to keep up to date with their upcoming shows,
 be sure and click here to visit their shop blog,
that I do for them.
And check out some of the photos from the Barn Sale.

Hope you enjoyed the photos,
more coming for
Vintage Inspiration Friday

I'll be linking to these great parties this week,
you can find the links on the sidebar,
drop by and visit for some great ideas.

And I hope to see you back here, Thursday afternoon for:

More Seed Box Inspiration coming then!

Have a wonderful week,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More White Wednesday at The Seedbox Antiques

I still have some wonderful photos that I took at the Christmas Open House at The Seed Box Antiques this last November. I saved these until after the New Year because they aren't so "Christmas-y". Below is a cabinet with whom I'm secretly having a love affair. Yes, a chippy, white, shabby, curvy, love affair. (I'm afraid my husband knows...)

I'm guesting over at The French Cupboard today.
To see more fabulous-ness come on over!

Have a wonderful White Wednesday,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Wednesday at the French Cupboard

Many of you know my friends Brian and Meloney Russell
 The Seed Box Antiques.
Recently, I attended their Christmas Open House
at their home in rural Southwest Missouri,
and I'd love to share some of the Holiday Goodness!

So, today I'm guesting at
please come by and say Hello
and see more wonderful Holiday Inspiration!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The paint bug bit me... a really bad time!

We got home last night from a really great Mother's Day weekend in St. Louis with our kids. Of course we did a lot of flea marketing and found some incredible antique malls, but did I take pictures?... No, I was too busy going crazy and I forgot my camera in the car. So much inspiration to soak up. Now I have loads of laundry and need to put things away, but what am I doing? Grabbing my paint brush and making more of a mess!

My honey surprised me earlier in the week with this amazing new piece of furniture for the entry way, from Inspirational Home. I mentioned earlier that I am on a mission to "lighten up" my house. Nothing drastic...well, at least not yet, but just some paint and a new mirror and rethinking a few things like chair slips. More on this later.

The mirror is vintage, found this weekend. I loved the gold, but it didn't fit with the gray distressed table, which looks better with cream or pewter. So I whitewashed it. Fits the shape of the furniture and the look I'm going for.

And then you know how the "domino effect" kicks in. Well, the paint was already out, might as well take care of a few other projects...candle holders found a few weeks ago go all white.

Another header piece for a doorway to beef up my wimpy woodwork.

Another old mirror...

a flea market table find from this weekend...

finished projects!

Love the way this mirror turned out.

Thanks so much to all of you that welcomed Brian and Meloney
of The Seed Box on our new blog.
And for dropping by with me to get acquainted.

If you haven't been by to see them,
just scroll down to the next post.

OK, now I need to get back to the unpacking and mountain of laundry!
Just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.

I'm linking up with

Domestically Speaking  Power of Paint Party

Cindy from My Romantic Home


Have a great week everyone,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing The Seed Box Antiques "Shop Blog"

Last week I shared several posts about the
Garden House-Open House
The Seed Box.

I took you inside the new Garden House that is
showcasing all the great garden and architectural pieces
that are Meloney and Brian Russell's trademark style.

Then, inside their wonderful house in the country
near Chadwick, Missouri.

So today I'm teaming up with them to start a "Shop Blog".
We will be sharing new projects and designs that Brian is building,
 taking a peek at the shows they will be doing,
and giving you advanced news about show dates and times.

Here are a few more pictures that I promised
from their master bath and wraparound front porch.

So be our guest to the first blog post at

See you there!

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