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Sunday, July 11, 2021

How I've Used Architectural Pieces in Vintage Decor

Hello Friends, I'm so glad you're here today because I know you'll have a great time visiting through the Lifestyle of Love Hop as we all share our ideas for using Vintage and Antique Architectural Pieces in our decor. Our good friend, Cindy from County Road 407 is hosting and we have a fun group that's sharing our ideas today. If you're coming from the Hop and Michelle's at The Painted Hinge... Happy Saturday, I'm so glad you're here!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heads Up...

I guess this post could be filed under several topics, but firstly it would have to be the top contender for "you don't know how wrong something looks until you photograph it and then put it out on the blog for thousands of people to see". The next category would be "coming super late to the party". 

The second category, first...
This is my first shot at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I know, I know....
don't judge me for being a little slow to get to the party.
LOVE this paint...
dried quick, distressed so easy,
but then you ALL know that don't you?

I've had a can of Old White for over a year, but when you have a husband that's sick
or any kind of family issue, most projects just don't happen...nope. not happening.

(He's much better, long road...but better.
Inner ear surgery for Meniere's Disease)

I've had this wonderful old piece of detailed wood hanging out in the garage for months, taunting me to get my rear in gear and paint it. 

but when I saw this photo (below) from a post I did back in March I cringed,
'cause the teensy header I had was lost on the door and flanking windows.
(btw, this post was my highest viewed post ever)

So I finally got around to doing the deed and hopefully making the entry look a little more thought out. I love using old headers and furniture remnants to help beef up the moldings above the room openings. This space could use something even bigger, but until then, I think this will work.

Skinny moldings must have been all the rage in 1982...

This one is above the Entry in the Dining Room.

another smaller one heading toward the Kitchen.

Here is the culprit from the entry that found a new home in the Hallway, 
going into the Dining Room.
(I need to straighten it up a bit)

 from the Hall into the Powder Room
(and no, that's not dust on the door panels,
I just like a gray film all over things...)

But here's my fave baby of them all.
The hunky piece that got me started on this.

I swooned over those scallops.

In the Kitchen going to the Living Room.

That's just one little thing I can cross off my to-do list.

and a note from Tornado Alley...
we're all so so tired of this.

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Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lovin' Me Some Chippy White

I'm a huge sucker for a piece of chippy white old furniture.
And if it's not chippy white...
well hey, I just might make it that way!!

Here's a review of some of the best of Fall
Chippy White Parade

1-4 Shelly and Gretchen
at Pheona's Vintage Market


5-6 my cupboard downstairs

7-12 Leola's Vintage Home and Garden

13 Inspirational Home

14 My booth, Spring Creek

15-16 Mandy's booth Spring Creek

17-21 Spring Creek Tea Room

22 Relics Antique Mall

23 My Fall Sideboard

Hope you enjoyed the review!
Have a

 Wonderful White "Chippy" Wednesday

Please say Hi to Kathleen and all the Friends

love ya,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing The Seed Box Antiques "Shop Blog"

Last week I shared several posts about the
Garden House-Open House
The Seed Box.

I took you inside the new Garden House that is
showcasing all the great garden and architectural pieces
that are Meloney and Brian Russell's trademark style.

Then, inside their wonderful house in the country
near Chadwick, Missouri.

So today I'm teaming up with them to start a "Shop Blog".
We will be sharing new projects and designs that Brian is building,
 taking a peek at the shows they will be doing,
and giving you advanced news about show dates and times.

Here are a few more pictures that I promised
from their master bath and wraparound front porch.

So be our guest to the first blog post at

See you there!

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