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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Cloches

I hope you can stand enjoy
just one more Easter Decor post.
I didn't realize I had so many things,
 until I started going through
my cupboards and bringing it all out.

You all know I'm just a "Holiday" kind a gal.

I've been saving a few little friends
 for the Cloche Party at Marty's.
I found these at a friend's booth
 at Spring Creek a few weeks ago.
Old chalk Easter rabbits and a chicken.
I scooped them all up as she was just putting them out.
Oh yeah, right place, right time!

This is my German glass glitter rabbit that I found
a few weeks ago at my friend Kristi's space
(you'll get to meet her soon)

I had to buy three,
one each for my daughters...
and of course one for moi.

He's one of my new Favorite Things.

and of course "Sweetface" has to be
 included in every Cloche Party.
He's a little spoiled, you know what I mean?

I couldn't leave him out of Show and Tell!

And of course Spring isn't Spring
unless I have a bird-nest...
(or ten)

I stacked my wire flower frogs up,
then thought they looked like a wedding cake.

This little fella appears to have been
trapped by a Bird Nest cloche.

Hope he has some chocolate in his little basket.
I might let him loose for that!

And to celebrate Good Friday and Easter,
I have my Vintage Black Bible
 from my grade school years.
with a bottle I altered.

(here's the Royal Treatment Give Away Crown!)

I'm linking up for Marty's Cloche Party

at The French Cupboard

If you haven't entered my Give Away
The Royal Treatment,
to win that fabulous crown,
and leave a comment on that GiveAway post.

Sending hugs and blessings
for a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show and Tell Friday: Lambs

This is my first time to be a part of
Show and Tell Friday.
Cindy at My Romantic Home is our gracious hostess.

With Easter almost here, I thought I would share
a few of my lamb prints and paintings.
I've been collecting for the last seven years.

Some are old, some are new
but all are well loved , and part of my collection.

I think this would have to be my favorite,
love the sweet message of it.

These can be found all around the house,
so I've brought a few of them
 to where the lighting is better.

This painting is in the Living Room,
an Anniversary gift from my husband
a few years ago.

Part of a set of pastoral prints
that were a Christmas gift.

Another very old oval print in
it's original metal frame.

A print of one of William Bouguereau's
famous Madonna and child paintings.

Vintage Western Landscape

This is a Christmas postcard
from the early 1900's.

This is probably the oldest print that I have of sheep.
Love the Country French scene.
(please excuse the glare.)

Another favorite

I also collect vintage Religious images.
This is one of my favorites, with lambs.

Thank you Cindy, at My Romantic Home.

I also am linking up last minute with Laurie,
from Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie,

If you're new to my blog,
I'd love to have you leave a comment
so I can come back and say Hello.

I also have an open Bible Study blog,
please come by for a visit.

Hope you're having a wonderful week before

hugs and blessings,

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