Monday, May 6, 2024

The Entry is for the Birds

May is Bird Month around here, literally! We have a full nest box on the front porch and wherever I go I can here chirping and cheeping. It's been hard to water the fern and containers on the porch because you may get bird bombed by mom and dad.

I've been on a cloche streak lately since Valentine's Day here in the Entry. And last week I shared a Spring vignette with my shepherdess and her sheep in the dining room on the mini French Wagon. After Easter and most of the rabbits are tucked away, a bird theme takes over and I find my feathered friends all around the house. 

My vintage wren print is the focus leaning against the old mirror on an antique book stack and the paperwhites are still here from earlier in the season. I love paperwhites and this faux arrangement is easy to leave out for much of the year. The delicate white blooms can carry me through the seasons.

This little lifelike resin bird finds his way into many of my vignettes, even though I don't think that green is a very common color for North American birds unless you're looking at tropical pet birds. We had a bright green conure when the girls were young. (don't get me started because I love birds in general, but he was a real stinker, if you get my drift) for years and that was enough green birds for me. 

At least this little guy can sit in an old flowerpot and behave.

This pocketsize paperback 1956 Bird Guide is one of my favorites
and I actually use it to identify visitors.

I have a set of 4 prints that are Henrik Gronvold which I think are from the 60's that I love to use this time of year. They are small enough to use on shelves and in the Holiday Cupboard, so they are out on display a lot. This is the goldfinch which we have around here at the feeder and nesting in the yard.

The cardinals, finches and most other birds prefer nesting in dense shrubs around here because of the crows, but the sparrows are always up for hogging the nesting boxes. They are fun to watch even though they are loud and messy. 

Here are a few other bird themes that I've shared...

I hope you're enjoying this first week of May and that you've missed the horrible weather. We've had several days of rain and storms. We need the rain because summers can be very dry and hot. But hail, wind and tornadoes we can all live without. Stay safe this crazy weather rollercoaster. 


  1. This vignette is truly something to chirp and tweet about!!!

  2. That's so pretty. I love how you combine your wreaths, books, and birds int such a lovely vignette.

  3. This is fabulous. You always have so many great pieces to coordinate your themes. Lovely Debra! XO- MaryJo

  4. What a lovely addition to your home and truly timely with all the birds nesting. We love feeding them and seeing them since we retired. We try to keep learning too and keep that little book handy to look up any we do not know by name. Your display is really lovely and fresh looking. The furniture is amazing!


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