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Creating A Potting Bench with Reclaimed Wood

Hi Friends, welcome to the October edition of the Lifestyle of Love blog gathering where a few of us share our love for decorating with vintage items. This month our topic is using and decorating with items created with reclaimed wood. Our blogging bud Cindy from County Road 407 is our host and creator of this fun get together. If you're coming from Lora's Blog, Create and Ponder, thanks so much for continuing the Hop!

You all have seen plenty of posts on the Potting Bench throughout the years. It's a fun and functional piece that has become a focal point in my back porch decorating. I found it at a vintage market sale back in the spring of 2011 when potting stations and benches were first becoming a trend. I had been wanting one for a bit but didn't know where to put it. I hadn't really gotten serious about finding one until I spotted the base that was being used in a kitchen area as a worktable at the sale. I'm pretty sure it had been someone's garage workbench before, and I know it must have been old.

Here's a post from last year;

The biggest sign that it was made from reclaimed wood is the table top. The tongue and groove wooden slats were old and had recently been sanded down to the bone. These next two pics are from 2011 after I gave it a coat of white paint and did a light wash and sealer on the top.

I later painted the top a solid white so I would have more protection from the elements and so dirt could be cleaned up easier. Seeing the small nails along the edge makes me wonder if at one time it hadn't had linoleum covering the top. I think the top probably was originally a piece of old flooring that found another life as a tabletop. Amazingly it's survived 4 moves and 3 downsizings after I purchased it. My husband complains at times because it can get a bit "junky" looking, but he knows how much I love playing there and using it as a subject for blogging fun.

These are a couple of pics that show the old tongue and groove flooring for the top.

I foraged a small natural bouquet in the old ironstone pitcher from Autumn Joy Sedum, mini zinnias and ornamental grasses, that I've had here at the house this summer. I keep the pitcher here on the shelf so I can put together a bouquet easily.

I found this tongue and groove reclaimed wood photo from West County Journal so you can get an idea of how raw reclaimed flooring can look.

I've used the potting bench more here at this house than at others, since the back porch is easily accessed here. Below is a post from 2020 where I shared some foraged leafy greenery and oak leaf hydrangeas from the yard. Backyard Naturals Bouquet

The bench has a nice sturdy shelf underneath that I use for tools, pots, and odds and ends, which are stored in salvaged laundry room cabinet drawers from this house. I'm using an old bookcase skeleton on top with a very old chippy door as a backdrop and stabilizer. I store loose dirt in the old galvanized washtub underneath. 

Here are a few posts showing how I use the Potting Bench
 throughout the year and seasons.

 Here's a post from our second year here at this house.

Thanks so much for coming by. We hope you'll continue visiting the Hop for more great ideas, and head over to check out Ann's Pallet Coffee Table at Dabbling and Decorating.

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  1. I haven't seen an old potting bench with tongue and groove wood like yours. It's fabulous! I would have snatched it up too. And I enjoyed all the looks you've given it over the years but I think my favorite is the time you added the large star and lit it up at night. Wowza! Thank you for joining in. Especially at such short notice. Loved this post. Oh yeah, and I know what you mean about looking a little "junky". If we have an open surface around our house, everyone puts stuff on it. It becomes a drop zone until I get huffy. ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. I have loved always how you decorated your potting bench for the seasons. Happy Weekend. xoxo

  3. Debra I love this potting bench. What a gem to have and to decorate even over the holidays. The star was such a nice touch🙌🏻

  4. I love your potting bench and have always wanted one. Not sure where I'd put one now, but still would love one. I use a baker's rack in my garage buy would gladly trade it for a bench.

  5. Your potting bench is such a fun place to enjoy seasonal decor, and so useful, too, I'm sure. I revived many through the years and they always sold quickly. But of course I don't have one myself:( Someday I'll come across one on the curb, I'm sure:)

  6. Such a fabulous project Debra, I love old reclaimed wood and your bench came out just perfect.

  7. Hi, Debra. I finally made it down to the comment section, took 15 minutes. Something on your site just cripples my comp. I so love your posts on the potting bench and all the sunroom enjoyed, but like I said something jams me up and I can never finish your posts...Today the planets were aligned. Happy Fall to you, Sandi

  8. You've inspired me again Debra! I need one of these on my back patio! I'm excited to tell you this post will be featured in this week's Tuesday Turn About Link Party! Thanks for joining and I hope to see you this week :) Pinned!


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