Friday, October 7, 2022

Autumn Greetings from the Front Porch

Decorating the front porch for Fall has been a work in progress this last month since we were gone for a week. It started in early September with a change up for the pillows on the metal depot bench. By the end of summer the porch and flowers start looking a bit tired and in need of a pick-me-up. I like keeping a lighter look in September because the temps are still really warm, but I'll add a few darker colors as it gets further into October.

I love the orange Buffalo Check covers and the little lumbar pillow cover that I found on Amazon. I have the 18x18 inch check covers in lots of colors, and also found several of the lumbar size for seasonal and holiday change-ups. 

Last year was a constant battle with the squirrels eating the pumpkins and digging in the mums, so I made a point not to buy too many this year because I knew I was in for frustration. Last year I found faux mums at HL and they look pretty realistic to me, so I have them in the larger garden/market baskets. Then I gave in and bought 3 smaller size live mums to add to the mix. 

I usually keep mums in the urns but wanted to try something different this year. The two larger white pumpkins in them are both faux, but they look real nestled inside with some leaves and bittersweet. I did twist off the plastic stems and replace them with real ones, which goes a long way making faux pumpkins look more real.  I've combined faux and real pumpkins around the porch too, because they are the real target of the rascally rodents. 

"The only well behaved squirrel is a concrete squirrel."

I shared a few pics of my door basket a few weeks ago, since it's hard to get a good pic with all the glare from the door. I'm into the classic color combo of orange/black/white this year with the ribbon on the basket. Of course it matches my front door to perfection. Fall and Sherwin Williams "Spicy Hue" are made for each other...

I just tied a double ribbon on the basket. I have a little trick to keep the ribbons in the right spot around the basket. I take metal floral wire and cut a piece about 5 inches long then poke both the ends through the fabric and wicker then twist them on the inside. I do one in the back and one on each side of the knot in front. That ribbon isn't going anywhere!

At some point while styling and taking pics I tried out the new Boho Quilted Throw using the gold floral reverse side on the bench. You can see that post in the Garden Room wicker settee, HERE

I added a few pumpkins to the fern for fun and filled the old French watering can 
with bits of faux flowers, leaves, and grasses.

One of my little vintage gym lockers is corralling a green striped pumpkin and mum.

The lantana still have a few blooms left, but they will be gone shortly. I've enjoyed their brilliant pinks, reds and yellows this year. The hummingbirds and butterflies really enjoy them too. I try to keep them till frost for straggling hummies, but they are all gone by now. Plus the lantana is drought resistant, so it's perfect for the crazy summer heat and dry spells.

Here are the front porch posts from last year and the 2020 version.
I hope you're having a wonderful Fall Season,
sit down and enjoy the day on the porch!

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  1. You porch is so beautiful Debra, love all of your pumpkins and urns.

    1. Thanks for coming by Wendy. Glad the comments didn't put you in the "anonymous" bin, LOL!

  2. First, I love your new logo at the top! I think I saw it last week but forgot to mention it. So cute! Your porch is lovely, festive and inviting. I adore the changes and want to find some fake mums. I just can't with the real ones. It's not squirrels for us. I can't keep them alive so they never bloom and just look like dried up sticks. I have to bring in all fabric elements every night from our porch. Not taking the chance with the old quilts. And I agree - the ribbon on the basket looks fantastic on your door! Hope you sit out there and enjoy it. I know the neighbors have to love it!

    1. thanks Cindy, I thought that little logo garden shed was so fun... I've about had it with real stuff, because there are so many issues. The day after I took those photos I saw holes chewed on the green pumpkin and gourd. squirrels! The faux mums came from Hobby Lobby.

  3. I do wish I had a front porch to decorate, especially when I see one as lovely as this, Debra. Your arrangements are so beautiful and it is so welcoming!

    1. thanks Jeanie, I do love a porch, but it's easy for me to overdo it. We've really enjoyed having the front and back porch available for relaxing at this house. Makes it more likely to stop and relax a bit. xo

  4. Sorry to read that the squirrels are tormenting your darling front porch decor. I hope the concrete squirrels keep the real ones away. I've never had squirrel issues. I do have a matching concrete squirrel though. I love the bench so much.

  5. Very attractive -lovely greeting at your front door.

  6. Debra, I adore every detail of your welcoming autumn porch! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinning!

  7. Debra,
    I love your porch. I wish I could pick just one thing to talk about but I love it all, from the wire baskets with mums to the lovely pillows to all of the decor items. I just love looking at it all. Just beautiful. Stopping by from the tour.

  8. Debra,
    I love your porch. Congratulations, you are being featured on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you stop by.


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