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Farm Animals in French Country Decor

Somewhere deep in my DNA I have the Farmer/Shepherd gene that has been dormant for many years. When I was growing up my dad always kept a few beef cattle at the farmhouse, but we weren't allowed to name them or pet them because well, you know why...  So, next best thing is to just collect cows and sheep to decorate with in my vintage Cottage, Farmhouse, and French Country decor.

Today I'm joining in with some of my dear blogging friends and we're sharing how we use farm animals in our decor. Some of you may be scratching your head over that one, but just think about how many of us love cows, sheep, roosters and goats and that many of us are collectors and displayers in our farmhouse and cottage decor. Our sweet friend Cindy of County Road 407 is the hostess of our group, Lifestyle of Love, as we celebrate our love of vintage things. If you're coming from Cindy's place, thanks so much for hopping on over. I'm sure you loved seeing Cindy's wonderful critters and decor!

I have a lot of vintage and vintage-look collections, but I can say that it's hands down that I have more cow and sheep related items than any one other theme. Sheep would have to be my favorite, because of their religious significance in Christian symbolism which has found a deep sweet spot in my heart with their trusting faces and mild demeanor. 

One of my favorite painters, William-Adolphe Bouguereau's many paintings
 of Mary, Baby Jesus and a lamb, here in the Entry for Christmas.

A favorite painting from my husband for our anniversary one year, 
that hangs in the Living Room.

Many of my farm animals are in paintings or prints that I've collected for many years. Here are a few of my favorite pieces, most of them vintage.

This print in the original frame is very old and looks like it...
It's in the laundry/bath room.

In the Dining Room...

In the kitchen...


English landscape in the Entry...

Fun French Cheese advertising...

I'm short on wall space here so I rotate prints on the mantel.

I Mod-Podged a print onto canvas...

This canvas is from Canvas Pop.

I have quite a few "figural pieces" like these vintage concrete
 painted sheep that I use often on the mantel or hearth.

a lamb tureen from Portugal

a vintage U-Needa Biscuit tin.

I love using small sheep and cow figurines under cloches,
and they work in any seasonal or holiday vignette.

Small shelves and displays are perfect for adding an animal figurine.

and you can find animals most often
in the Holiday Cupboard

This is a clay "sheep head" wall planter that I used surrounded by a vintage frame on an old door. It changed up with the seasons and holidays.

Cows often congregate in the Holiday Cupboard

This was a fun surprise seeing this almost life size sheep on display at the St. Louis Galleria, Brooks Brother's Store. I would have taken him home if it wouldn't have been so obvious I was "sheep-napping".

A vintage Lamb Apple crate

And what's a French Country kitchen without at least one Rooster?

And one of my most favorite photos from the Lambs and Vines Winery 
in Diggins, Missouri.
Doesn't this look like a French painting?

Thanks so much for coming by today.
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I hope you will continue with the Hop and take a peek
 at some fun posts on using animals in our decor.
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  1. Debra,
    I have always loved your French Country home. I love seeing all the ways that you use animals in your decor. I am in awe over your amazing collection of animal wall art. The cheese sign is fabulous!

    1. thanks so much Christy. I should have mentioned that it's a reproduction, but still so real looking!

  2. You have the best collection of cute farm animals for the French country look. Your artwork is so cute and pretty. Love this Debra. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. Wowza, what a collection of fantabulous prints! The name "U-Needa" biscuit tin gave me a giggle. I keep scrolling Etsy for a printable image but can't make up my mind. You make me want all of them! You've given me a new subject matter to shop for. Woo hoo!

    When you said y'all weren't allowed to pet or name the cows, I understand. My husband says we can do that with the keepers (the mama's) but the rest are just named M1, M2, M3 etc. He says that stands for Money 1, 2 and down the line. It's even hard when you see them in the freezer! Your dad was a smart man.

    Thank you for joining in this month. I loved your post.

    1. thanks Cindy. I know... we loved the baby calves, they were so adorable and wanted to suck your fingers when they were babies. But yes, Daddy was right to not let us get attached. No one would have wanted to eat dinner!

  4. Your cow print collection is amazing and I love all your figurines. I've got a lot of chickens, but always want more sheep, especially at Easter. And I love cows, too. Now I know what I can look for when I'm out vintage hunting (I was beginning to think I didn't need anything more;) Thanks!

    1. HaHa, Lora, there's always a new collection lurking around the corner!!!


  5. Your French Country home always gives me so much inspiraition, Debra! I love all your paintings and prints and how you added cow, sheep and lamp figures throughout your home as well. They're really beautiful! Hugs, CoCo

  6. Every single photo is really beautiful. Have you seen the woolly sheep online at GrandinRoad? I have the Ivory one who wears a silk flower crown I made for her. Speaking of stealing, I may have to sneak in and grab that adorable french maiden lamp!!!!

  7. I LOVE all of your cute sheep!! Sheep are just fuzzy with the cutest faces. All of your animal prints are wonderful and in such lovely frames!!

  8. I really enjoyed seeing your collections. Isn't it a good thing we all collect different things? I have swans, milk and cobalt glass, dollhouses, and Monet prints. Al has knives and penguins. The more I see of French country, the better I like the style--wishing my house had more of those vibes--at least I already have my Monets!


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