Friday, April 29, 2022

Spring Themed Prints in the Hearth Room

I gave my hearth room a mini refresh for spring this last week with a couple of spring themed prints, and moved a few pieces around on the mantel. I usually keep one of my lamb canvas prints on the mantel but thought I'd try out this framed bird poster as something a bit different.

The mantel doesn't usually get a big change-up. I like the little topiaries and smallish lanterns, so I usually just shuffle things around and change up the prints for the seasons and smaller accent pieces. Every time I try to go crazy with something completely different I end up not liking it, then going back to my basic tried and true pieces. 

I love the little wrens with their sassy tail feathers and squeaky chirp. I found a couple of bird houses on Amazon earlier this spring, and a wren couple started bringing in sticks and grass for nesting. I haven't seen them for a week so they may have decided that there was too much traffic on the front porch. If they don't occupy it hopefully the finches will sublet, since they aren't very picky with their nesting locations. 

I wish the print was slightly bigger, but I used a vintage book stack to raise it up a bit.  I always end up layering prints and frames in front of the large mirror. It's too heavy and unwieldy to take down, so whatever I use is just leaned up against it. The mirror reflects what little light there is in the hearth room, which is always light "challenged". I have to open the front door and bring in extra lighting just to get decent photos.

I hadn't used my "Bloomin' Brella" in the Garden Room this year so I just leaned it up against the brick fireplace for a little extra pop of spring color. It's a vintage floral umbrella with a white leather handle that's so sweet and feminine; it calls out for a fun bunch of faux spring stems.

That's an antique stove door that weighs a ton.
 It too seems to stay on the hearth from season to season.

I changed up my sofa pillows to the taupe floral pillows that I made years ago. I used to make pillows but they were taking up so much space I had to go to pillow covers. I love pillows and they seem to multiply like bunnies. 

I honestly don't think I've used this big vintage botanical print but maybe the first year we lived here, and that was in the Garden Room above the church pew. It's pretty big and dominates that wall, but when I bought it nothing else was there other than the big TV armoire. I sort of had to squish it onto the space, but it's so pretty it definitely needs to be displayed.

Here's a better pic from when I first found this print.

The rolling antique market basket got a refresh too with a swap out from darker faux hydrangeas to lighter, more springy green ones. In the fall and winter I use deeper tones of brown and greens in there, but for spring, it's a lighter fresh green.

You may remember back in early March I found this perfectly sized sewing table at my fave vintage market, and knew immediately that it was what I'd been searching for the dark dreary corner. 

I finally bought some of the "real touch" tulips this year after looking at them online and just thinking about them. The white blooms are beautiful and the stems are bendable so they are the perfect size to display in an ironstone pitcher. Having bendy stems definitely makes them more life-like when they're displayed in a vessel. I had a hard time trying to decide which color to purchase, but the white seemed more versatile.

I pretty much keep my little book page tray here on this old cobbler's bench. It's just the perfect size for displaying several pieces. I love a tray or basket to contain and corral smaller pieces.

I couldn't put my little hare pillow away yet. He's so adorable I'll probably keep him out till later in May. The indigo ticking twin size quilt is also still here on the ottoman. Love me some ticking! I think ticking is the perfect neutral that goes with almost everything, no matter the season.

As you can see on the sofa, I love layering quilts and pattern.

Small changes that keep the seasons fresh...

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  1. Everything look beautiful as always Debra. Love your boomin brella. That is so cute. Happy Thursday. xoxo Kris

    1. thanks Kris, that umbrella was such a cute find! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your room looks so fresh and springy. Love it and those tulips look so real!

  3. Love your prints, Debra. You & I are so much alike. I belabored my choice color of tulips too, lol. Your hearth room looks great. Have a great weekend.

    1. thanks Rita, something about white flowers... Hope you have a garden worthy weekend!

  4. I love the bird print on the mantel, and your botanical print is wonderful! I have always wanted one, but could never find the one for me. I too have issues with lighting, it is frustrating, isn't it? Opening all of the curtains never seems to be enough.

  5. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us Debra. I should get my grandmother's quilt out and display it, I always think I need to keep it pristine and stowed away, but they really should be seen.

  6. Lovely!!! Those faux white tulips are gorgeous!!! I have a ton of faux florals but not really nice tulips. I'll have to look for some like yours, Debra. <3 I do have a few bunnies still out, and I just cleaned off the coffee table on Sunday afternoon of its Easter decor. Behind the times, oh well! ;) There's a momma and baby rabbit up above the kitchen cabinets, too, with a couple of Easter eggs... They say spring to me, so I'll pull them down when I figure out some summer decor.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the feature last week! This post was a lovely addition... <3 (Share Your Style #387)

    Big spring hugs,
    Barb :)


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