Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rainy Day Busy-ness

Hello, my friends...

This is a bit of a random post, but I wanted to share a few pics of what I've been up to around here. I felt the motivation to change out my Holiday Cupboard china from green transferware to my French Faience. And here in the Dining Room, I haven't shown you my sweet little ceramic rabbit tureen that I made many years ago, and has been here for Easter.

To be very honest, my motivation has been really lacking since I'm still waiting for the spine surgery. Add that on top of the "stay at home" orders and I'm basically a blob. Getting the energy and myself psyched up takes some major inspiration. But I had a spark today, (yay!!) so I thought I'd take advantage of it and do some mixing it up!

My little Lamb tureen is here on the old washstand, 
which replaced the last vignette for winter.

I don't display my French Faience pottery near as much as my transferware patterns because it's pretty "busy" and doesn't mix very well with other pieces. But I love the handpainted florals for Spring and Summer, so it's filling the Holiday Cupboard for late Spring.

When I'm playing in the cupboard I like to add some of my seasonal vintage postcards. When I saw this one it just tugged at my heartstrings. Our family has sort of kept it's "distancing". My Mom and I fall into that high-risk category so we all haven't gotten together since Christmas.

It's a rainy gloomy day and the light is just not there for photos,
so I'll share my late Spring Holiday Cupboard soon.

So this is for all of you "loved ones at home".
It's been one month since I've left the house. How about you all?
(oh and that was a pre-op hospital visit... such fun)
Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.

Hope to see you Monday evening:

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  1. Debra, I enjoy your blog and I love the bunny and lamb tureens. You always have such interesting pieces to display. I can relate to the "blah" feeling. About once a week it hits me. Then I get that burst of energy and accomplish more in one day than what would usually take two or more days. I think we are all struggling from time to time to have a productive day. I miss my family, too. Hopefully each day is a step closer to the end of this nightmare.

  2. Hi Debra, I know what you mean about missing loved ones. I have a new little grandson whom I've only been able to see for a few minutes through the car window. I haven't gotten to hold him yet, or sing him songs. But this, too, shall pass--Lord willing!
    I share your love of lambs, though your collection is much more extensive and lovely than mine--although I do have an olive wood one from Bethlehem!
    I hope your are able to have your surgery soon, and that you are quickly on your feet and blogging again. And I hope you have sunshine, soon, too. That makes such a difference! God bless!

    1. Hi Marilyn, oh you must be so ready to see that sweet grandbaby and give it a squeeze and kiss. I'd love to see your olive wood lamb from Bethlehem, it sounds like such a precious keepsake. thankyou for your sweet comment and I hope you have some sunny, lovely days!

  3. That card is so perfect! And so pretty. I love your "busy" French dishes too. So perfect for spring.

  4. The lamb tureen and bunny are so cute. I think we are all tired of being Sheltered at Home. We are probably not going to see anything opening up here in Illinois until the middle to end of May. We have not even peaked yet they are thinking around the middle of May and then we have to go 14 days with seeing a decline before the Governor will open things back up. Soon hopefully you will be able to have your surgery.

  5. Love the postcard, bunnies and lambs...… But the French pottery is wonderful....I've never seen that pattern before, it is so pretty !! It reminds me of the Irish 'sprigware', very Springy....!!
    I also miss family and friends, and find it difficult to muster up any kind of energy to get involved in ANYTHING... Grocery shop once every 10 days or so....even my cat says she is tired of this...….stay healthy...

  6. I love that postcard, probably WWI era, yes? And the faience is really pretty! I don't remember ever seeing that, Debra. Groceries (pickup curbside), walks, and cooking are the main activities of my #stayathome since mid-March. I did put away all my bunnies, chicks and eggs and made a trip to my storage unit yesterday. I was the only one there, and it felt good to do the changeover.
    Our state is opening up elective surgeries starting next week, but it will still take a while before all the ancillaries (the labs, the PT facilities, etc) will be in full motion to really see the benefit of it. My son-in-law is an ortho phys asst, and he doesn't expect to be able to return to work until possibly mid May. I know you're anxious to move toward your own path to healing.

  7. Debra,
    You took me on a trip down Memory Lane with your lovely dishes!
    Many times while window shopping in Europe, I would see similar patterns.
    So~o~o lovely. . .and quite pricey. . .on a Sargeant's Pay!
    It was rainy, gloomy day on my side of the Prairie yesterday, also.
    Showers of April Blessings!
    Praying that May will bring a turn around in your health and our World.

  8. We take a ride a few times a week through the park, around town, the neighborhood, just to get out of the house. I've seen both of my kids and families from the curb. We've missed so much. My grandgirl has 4 new permanent teeth and so tall...and we have missed it. One son, we should buy a big house and all move in together...that way at least we could see each other! I'm actually for that, after this. Love your goodies and cabinet choices, stay safe!

  9. I can understand Debra. NJ has been on a stay at home order five weeks now. Nothing is open except for necessary places.

    The weather isn't helping. Still cold and dreary.

    I hope we can get flowers by mid May. That will be depressing having no flowers.

    I feel like this is a dream some days. Stay safe.


  10. Hi Debra. Your home always looks so beautiful. I love all of your pretty treasures and how you display them. I'm with you these days. I can not get into my decorating mood so haven't changed anything up for awhile and that makes it harder to think of something to write about. I am so sorry you had to postpone your surgery but here in CA I heard that they are letting up on elective surgeries now. My hubby has his annual doc appointment in a few days and it will be conducted in the car. That sounds exciting! I'm glad you are staying well and hope that we all can continue to do so..Take care..xxoJudy

  11. Such a pretty little post! I haven't seen any family members either. I can't wait for a big family cookout when all of this is over!

    Those dishes are beautiful, I haven't seen them before. What is the pattern?

  12. Oh, I see now. The pattern is "French Faience."

  13. That little wire table is sooo cute! Really adds a lot to the look just being wire, and black. Gorgeous!


  14. Redoing an area with pretty things that you love is always cheering to me! Dreary weather here in Maine--and my first nasty case of poison ivy (20 min of yard work!!!--darn), plus 1 Benedryl encouraged me into taking a nap this afternoon! My few daffodils are pretty! Tired of going for groceries once every 2 weeks!

  15. I love your French Faience pottery, it's so distinctive. Pretty dishes bring smiles to the table, sometimes even more than the anticipation of a good meal.
    We've been sheltering in the house since the last week of February, when my husband had out-patient surgery and wasn't allowed to do much except travel between the sofa and the bed. Other than trips to the grocery, pharmacy and bank, we've been at home or walking the dogs (who are loving this turn of events!).

  16. Your dishes and vignette are lovely. I'm glad you got a spurt of motivation! I know the feeling. We've been staying home since March 12th, so for almost 8 weeks (and that's with three teens doing distance learning, my husband working from home and a dog:)) Dishes and laundry have seemed to grow exponentially, but I thank God each day that we are together and safe. I will certainly remember you in my prayers that you get your surgery soon and all goes well! Hang in there, at least spring is here:) Oh, and thanks for sharing with Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  17. That china is darling. So it's the post card. Love it. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you can have surgery soon.


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