Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Update on New House Living Room

We've always enjoyed having a more separate Formal Living Room; giving us a place to relax in the evenings after Hubby comes home from work. After the kiddos left home, we found ourselves having dinner with a lap tray while watching TV. It's just always been our time to relax and unwind.

Hubby likes the peace and quiet of a separate space away from the kitchen and my TV, so he heads to the LR. We didn't have that space at our previous house, but we're back to our old way of doing things. At our previous place he used headphones for his TV before dinner. He couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear him... win-win.

On our last load with the movers (4 smallish loads) we brought over our two chairs and the TV armoire. We had been living like squatters on an old homestead at the other house. (It was depressing)  Once we did that and moved the bedroom furniture we were official.

Since our weekends are being spent working at the old place, we haven't had a chance to hang our wall art. You can see from a few photos that we're stashing pieces behind chairs and in corners till we get some free time. It's probably been for the best since it's given me a chance to think about what I want to use where.

We don't really have a lot of wall space here at the new place, which seems kind of strange. I've promised myself that I don't have to use something on each and every available space. I want to keep things a little less cluttered. Don't know if that will happen.

If you notice the little footstools around the house we use them for "feline assists" which means for old cats that can't jump anymore. Our little gal with diabetes needs some help getting to her sofa spots. She comes into the LR about 6 and stakes her claim, then spends time on our laps after dinner for a little lovin' and pets.

The TV armoire fits nicely angled in the corner so it's easy viewing for both of us. 

I retired my wing back chair to the Master Bedroom again, and took over the leather recliner. I'm not tall enough to get the traction to cause the recliner to push back easily, so I'm using my leather ottoman. It's more of an oxblood color instead of brown, but still works together. Plus it's really comfortable.

I keep a heathered brown Pendleton blanket on the seat and back for more comfort and warmth. 

Related image

I still have my leopard pillows out, but as soon as it's a little warmer I'll go lighter. I really love them so I keep them out as long as I can. Maybe Easter would be a good time, since flowers and rabbits really don't go with leopard very well.

Hope you're week is off to a good start,

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  1. Everything is looking wonderful, hard to believe you just moved in! It looks so cozy and lived in already! It took me ages to hang my art once I moved into my house...I didn't want to hammer nails into those newly painted walls just willy nilly!

  2. I love the legs on your coffee table and I spy another beautiful table in what might be the entry.

    Good luck getting it all set up.

  3. Hi Debra, I just love your new living room, especially the white couch and coffee table. Now that our kids are grown, we've become TV table dinner eaters as well but it's always nice to have a quiet place to read, or just sit and think. I'm enjoying your blog, even when I forget to Comment, and have it on my sidebar for others to see as well. Have a good week in your pretty room! Cheryl

  4. Everything looks cozy and so pretty. I love the light walls and how much light you get in these rooms. I love that armoire so much. It really is the show piece of the living room. I am glad you are getting settled in the new place and loving it.

  5. I am green with moved-in envy. It looks like a dream and distant reality right now to me.

  6. It's lovely! I really like your recliner with ottoman set up. The feline assists are loving and thoughtful accents that look great, too!

  7. Debra,
    From your photos, I can get a sense of 'flow' of this home.
    The Entry, the living room. . .into the dining room. . . and it is all lovely.
    I, too, use a comfy chair and an ottoman. I believe it helps my tired legs.
    I understand the 'assist' for you felines.
    (We use to use a stool for our beloved Maurice to get up and down on our poster bed.)
    Spring is arriving so~o~o slowing on the Prairie.
    I took a short 'walk about' in the front Gardens this evening
    and was thrilled to see some green appearing!
    I'll be watching for your upcoming post as you hang the art work.

  8. This is great to see your new living room. Bill and I watch separate t.v. most of the time. He loves fantasy and sci fi which I can't stand. I'm behind head phones most of the time on my laptop. I noticed the little needlepoint foot stool. So cute. I agree with Pat, I'm getting a feel for the flow of the house.

  9. Your new living room is shaping up nicely. It looks both comfy and attractive. Moving is such a huge job. Hope you and your hubby aren’t working too hard!

  10. Things are looking so cozy! Love the little green footstool.

  11. Looks like you are finally in your beautiful new home.---I cracked up at the squatters line and now having to work back at the old homestead. I know at my age, I wouldn't want to be doing any moving again. Hope it all comes together and you can enjoy some Spring.

  12. Hi Debra! Love how your new living room is along!! Glad you shared it this week at Share Your Style. I'll be featuring your post next week for my home decor post.

    Have a great weekend and I am in the same boat... Things are getting stashed for any photos behind sofas and out of the camera's view! ;)

    Barb :)

  13. Leopards, rabbits it's all animal related! I love the leopard print pillows all year! Everything is looking just beautiful. Oh and please don't restrain too much on your "clutter!" I love anything you call clutter! hahaha

  14. Love your living room, it's so warm and welcoming! The neutral coloring are so restful. I'm redoing a small den in my home and trying to use the same beige, cream and natural colors, and your home is such an inspiration. Love the little step stools for the kitties. I think I might borrow that idea for my older girls, one of which is a little overweight and has difficulty getting up on the bed! We also had a kitty with diabetes who we gave insulin shots to for 6 years! She lived to be 18! What we do for our babies!


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