Friday, October 20, 2017

Hoo's in the October Entry?

I think you all know how much I love Fall and look forward to it all year. I wait all year for the crisp air, brilliant blue skies, and kaleidoscope of Fall foliage. So many of us have fond memories of "Trick or Treating" when we were kids. Even though we might not "celebrate" Halloween, we still enjoy the fun and nostalgia of vintage ephemera, Jack-O-Lanterns, costumes, and decorations from our young years.

So, I'm going to share a few fun things for this time of year that remind me of the past.

I like to keep things changed up for seasons and holidays here, and since the entry console is the first thing you see, it got a few vintage pieces. 

These cute die cut owls are from the 50's or 60's  and could be found at the old 5 and 10 Stores like Ben Franklin and Woolworth's.

A few weeks ago when out at my favorite Vintage Market, one of the booths had old birdcages filled with vintage accessories. I decided it would be fun to put something together like that using what I had on hand.

I used a few of the same elements for mine, but the door on my round birdcage is really small and the floor is wired to the cage itself. A bigger pumpkin would have been so perfect, but I was limited to what I could get inside.

I first took some pics in the Kitchen when I was finished, since at that point I wasn't sure where it would end up. I have a small white pumpkin candle sitting on a tree branch wedge, an old song book, and glittered acorns that are joining little Miss Blackbird inside.

It needed a little elevation here in the Entry, so the bird cage is sitting on my mom's milk glass cake pedestal that I had been using for one of my cloches. I've just borrowed it for a bit.

The chalkboard print without old frame is from Dear Lillie.

Not a lot of space on this wall, 
but just enough for the old market basket filled with Fall foliage.

Hope you enjoyed the fun.

One of my favorite posts is from my first year of blogging. It's about my Paternal Grandparents and a Halloween Birthday. Have a great week!

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  1. I did enjoy the fun, Debra, esp the birdcage. I love the fact that you used what you had (and still love those things), and I also think the baby boo is more perfect than the vintage market's bigger one inside. And ohmygosh, what a so very cool vintage Halloween invite your grandfather created - I love the graphics, the font, the verse (and their photos!). The name Toliver, rhymes with Oliver....coincidence?

    1. Isn't that crazy? It was a really big joke when we first got married. There's a town not far from here named Bolivar, I've always said that we should have moved there, it would really be a great punchline. "Toliver- Oliver from Bolivar". Except somewhere along the line my grandfather changed the spelling to Tolliver, because it was easier to pronounce, the other sounded like toe -liver. ha ha. yuck.

  2. I love this, Debra! The birdcage is so fun...I'm inspired to dress my birds up, too! I found a ceramic owl at the thrift store this week and painted him black, inspired by your white owls! He looks perfect on my mantel! You always get my creativity going with your lovely decor!

  3. Sure did enjoy the fun! I love visiting your blog, Debra. You always have such great ideas.

    And you have the coolest STUFF! Hugs!

  4. Everything looks perfect Debra! I love how you said we don't "celebrate" Halloween but enjoy the nostalgia! Your white owls were featured at the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link party last week. Love the birdcage vignette here!

  5. Such a fun foyer and a real treat to bring Nostalgia to your home!!!

  6. Love your owls and crow Debra! So much fun.

  7. Very cute Debra! L love the cardboard cut outs. Grew up with them. :) Your birdcage scenes are darling! I like doing that as well, but have a hard time getting much inside one of mine too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Debra, not sure my comments are going through. I sure do like your darling vignettes. Blackbirds and owls are favorites of mine. Happy Halloween!


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