Sunday, October 29, 2017

Little Black Cat

Happy Last Weekend of October, Friends! I've been meaning to do this for awhile and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our newest member of the family. We've had her for a few months, but she had to have surgery (for a tumor on her leg) and then she was a little embarrassed about her looks because of it. So I'm just now getting around to introductions.

I can't say it's been an easy transition from my mother-in-law's apartment to our house. She's not used to other cats, and thinks she should be the head of a one-cat-household, so we're still "in process"...

But we're working on it.
One pet gate at a time.

She currently has the lower level as her domain,
while the other girls are upstairs.
That means lots of trips up and down stairs for feeds and attention.
But that's what is working for now.

Sorry for the fuzzy pics. That seems to be the story of my life,
but she literally doesn't sit still.

This is Tinkerbelle, but she's "Black-we" to us. 
If you're like us, most of our pets have a nick-naming process.
It goes from one name to the next,
with no seeming explanation, until you arrive at what feels comfortable.

I've had a lot of black kitties in my life, and they've all been named "Blackie".
and she's a smaller version of our last black cat... hence, "Mini-we", then "Black-we".

While I was at it, 
I thought I'd share the Baker's Rack this week...

I've always been fond of children's books from the 20's and 30's since that was when my daddy grew up. My grandmother had saved some of his books, that I so enjoyed when I was little. I love the illustrations from that era, so when I found this little tattered and frayed book at a flea market, I framed out this page because of my love for all the "Blackies" in my life.

I know not everyone has an affinity for black cats, but I've always found them to be extra loving. It's like they know they have a hurdle to overcome with their negative connections to "bad luck". Nope, no bad luck around here. Thinking positive and wearing our "Happy Calming Collars" to stay civil.

Hope you all are having a fun weekend.
We've had a cold snap, and we're only in the mid-40's for a high temp here.
Burr... I had to put sheets over the mums last night.

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  1. I love a black cat and have had a few!!!! They are all very loving and sweet........welcome to your new one......

  2. It looks as though Black-we is settling in nicely and hopefully will adjust to the others in your home. I love the way you've styled your baker's rack for Halloween! The framed book page is charming and the prim cat face is adorable.

    We've got 6 inches of snow, so I don't expect too many trick or treaters this year. I'll buy the candy accordingly because I know I'll eat whatever is left over!

  3. Welcome Black-we and thank you Debra for such great Halloween decorations. Loved seeing them.

  4. Purr-fect timing on the introduction of Black-we. She's pretty! Although I don't have much insofar as Halloween decor, nor do I have cats, I do have a really cool black-cat beaded antique purse that comes out. Your baker's rack is also purr-fectly transitioned for this week! Those littles are gonna be cold out trick-or-treating this week in our area! We got a similar cold snap.

  5. Aww she is so pretty! I also had a loving black cat name Blackie and she was with us for 20+ years. She was my heart and I miss her so. Thank you for sharing your new baby with us!

  6. Aww, she's a cutie! Hope she get acquainted quickly and loves her sisters and brothers:) LOVE your bakers rack!

  7. Oh she is a sweetheart! Hope she continues to settle in!
    Love your cute decorations...especially that book page!

  8. She is a pretty takes time for them to "work" things out. I never had a black cat before seem to lean toward the calico's. You decorations are so pretty as usual.

  9. I love all your Halloween decor! And also love kitties, though I don't have on right now.

  10. Such fun vintage-inspired halloween decorations! Black-we is adorable. A lot of people think you are either a cat-person or dog-person, but we enjoy both! :)

  11. Debra I love the little vintage black cats for Halloween! They are my favorite Halloween decorations.Tomorrow I am sharing one last Halloween post with some black cats too. Love how you framed the book page! Happy Halloween!

  12. Oh what fun whimsy! Your kitty is beautiful, and your bakers rack is festive and fun!

  13. I love your little black cats, both real and faux! I have a small collection and I missed them this year, not having had my Halloween out. The framed book page is precious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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