Sunday, March 26, 2017

2 Spring Totes

Hi Friends, I hope you were able to catch the Spring Home Tours this last week. So much inspiration! I shared my Kitchen Sitting Room and Living Room on Wednesday, but there are a few items where I'd like to share a bit of detail.

I'm a person that never met a tote they didn't love. They go by many names... carriers, toolboxes, totes; but whatever you may call them, you can always count on them to be a fun place to decorate for any season.

I have a little workman's bench in the kitchen that I use as a "coffee table" where I've been keeping a smallish tote. The tote used to be sitting on the kitchen table as a centerpiece, but it was sometimes difficult to move around depending on what I had precariously perched inside.

So, I've started using a Restoration Hardware watering can filled with faux flowers to match the season. Right now it's filled with Jonquils/Daffodils sitting on an antique grainsack.

Back to the decorative tote... now it holds a few vintage clay pots, a little paperwhite stem, and a book on birds and their eggs. A green monogrammed tea towel helps to make it Spring.

Careful!!! don't sit on that!

My favorite corner in the house...

The other tote is here on the mantel. I wanted to try something new and different up here, since it's always a problem trying to come up with items big enough to be seen. If you read my post on Wednesday, I talked about frustration in dealing with a mega fireplace... sort of "let's try and fill up the whole wall" kind of builder thinking.

I brought the little carrier into the kitchen dining space to share it more easily.

 I used this tote on my kitchen table at the old house, filled with faux hydrangeas.


If I end up leaving the tote on the mantel I imagine that the hydrangeas will eventually find their way back to it.

Mason jars filled with faux white Tulips and Viburnum.

I sat this little architectural piece in front to give it a little bit of detail.

OK, now I need to crawl back up on the step ladder
and put this back on the mantel.

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Happy Weekend!
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  1. Very pretty. You know, your wicker settee coffee table has a tote-esque sort of look to it, too :)

    1. yes, it has a cut out handle so a workman could move it around and then a place to put tools underneath. you're very observant Linda. Wish I knew for whom and what it was made for. Happy Sunday!

  2. Love the idea of the book in the tote! Very cute !

  3. I have a similar affliction.....with containers. Ha ha. Love yours. Sheila

  4. That's MY favorite corner of your home too! I wish I could find an old door, but heavens, where would I put it? I love your seasonal decor. I was just pinning some of your photos yesterday I saw on Pinterest. Where did you get the large cutting boards against the wall? (By the way, think I go my URL straightened out yet again. Someone hacked into my domain files somehow.)

    1. sorry it took me awhile to figure out where the breadboards came from. I think they're from Decor Steals or Farmhouse Wares? (about 3 years ago) not sure. I sure hope you have the blog domain hijacking fixed. I don't understand these ridiculous people.

  5. After looking at your totes, I realized that I need to fill the one on our dining table with something other than boring old pillar candles. I love the book with bird eggs you've propped in your tote! So sweet!

    1. well Vickie, I'd never thought about pillar candles in one, so maybe we've traded some inspiration for future totes! te he

  6. Such darling totes. I love the book open to the eggs. You have perfected the art of the tote!

  7. Hi Debra! Everything is so beautiful! I am back after a few years of blogging hiatus. My new blog is (previous JunkaholicsUnanimous). I can't wait to get back in the swing of things. I have still been following and pinning your photos away on Pinterest!
    I always love your vignettes!

  8. Loved this post and love those totes! I have 3 that were made by my husband, father-in-law & Grandpa.. been thinking whether to paint them or not but I really like yours that are painted! Thank you for sharing..


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