Saturday, June 4, 2016

Classical Statuary in Eclectic Settings

Anyone that has "moved" can tell you that there will be certain items, that no matter how much you loved them in your old home, that just don't work well in the new abode. The architecture, furniture, setting...whatever...the personality of the new house just doesn't mesh with all your old decor.

Our previous home lent itself to being more formal in the Living Room. I had a lot more space in that house and a lot more furniture. I could move things around, try them out in various places. But now in the new smaller house, I'm limited in the amount of superfluous "stuff" that I can have taking up precious decor space.

Looking back on this, all I see is too much stuff...

I have a few old pieces of statuary, and a few antique and vintage busts that I've found over the years. I love to decorate with these pieces, but my vintage, slightly quirky "Diana" bust just didn't work in the new space. I've had to be a little practical in my approach to decor here. I only have the main Living Room upstairs, and it has to do double duty; a place that we use on a daily basis, and also a place where we can have people needs to be stylish and practical, and not too strange. Here are a few Pinterest photos to give you an idea of how a piece can be used in a more modern eclectic setting. 

Here's an example of "Diana" truly gone off the deep end of "eclectic".
But you know, somehow it works, 
especially if you're into modern eclectic and slightly...
what's the word?...colorful?

hmmmm....I don't think I'd like to be greeted with this every day...

Classical statuary does seem more at home in a more formal setting,
but I like how it's being used in a modern vignette, below.

Here's are two examples being used for jewelry, which I really think works...

In a secluded covered garden room or porch, 

Here, back to a more classic space.

I love the idea of using broken bits of statuary.
They're such a wonderful find, you'd never want to throw them out.

Love this with an industrial piece for a base.

Using a small bust in a cloche;
love this small vignette.

Here's another little French bust that I keep in the Dining Room.
She really is "busted" since her base is gone.
But she's comfy in a vintage urn.

She's on the Dining Room Buffet now...
(last Fall)

So here's Diana downstairs on one of my pieces of vintage shelving.

I didn't spend much time "styling" this, 
there were just several pieces that didn't have a home,
so they ended up sharing the same level space.

I don't get much natural light coming in so I had to have some overhead lighting.

Living room at the "old house".

I had her for sale when a shop owner came by;
I'm so glad she looked past her.
I think I'll keep her...

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  1. Debra - Love the bust with all of the jewelry. Your Diana always looks good wherever you put her.

    Hope you are feeling good and have a great weekend.


  2. I'd keep her too! My vote goes for the busts that feature all the jewelry. How fun is that!

  3. Love all the busts, but, less is always more.

  4. I'd keep her too, Debra! I have a several busts/statuary. I rotate them, sometimes putting them away entirely for a while, and have even purged a couple by selling. I really like repurposing for jewelry and in the garden. I have a couple that hold toilet paper! :)

  5. Beautiful pieces. You always do such a beautiful job with your vignettes. Hope you are improving.

  6. You have a talent for putting together vignettes. I will echo Miss Kathy...hope you are improving daily. hugs

  7. Your Diana is beautiful. I'd definitely keep her if it were me.

  8. I like the bust in the urn. It looks so natural there.

  9. I inherited my grandmother's statue bust and i adore it... I decorated it with an air-plant corsage... you can see it on my instagram if you want to see it.

  10. Hi Debra,
    I love the bust that display jewelry too. Your french girl in the urn is so pretty. Happy Week End.

  11. Hi Debra, you certainly know how to style them. Love the one in the urn! I think they are pretty, but always felt they are a little to fancy for me. You've shown me how they can work.

  12. I've always wanted a bust like that but don't know where to put her. She is great there.

  13. Nice post, love the ideas. I picked a small too shiny ceramic bust up for cheap, and she wandered all over the house, not working anywhere. She landed in a basket of plants outside and looks quite pleased with herself. Smiles, I know how this all works...and Diana and castoffs, look lovely on that piece of furniture! Sandi

  14. I love it in the garden picture! Hope you are feeling better. Dianntha

  15. Beautiful vignette have a gift!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. I really love busts and are years that I look for but in flea market, here in Italy, they are too much expensive and often too big in does not matter...sooner or later I'll find it


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