Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lambs and Ivy

Every once and awhile I run across something that I haven't shared with you before.
 At the old house this wonderful old fruit crate hadn't made it past the garage
 "shop inventory".
 Now at the new house, it again migrated to the garage. 
I'm not sure why except that I've just never known what to do with it...
pretty lame excuse.

I had wanted to use it with the potting bench, but anything out there needs to be water resistant, and the label already has some signs of water damage, so that idea won't work. I brought it into the kitchen to take some pics, I think I may use it on the bottom shelf of the baker's rack. But, it's time to enjoy it instead of just making a mental note of it to and from the car. Do you all do that? I can't tell you how many times I have a piece that I'm really fond of, but fail to put to use because I haven't had an epiphany yet...

Do any of you remember the little nursery school rhyme, "Mairzy Doats"?
I remember my grandmother singing that to me, 
and it took awhile for me to figure out the actual words, 
I guess that's the idea.

So as it says, "Little lambs eat ivy".

Little decorative metal wheelbarrow...

I found this similar fruit label, 
but nothing else about the company.

I've had this "Tumbling Blocks" quilt for several years, and I love using it in the Spring.
 All the pastel colors remind me of a flower garden with hundreds of blooms.

Speaking of lambs, last Fall we went to a wonderful new winery just southwest of Springfield, called Lambs and Vines, they have a herd of sheep on the property, but it was early September and they were in another pasture, so I couldn't visit with them. (SO disappointed) A couple of bottles of wine had to do, instead. 

Just look at the faces on that wine label!

photo, "Our wooley workers" Lambs and Vines Winery, Diggins, Missouri
Looks like a photo straight from France, doesn't it?

It's almost time to change things up to some 
red/white/blue for the 4th.

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  1. That's a beautiful crate, Debra. I love the adorable label. I am so drawn to lambs, too. I know what you mean about having a hard time knowing what to do with it as I have one, too, and still have not found the right space for it. I wanted to put it on our porch but worried about the label getting even more damaged. I found it in an old barn and it once held tomatoes and has my surname on it. It called my name. lol

  2. It is a beautiful crate that I've never seen a lamb on before....but if anyone could spot a lamb its you! I was vintage shopping today and their lambs were too "funny" looking for me. They had the oddest look on their face? Love the grouping and you reminded me I have a small metal wheel barrow down in the cellar I'll have to look for! How are you doing?

  3. The lamb apple crate is fabulous!! I have never seen anything like it! I am also drawn to anything lamb. I love everything you post and I remember the nursery rhyme, too. Hope you have a splendid summer!

  4. I love your crate! That label is so cute. You could always take the crate apart and hang that end on your wall. I love the quilt too! I've never heard of that winery but a road trip might be in order! I don't think it can be more than 4 hours away. I hope you are feeling a lot better!

  5. Love lambs and this crate is beautiful and so YOU!

    Jane x

  6. Very cool graphics on your crate, and those wine bottles, too (love the vineyard's photo image as well). I do what you've written about way, way too many times. I've bought many neat things over the years, only to have them stashed in my inventory. Too bad we can't have little conveyor belts just whip those things out for us, like the Jetsons or something, and change out our arrangements on a whim. ;)

  7. Debra, you've created the sweetest corner with your wicker seat and the quilt. I love the lamby crate too. I'm going in search of a little tiny wheel barrow asap. :)

  8. The lamb crate is too what you've done with the sitting area. I could happily curl up there and read for hours. The picture of the "wooley workers" is frame-worthy.

  9. Hi Debra! Ha, this is soooo funny! Just yesterday, for absolutely no reason, I was thinking about that old nursery rhyme and how for most of my life I had no idea the actual words. My mom used to sing it all of the the time, lol. So cute! Love your sweet crate and glad it made it passed the garage. Jane

  10. Debra,
    Cute, cute, cute little lamb faces on your wine bottles, dear friend!
    The box is darling!
    I think the ivy looks just fine inside the box!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  11. What a neat winery! Your crate with the cute label looks great holding greenery.

  12. Being from the Pac NW, The Yakima Valley in Washington is the apple capital of the US! This was probably one of the farms there. Like so many small farms in the country, it is probably now part of a big farm. Great post Debra!

  13. I just bought some vintage fruit crate labels, but I just love your little lamb! It's just perfect with the ivy! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. Debra, I'm glad you brought it inside to enjoy. It's perfect for your home, especially with your love of lambs. I think you'll find that you use it for many things.

  15. Debra, your crate is adorable! Your whole vignette is perfection. I am sure you will find many uses for it!

  16. That crate label is adorable...and how fun to fill it with ivy (yes I do remember that song)! Hope you are feeling better and have a lovely weekend!


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