Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Sitting Area

Time for the Thanksgiving Edition 
of the Kitchen Sitting Area!
I realize that many people in Blogland may not be all that interested 
in how my Kitchen Sitting Area changes with the Holidays and Seasons.
 But since you're here, I'm hoping you can enjoy the Seasonal Fun for what it is.

I'm a fan of vintage and seasonal decorating,
so I like to dress up my surroundings the same way I like to change my outfits.
(and almost that frequently)

One thing I love about November is that I get to celebrate BROWN.
oh yeah, I love me some Brown!
But it has to have some extras to it like plaids, florals,
and some warm and cozy texture.

I like to wait until November to bring out the woolies. 
When it's 75 degrees I can't get into Brown Wool Blankets.
So, I'm always excited to make the change after Halloween.
Because once November gets here, it starts to actually get chilly.

And I love my few little rug-hooked Fall Pillows,
this little Lamby is one of my faves.

here's a pic from last year

I especially love the wool plaid as a background.

I found these pillows a few years ago at the Ozarks Craft Fair in Ozark, MO.
 but I somehow lost my contact info with the lady who made them.
(if by chance anyone knows who it is, I'd love the info)

Last year a few of my turkey's took a hit. We had just moved in and as I was sitting watching tv one evening a horrible crash was heard... one of my platters had slid off it's stand and a few collateral turkeys flew off the baker's rack shelf. No ghosts, just not secured well enough. So I'm minus a few of my little gobblers. I managed to salvage one or two, but they definitely look the worse for wear up close.

I love these vintage Twining Tins. 
I have a Robin's Egg Blue one and a Cream Colored one. 
They're lots of fun and color for a Holiday Display.

This is the vintage King Tom Platter from last year, 
so glad he survived.

Have you had a chance to enter the 
Timewashed Velvet Pumpkin Give-Away?

There's still time, just click here

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  1. Your sitting area all decked out in Thanksgiving looks so pretty...and I love the wool plaids too. The nights are been chilly here so pulled the woolies out last week. Your Tom Tom plate reminded me of mine so I'll need to pull that out! You still remain the vignette queen to me!

  2. OOOH, LOVE it.. Yes, I love me some brown here and there too. Waiting to get all the barbie land stuff off the kitchen table before I can Turkey-fy the kitchen. Something about a pile of molding that sort of takes the fun out of real life decorating. Need to attack my corner cabinet---and clean again...YOUR space is lovely....makes me want to find the bottom of mine, lol. Sandi

  3. Debra,
    I adore how you decorate your home for Thanksgiving, dear friend!!!
    I never tire of seeing your lovely home filled with vintage and seasonal decor!!!
    Oops!!! Sorry to hear about your turkeys taking a "hit" from the shelf episode!!!
    The brown floral pillows are gorgeous!!!
    Seems I remember some soft brown floral ones on your sofa from your past home that are gorgeous, also!!!
    Thank you for inviting me in to take a rest!!!
    I'm full steam ahead into Christmas decor!!! SNOW predicted for my side of the Prairie!!!
    Bring it on!!!

  4. Yikes, I'm so sorry about the turkey desecration. So sad because you had some cute ones. I love stopping by for seasonal and holiday displays. I love brown plaid and brown florals too.

  5. Debra, I certainly enjoy seeing your seasonal changes. I do the same here. Sad to hear that you lost some of your gobblers. Seeing your turkey platter is a bit bittersweet for me. Last spring when I was purging for the downsize move, I parted ways with the transferware turkey platter that I had among my Thanksgiving things. Hopefully someone was tickled pink to come upon it at the thrift where it was donated. Even though in the end we didn't move, I've not regretted letting go of some things. I've still more than I need. '-)
    I would love the contact info on the maker of the plaid pillows with punch needle work. They are wonderful additions to a fall setting. Please let me know if you discover the contact information.
    Happy November!

  6. The brown floral pillows!!?? What fabric is that? Your home is always so cozy and lovely. You are the Queen of decor!

    1. Hey, thanks so much! I did a search on the brown floral fabric and it's Ballad Bouquet Sepia by Waverly. the pillows were from Penneys several years ago, but I also bought the fabric for my curtains about the same time. I think it's still available on-line.

  7. Debra, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful seasonal changes. The way you've incorporated the brown makes everything look perfectly cozy.

  8. This is beautiful, Debra...I love the brown tones and your beautiful pillows!

  9. I love to see seasonal changes, and yours are beautiful!

  10. Love your beautiful brown plaids for fall. Love that pumpkin pillow. Looks cozy and inviting. Happy Fall.

  11. I love the browns and hooked-rug pillows! I am still thoroughly enjoying my fall decor, so not rushing anything, not even concerned about penning any posts. It's nice just to enjoy the surroundings we have, read a good book or magazine (or blog!), and take it all in. Yours looks like a great place to do just that!

  12. Your sitting area is so beautiful with the gorgeous colors of Fall. Sorry to hear about the turkeys....Must say that I love that hooked sheep pillow!!!!.

  13. What a lovely and relaxing place to sit and drink a nice, warm coffee! I really like your vintage turkey next to your "Give Thanks" chalkboard.....his colors reflect his many Thanksgivings! Thanks for sharing this corner of your home......


  14. Everything looks lovely and cozy...love the colors...you are a very talented lady!

  15. I must love me some Brown also, because your sitting area has never looked better. The little loveseat with the plaid blanket and the seasonal pillows is just wonderful.

  16. I love the browns and plaids with touches or rusty oranges and olivey greens; I adore autumn colors!! While I love the Christmas holiday season, my favorite is Fall/Thanksgiving (helps I am an October baby). Love those plaids on the loveseat and such pretty brown floral pillows. Love those. I feel the pain of your breakage...few months back, while watching TV in living room I hear a big BREAKING sound from dining room - my large ironstone platter had done the same thing and slid forward, sending my big ironstone tureen (with lid and ladle) FLYING off. They shattered but the platter survived. Well, the tureen wasn't top of the line quality - I got it for $30 at thrift store and based on ebay prices it sells for $45 - 60 so I know it's not the most expensive ironstone out there. But still I was upset to lose the tureen! I got better plate holders after that!

  17. Your new home is looking more and more familiar. I'm recognizing your old home now in all your furnishings and decor. Love it, Deb!

  18. You have the perfect amount of warmth added to your room for Fall. I love the browns and golds. your pillows are so pretty.

  19. I am absolutely swooning over the plaids!

  20. Yummy brown! I have a piece of brown floral fabric just like you pillow that I'm stitching into a pillow for our master bedroom. I've had it for a few years and love it! Now I need a pretty wool throw like yours!

    So sorry about the broken platter and turkeys! The same thing happened to me when we moved into this house. I lost many of my favorite blue & white pieces and got a black eye when the shelf hit the corner of my eye!

    Enjoy your cozy and inviting sitting area this season!

  21. So very cozy Debra! I love that tea too. It's really yummy.

  22. Can I come over and enjoy this space? While I am at it, I will be drooling over those hooked pillows that I spotted.

  23. Debra, this made me smile! I have been accused of changing my décor as often as my outfits. Friends say that every time they come it's different. Lol! Really, not that often; but I guess it feels like it to them. Hey, it needs to be dusted; why not change? :) I love both pillows and your turkey collection! So sorry that you lost a few. I never tire of seeing your seasonal décor! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. Debra what is not to love! So many things from your sheep pillow to your Turkey platter are fabulous.


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