Friday, November 20, 2015

In Praise of Plaid

Plaid is my go-to for Christmas.
I like to keep it simple, and that's what Tartan Plaid gives me.
The Tartan Plaid fabrics bring an instant festive Christmas flair.
Here are a few pics to share the Tartan Love...

A concrete statue becomes a Christmas Cherub.

A bountiful bow for the front door...

or a chalkboard message...

 Plaid shows off a rustic and woodsy vibe.

Mix plaids to give an extra Christmas feel 
to your book covers, tabletops, and bookshelves.

And use different plaids to wrap your gifts.

Plaid always looks good with Toile...

and pairs beautifully with florals for snuggly Christmas bedding.

add a monogram for something extra special

Leopard print mixes especially well with plaids,
who knew...?

How about an outside vignette to greet your guests...

or tea time on the porch.

Cozy up while you wait

On the mantel...

or the tree

A Christmas Tablescape is the perfect place for plaid.

so add that transferware!

Paisley is another fabric that compliments well at Christmas

Even an elegant setting works with Plaid

try it in unexpected places

looking for something fabulous to wear?

Everybody looks good in Plaid...

I didn't know that there was an Oliver Clan Tartan...
but there is...

Do you love a good Plaid for Christmas?
Hope this was a little fun inspiration...
Now, can you guess what I'm doing for Christmas?

Find all the photo sources Here and Here

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  1. I am with you! I absolutely love plaid, especially this time of year. You posted so many gorgeous images that now I feel motivated to go shopping! I plan on lots of plaid in my house for this Christmas season!

  2. This was an awesome post!! I saw so many wonderful things that made me drool - thanks for putting this together, now I'm inspired to include more plaid in my decor this year!

  3. I am doing a plaid themed room this year and have been trying to source lovely plaid ribbon. So far, no luck. I have bought Michael's flannel offerings in the event I can find nothing else. That first picture is perfect!

  4. I love this post so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes, I love me a good plaid for Christmas and winter too!! Love all your pics.....and how about the gal with the plaid skirt riding a horse.....awesome!!

  6. I have always worn plaid and used it for it, GREAT POST!...Sandi PS. I scored 2 1/2 yards of wide red tartan fabric for 4.00 last week..unused! Woot! going to sew for the Grand...and maybe do a chair...or a stool. Sandi

  7. Plaid seems to be the biggest new combo. And I don't have one plaid thing in those tartan colors! Are you getting my emails?

  8. I really love the classic look of plaid too. i don't decorate with it much nor do I wear it much. But I really do like it. I like it mixed with the leopard print too.


  9. I'm caught up in the entire plaid thing again this year.
    I love red plaid tartan with leopard, I wore this combination to work once and not a person said a thing about me mixing the patterns. LOL
    I am wrapping all my presents in tartan paper this year

  10. Love all of it. Tartans have always been in my home and wardrobe. So classic and enduring.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. What a fabulous collection, Debra! I enjoyed looking at them all. I love all plaid...its so festive and pretty. ; )

  12. Debra, I'm a tartan and plaid fan. Loved seeing all these images. I'm crushing over the headboard upholstered in plaid with the gorgeous carved wood trim. Beautiful from head to toe, as they say.

  13. Debra, I love this post and I love tartan!!! It's timeless and plaid really is a perfect way to decorate for Christmas.

  14. I love tartans and most plaids in the fall and winter. I think it might harken back to school days of plaid dresses in elem school and then wool plaid skirts in high schoolers! Ha. We gave a clan tartan....but not bright enough to use for I go for the Reds like you have shown. All pics are great...but the puppies with their plans scarves melt my eart the most. This our first Christmas without our furbaby, a golden who sported red kerchiefs at Christmas time.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Sheila

  15. Thanks so much for including the back porch table. I hope I can find those plates for this year. They are somewhere in the Christmas storage containers in the basement boutique.:-)

  16. Love all the ways you styled plaid, and all the patterns you added to it! I'm another person doing plaid this year but I was wanting a blue based plaid....and couldn't find it anywhere! I finally got some through Ballard designs, who knew it would be so hard!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful plaids! The Oliver Clan Tartan is very handsome.

  18. I love plaid as much as you do! My Mom used it a lot to in her holiday decor! I always use it every Christmas season, Thanks for so much inspiration.

  19. I want some of the little antlers like the ones shown in the dish. I love the look but unfortunately don't know where to find them.

  20. Love plaid and there are certainly some amazing plaid inspiration here!!!....

  21. Debra, I'm made for plaid, too! Any time of year. Now that I think of it, all my favorite school clothes K-12 were plaid, most often red plaid.

  22. I love plaid, all of these wonderful inspiration photos!

  23. I love all of these pics. Over the last month I've been collecting plaid items for a tablescape, lots of inspiration here thank you.

  24. Debra,
    Oh, yes!!!
    I used a vintage red plaid tablecloth for the Christmas Tablescape in the Family Room, dear friend!!!
    Many years ago, I did a whole Christmas Tree in red Tartan plaid bows, brown wooden beads and hand painted ducks for "Mr. Ed'!!!
    Love seeing a Back Porch Musing Tartan plaid tablescape among your inspiring photos!!!

  25. Debra, I have been playing with plaid all day today. Decorated my mantle and table with plaid. I bought some papers to wrap a few of my books, but haven't done it yet. Love all of your inspirational photos!

  26. Hi Debra, so mich plaid to aspire by.
    Love the formal informal wedding gown with the tartan top.
    So much beauty, as for tartan i know this to be a favorite of yours from past years, it's always such a beautiful Christmas here with you Debra. A favorite of mine is your cement statue of hours, I too have had my eye open for a stone statue, perhaps a vintage looking dove.

    See you and all your plaid soon.

    Keep inspiring your beauty.



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