Thursday, November 12, 2015

Orphan Sampler gets a Vintage Frame

This last Spring I found this wonderful cross-stitch Sampler 
and because I still hadn't unpacked my vintage loose frames 
it landed here on my little hallway table.

I have to admit I've been really lazy about hanging wall decor and art here at this house. In the past I've made decisions easily, and have most of my prints up, at least in the main living areas quickly. But here, I have alot less wall space here, and I haven't been in a hurry to make a commitment. I'm running out of excuses and need to get busy!

This is what has happened to many pieces...
they lean up against a wall or are stacked against a doorway.
Until I can say yay or nay.

Here it is from this Spring without a frame.

I have a soft spot for orphaned needlework.
 The creator has so much of themselves invested in it;
I hate to see it lonely and forlorn.

One of my extra vintage frames fit it perfectly...
but I still didn't get it hung on the wall.

The next best thing is to pretend like it is supposed to be here,
and just make a vignette out of it.

I used to save bits and pieces of everything and sometimes that would work out to my advantage. I love to put together floral pieces, so I would always save even the smallest bloom or bud, piece of wayward ivy, or berry. Once when I was looking through my craft stash, I saw the huge bag of "leftovers" and sat down on the floor to make small bouquets and tussie mussies. I was there most of the day and I ended up with quite a few, and did several seasonal ones for these little iron urns. I've used them for years, most of the time the little tussie mussies rotated under a cloche on the kitchen china cupboard.

(old house kitchen)

I just found my stray Christmas bouquet in the garage. I better go grab that one before it gets put someplace else. (most likely by a husband who tires of my continuous floating decor mess) I like to open boxes and leave them so I can take my time decorating...him, not so much.

Have you entered the 
closes Friday night at midnight.

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Have a fun rest of the week,
Christmas Open Houses are calling my name!


  1. Wonderful find! I'm glad you rescued it and gave this orphan a home. '-)

  2. No one can set up a vignette quite like you can, Deb! Better get the stuff out of those boxes before he hides them!

  3. Such a beautiful orphan, someone spend a lot of time doing all that cross stitch. I like the frame, goes very well with the orphan.
    Your bouquets are very pretty and look so good in your vignette.
    Please enter me into the velvet pumpkin give away.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh I do love samplers. I made a few in the past and theya re such cherished treasures. This is gorgeous.

  5. That is a lovely piece and so great that you rescued it. So many many hours of work in that piece. It looks lovely in the vintage frame and vignette.

  6. I adore that sampler - it looks awesome in that frame and looks just as you may have intended it to be there.

    Your florals are wonderful too - so nice to put them together so prettily from "stash!" Well done, Debra! ♥

  7. Your sweet sampler looks wonderful in the vintage frame! And it looks nice right where it's leaning. I don't dare lean anything in our house with little ones visiting, and mining blasts rattling our house like mini earthquakes.

  8. That sampler looks so pretty framed. It's nice that you've given it a new home.

  9. Great rescue Debra. Looks so wonderful.

  10. It is beautiful and you made it feel so very special when you adorned it in that gorgeous frame!!

  11. the sampler and the frame are a perfect marriage!

  12. I know how you feel...craft supplies...I have cut them all in half twice and still have 1/2 the basement and 1/4 of the garage full. I don't think "Where bloggers create" will ever happen here, great share---honest and yes, it takes some time to figure out where things truly belong. Grins! Sandi

  13. I feel the same way about found needlework! But I actually like the look of a leaning frame! Makes a great vignette. I was shocked to bits the other day when my hubs said to me, "It's time to get out the Christmas decorations isn't it?" He likes the Dickens Village! Love your cheery vintage style!

  14. The frame brought the sampler to life...really lovely! I love setting artwork everywhere...changing it out and moving it's always fun!

  15. Debra,
    Gorgeous frame, dear friend!!!
    I've worked a few sampler's in my past and they are very time consuming!!!
    You have taken a beautiful piece of work and made a work of art in this transformation!!!
    LOVE the frame leaning against the wall!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. I love Samplers and this one is so lovely. I have several put away in storage and seeing yours, I think it is time I get some out for a change in decor in the New Year.


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