Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Keepin' it Real, Folks

In an effort to blog more "Real Time"
I had a decision to make.
Do I show you what I'm working on today
...or do I not?

I'm choosing to share a project in progress.

Now I know many of you will want to bop me 
for thinking this needs to be painted.
That's ok, I've taken a few jabs this last day or two.

We talked about "being real" and trying to be more 
in the moment on our blogs.
Not to make a "production" out of every blog post,
or strive for perfection.
But to just be ourselves.

So, I'm sharing what I'm up to today...

I've had this little jelly cabinet for about 30 years.
It's not old (in furniture years) 
and it's been moved all over creation and then some.
It has chunks of wood missing and deep scratches and gouges.
I know, you can't see them from here.
But I need something in this spot behind Hubbs' Chair.
I don't want something dark and "noticeable".
Too much of that already.
I'm thinking "blend in" has become my decor motto.
Especially in a small space
with too much furniture already.

This spot drives me crazy.
Nothing I've tried fits, or looks right.
It's one of those odd spaces, due to furniture placement.
So I need something to take up the negative space
and cover up this wall that feels lopsided.

So I'm in the process of painting it.
First coat is French Linen ASCP.
Not sure where I'll go from here.

But I'm blocking the Hallway traffic 
so I'll have to get it figured out pronto.
Thank goodness for chalk paint.
I did not want to sand this thing.

Have you entered the Canvas Pop Give Away?

Endless possibilities for your own canvas art...

See you all Wednesday Evening for 

joining in with:

Back to painting.



  1. It looks really cute. I wouldn't want to sand that either The items I have used the ASCP on that I waxed always needed sanding after. My arms can't handle that. Next time I was going to use a hand sander. That would work, wouldn't it?.

  2. Debra, I love the piece painted !! It definitely fit's in with your decor and look's like it would have great storage possibilities . Thank's for popping in and letting us know what a REAL blogger was doing today. Have a wonderful evening,TT

  3. Initially I thought .....oh no, don't paint it. But after seeing the lighter look, I like it. Less primitive looking. I do most of my posts in real time. Sometimes I think I might be too real. I will look at a pic and see a stray shoe or tea towel. I just figure you all know that we actually live in our house! Ha! I might like a magazine look, and I strive for that, but....:-)

  4. I like it in white! I'm using more and more white in my decor, and it is so light and airy!

  5. GASP! I cannot believe I love it light. I usually keep my primitives dark. Hurry up and show the end result.

  6. It's going to be perfect for your home, Debra,,,I painted my pie safe light, too!

  7. Debra, I think it's going to be lovely in its new coat of paint. We too are moving to a smaller space so will need to get creative about things.

  8. Painted or unpainted - it fits perfectly and is the "just right" piece for there, You did it, it IS an odd spot and whoo hoo shopping at home. Gotta be smilin' about that, my dear!

  9. I love the new color you gave it! I'm partial to painted grey furniture anyway. I think it will look good with the rest of your room.

  10. I love it painted Debra. Looks bright and fresh. Very pretty. Keeping it real is such a good idea. I took some hits when I recently painted an old church alter white. I am glad I did it fits my decor better. We need to stay true to what we love and some will love it too and others not so much but that is what blogging is about right!!!!
    Have a great week.

  11. I have resisted the chalk paint but my daughter is knee high in it. I do like this piece white, the panels look like lace in that color.

  12. It's looking good, God bless chalk paint!

  13. I think you've made the right choice by painting it--it'll look great! And I can't believe we're keeping it real now--I guess I was ahead of the curve!

  14. I'm glad you painted it; looks amazing already! You've fixed that space now, I'm sure! Can't wait to see it finished and placed.

  15. Definitely better painted! It's a great little piece but the details were lost until you painted it.

  16. Yeah, I've been jabbed a few times the last few days myself. But we're tough old birds, aren't we? I like it better painted. And hey, it belongs to you. You can do anything you want with it. I'm glad some of us are taking steps to "keeping it real" on the reality scale. Kudos to you!

  17. If you keep this up you will inspire us to have a Dust Bunnies Link party one of these days :)

    I don't have dust bunnies here anymore, however, since I dusted after letting it go for two weeks ( but then I was mowing the grass every few days :)

    This is going to be so pretty already!

  18. Well, no need to feel bad about painting the little reproduction pie safe. You aren't altering a piece of American history. I have a dilemma in my shop this week because I have a Civil War era solid cherry drop leaf table with the top covered with cigarette burns and black rings. I know it won't sell with its time worn surface. But, I can't get myself to sand it. I think your pie safe will be darling painted. I think I'd distress the tin a bit....that's my two cents from a new reader who came over when I read about your keeping it real saga. Love it!


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