Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Give-Away Heads Up and thoughts from my last post...

First, I want to tell you about a Give Away that I'll be starting (tomorrow)'s really good and you'll be surprised what it is. I don't do a lot of Give-Aways because sometimes people just don't find them compelling, and sometimes people think they're too much trouble, but I think you'll love this one. Because this one is going to be a new take on something you might never have thought about doing.

And now, I really want to thank each of you that commented on my last post about "blogging". Many of you that left comments are No-Reply bloggers, and I so wish that I could return your individual comments because they have meant so much to me. That's why I did the post on "Friends tell Friends when they're No-Reply Bloggers", just so I can at times give a personal note in response to a specific comment. Thank you all for the thoughts and insights about a subject that is timely and so very not forget who we are as bloggers.

The most important take-away from all your comments has been this: to blog about what you love and enjoy; what feeds your creative soul. Don't get caught up in "the machine" of blogging. To be authentic in each post, and not be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. I may have ideas for blog posts, but I never do any in advance. What you see on my blog is what's happening in my life, in real time. That a blog post doesn't HAVE to be a major production. Sometimes a photograph and a short thought is all that is needed. Let's give each other permission to take the pressure OFF.

And bottom line, I think we all need to remember that we're here sharing our passions, not engaging in a competition. Let us not be afraid to "be the individual" that God has called each of us to be.


  1. Thanks Debra, I have tried so many times to fix the no-reply on my blog, but i can't get it to work, Hope i can fix it.
    I would love to reply to comments.


    1. Kathy,

      I used to have the same problem. No more. In Settings, choose Posts and Comments. Select "Embedded" so you can reply to comments.

      Hope this helps.

      Happy highways,

  2. Debra, I enjoy your blogging so much. I look forward to what you have to share, as it is obvious you are passionate about what you share!! Thank you so very much!!

  3. Yay Debra!... love you, happy Sunday, xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hi Debra, I have been blogging for a little over a year now and you were one of the first people who commented and featured my little blog. I think for the first six months of blogging, I felt like I needed to catch up with "the machine." I felt the pressure to do projects that were bigger and bolder than the last. I realized quickly that those big blogs with beautiful pictures and projects have lots of funding and help and it is their full time job. I didn't want this to be a job. I just wanted blogging to be a way to connect and share with like minded people.

  5. I'll use a word from my childhood. Reading your post yesterday got me all "het" up and I wrote a post in sort of a response today. Except, per usual, I wasn't as nice.

  6. You got Brenda all 'riled' up : ) There's MY childhood word, ha ha.

    So...I think that you are going into farming and giving away sheep tomorrow :)

    1. YAY, how did you guess? I think I was a sheep farmer in another life, ha ha!!

  7. I agree with everything you said. I am so glad that you express your feelings and a lot of us feel the same way.
    Have a great week ahead.

  8. Here here! That's a great point you make about your post being in real time, what is actually happening in your life. I'm proud to say me too and that's as it should be. I want to read real stuff about real people and what they get up to in their normal everyday lives. Thanks for bringing up this topic. It has given me food for thought and taken a weight off actually! I hope I'm not a no reply blogger! I did read your post and went through the steps. Thanks again, Jen

  9. I am glad to see you in a much more relaxed mood today. :)

    My last post is about fixing the no-reply issue and I think you shouldn't see me as a no-reply. If you do please let me know at (if you have the time of course).

  10. I think mine works but I'm not sure.

  11. Hi Debra,

    May 7th I started blogging again. I think in 2013, I maybe posted twice. In 2014, once. I used to blog all the time but between family health issues, life, and just feeling overwhelmed when I looked at my blog, I stopped. I love this post, it rings true for me. When I decided I would blog again, I took the pressure off..

    I try to live in the moment since that is what we have. Thank you for sharing. When I first read your blog, I knew you ARE the real deal and I am so glad I found it. It did take a while. hehe. It is difficult to find blogs when you are not blogging.

    Have a blessed day.

    P.S. I am nor sure about the reply thing. I know when I blog, I have to sign out of my main google account and sign into my first one. I did discover if I try to use google+, I would lose my blog and there is too much history there.

  12. You Debra, spoke from the heart because your a REAL blogger. I don't have a blog, just a very content follower of your's. I went from following about 60 blogger's to 12. Their loss not mine.Keep doing the wonderful job you do :)) Love those hydrangea's. Keep on keeping on !!! TT

  13. I missed your last post but just read it. I agree about blogging. So many I pass over. I can't put myself in there shoes s I go on and read about people in real life.
    Excited to hear about your giveaway.

  14. Debra,
    Now about that "No~Reply". . .I have no clue!!!
    I'll just keep visiting and commenting, dear friend!!!

  15. Thanks so much for this post as well as the previous post. You put it into words I only think. Getting discouraged by lack of comments and so much for a post you work so hard on can get a gal down. I don't have an interesting life more of a boring one. A party of one please. I'm going to rethink my posts and what they mean to me hoping they can touch others as yours do. fondly ~lynne~

  16. Debra, I meant to comment on that post, so I'll do it here since you're continuing the theme. . .I do not have a blog at this time, but I have been following several for the past couple of years, yours being among them. One of the very reasons I love to read blogs is to see what other women are doing to make their lives and their friends and family happy, and therefore, I LOVE 'REAL"! There are blogs that are so busy selling something or trying to one-up everyone else. . .those do NOT hold my interest. I love reading what you write about, and care to share with us. Thank you for being yourself!


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