Sunday, August 18, 2013

Around the house...

Hey you all...
hope you're having a good weekend!

I thought I'd just share some of the sunporch tweaking that's been going on this week. There's been a hint of Fall around here, as the weather has cooled off a little this week, and the "light" is changing. You know what I mean...the angle of the sun shifts just slightly and the light starts to change. Shadows and colors and even the blue in the sky takes on a subtle difference from Summer. 

This week has been a little slower and I've had time to think about a few things out here. One in particular is this basket hanging on an old screen door that I've had probably for about 10 years. It was a dark sage green and it really needed to be freshened up, so I gave it a coat of some taupe/gray "test" paint that I'd bought last year when painting the master bedroom.

then I did a wash in a darker gray craft paint mixture...

then highlighted it again in the taupe. easy fix for something that was dusty and a little blah looking.
Some faux sunflowers brought it up to season.

I don't show this corner of the sunporch often 
as this little wicker tea cart has a habit of getting too cluttered.
hmmm... that might be why you're only seeing the top part...

But I have a cute little vintage metal shelf
 that holds a few of my English Cottages...

that I haven't shared for awhile.
sugar and creamer and salt and pepper.

a candle and another salt and pepper.

Here's an old celluloid thermometer and butterfly print
 that was a salesman sample for advertising...

is tucked into my wicker floral basket along with an ivy.

...and here are the last of the hydrangeas that
had already started to wilt on the shrub.

these purples are so pretty.
That bush started out white, 
then the tips started to change to pink
and now this deep magenta.
The blooms haven't been big this year,
 but the color has been spectacular.

You might have noticed that I've already changed out the quilts and pillows to more of an Autumn palette. I'll share more of the "Early Fall" sunporch changes this next week.

so tell me...what are you doing this weekend...?

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  1. Oh Debra... you saw what I am doing!... those darn squirrels were just going NUTS wanting to come out, and now I have ALOT of their brothers to find places for this week!... they seem to multiply quicker than rabbits around here... I am into my Autumn mode and working on some more vignettes... I know it's your favorite time of year too, and I love seeing how you change things up for the Seasons... I just ordered Susan Branch's Autumn Leaf hooked pillow... I have been eyeing all of your gorgeous pillows and decided I needed one... it was $89 on Ebay, then I looked on her site and it was only $36!... glad I didn't buy it off Ebay!... I thought it had been discontinued... love your basket full of sunflowers!... Happy Early ~Autumn my friend!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Working a little in the garden today, wondering if I should make yet another batch of nectar for my hummers before their migration, and doing laundry, including some more great new [vintage] tablecloths I scored yesterday. I'm hoarding them for my daughter's wedding in October. Love your sunporch - your hydrangea colors are rich! I'm thinking sunflowers for the wedding too.....

  3. Nice pick-me-up for the basket, Debra. Me, I'm doing a little housecleaning, and painting this weekend.

  4. Debra
    Love the sunflowers. They start the autumn coloring so nicely. I am still staying up with my summer flowers. With the nicer temps they are still looking good. It probably will be some time before I can do fall decor.

  5. I am working on fall decor at my place too. It seems summer was short lived in my neck of the woods. I love what you are doing so far. Great basket of sunflowers:)

  6. Lovely changes and I adore your cottages! They remind me of the David Winter ones that my sister used to collect. Very sweet!

  7. Hey Debra, thanks for stopping by Glass Slipper Restorations,
    don't you just love our curious little cats! The story of the wicker was hilarious, oh those husbands of ours, they should know they can't win! As for the photos, well I am a newbie and know I suck at photos now, but I am getting a lot of practice and hope someday to be almost as good as you!

    Have a Great Evening!

  8. The White basket is too cute
    Love the sunflowers too
    Your home always looks so Happy

  9. Debra- I need to transition my palette out too, I know it. Maybe this week I'll get out some yellows. My Baby wants to start taking out the Halloween stuff....the grass over here is so brown- we've had no rain for weeks!

  10. I've been thinking I might need some faux sunflowers. They're so perky. This weekend I'm trying to figure out what I want to do in my little kitchen. Probably some decoupage and I've already painted the cabinets where my wheelchair (last year's surgery) had scraped all of them so I could get close enough to turn on the water.

  11. Debra,
    I adore the updates to your wicker basket filled with Sunflowers, dear friend!!!
    What adorable little English Cottages!!!
    Yes, I can begin to see a "hint" of Autumn's color palette
    in the background of your photos!!!
    This weekend, hm~m~m. . .
    we re~arranged "Mr. Ed's" creative Man Cave space
    on the lower level. . .much needed!!!
    I'll be back to see more of your sunporch, soon!!!

  12. Thrifty little makeover on your basket turned out really nice...always love seeing some pretty sunflowers. Plan to pull some out for the shop in about two weeks.


  13. I love your basket makeover, and the colors of your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  14. "Common Ground" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  15. debra, i love your basket paint technique! and the last pic with the hydrangeas--gorgeous! enjoy your sunday!

  16. You are a true artist!!! Really...I love to see the decorating strokes you do to create a mini are inspiring and fabulous! hugs...

  17. Debra, it is crazy cooler here and still very wet, too. This has been the strangest summer weather ever. The basket looks nice refreshed and love your hydrangeas. Ours have dried on the bush. That reminds me I need to go cut them if the rain ever stops.

  18. Beautiful changes! I am running from the rain:) Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  19. Love what you did with the basket, Debra. I am packing. UGH!!! xo Laura

  20. I am standing strong against all of the "fall" decorations. We have barely had summer on my part of the coast. I refuse to give in to fall without a fight. So, my summer decor is staying put.

    I love that basket and the color you came up with. I must find something in that shape.

  21. Very pretty, Debra! Love the sunflowers!!~~Angela

  22. Your basket makeover looks so good...great color! I've had fall on my mind too since the weather has been rather cool, but now this week it's suppose to really heat up, so I guess I'll be enjoying summer for a bit longer.

  23. Hi Debra,

    Beautiful basket makeover and complemented so well with the sunflowers! Your hydrangeas are still very pretty, even though they've dried out. Those colours are just so rich! Your choice of colours and patterns on your accent pillow is so charming!

    Across the pond, in my neck of the olive groves and amid the vineyards, it's still sea and sand and hot, lazy days, so not been doing too much!

    Happy Sunday,


  24. Hi Debra, I really like the new color on the basket. Like you said, easy update. I have sunflower décor spilling out in my home as well. Your English cottage collection is so cute. I am going to head over and read one of your first posts. My first ones make me laugh. I did NOT know what I was doing. Didn't even add pictures. I blogged for 2 1/2 yrs. before I knew about visiting other blogs. lol! Yup, I'm a bit slow. I hit a few yard sales yesterday. First time all summer. Then I worked a bit in the garden. Hung bundles of sage to dry. Won't it be yummy in our Thanksgiving turkey?

  25. Forgot to mention how gorgeous the Hydrangeas were.

  26. I can't believe it feels like 'fall' is in the air! Your wicker basket looks great the new color! :)

  27. I am being lazy this weekend! Love what you did with the basket...and the hydrangea is stunning!

  28. Well, you've made me think I need to get out my sunflowers too! I've used them for a few Falls and now I'm going to rethink that basket that is very similar to your that I've used for them too! I needed a kick in the pants to start this direction. Thanks!

  29. I have a big faux sunflower on my enclosed porch and like you, I tweaked things a bit this weekend. Yup, I feel that summer is quickly waning. :(

    I like what you did with the basket Debra. It's perfect!

  30. Love how you are easing your way into fall. The basket look amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  31. Love it, Debra...such a pretty way to transition into fall! Thanks for sharing at The Scoop!...Sending hugs and prayers...Debbie

  32. Hello. I just bought this same basket and I’m wondering if you can tell me more about its history please. I’m wondering how old it might be. Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, sorry, it's not old. Not sure where I found it. At a boutique flower market I think. I use it almost every year on the front porch in Fall and Winter. so versatile.


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