Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the deck...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, everyone. I just wanted to share a few photos from the deck, and show you a couple of new things that I have potted up this week. This space is right off the sunporch and under my kitchen window, so I always like to keep things tidied up out here, giving me a pretty view while I'm in the kitchen. I can't see much of the rest of the yard from that vantage point, so if this looks presentable then I'm happy.

For some reason, I've lost a couple of ivy's inside, so I headed over to the little corner nursery to see if they had any left. I hate going there in these mid days of July, because all the plants are looking forlorn and straggly. They are shutting down next week, so the nature lover and rescuer in me wants to adopt all the poor misfits and bring them home.

I don't have very much of a green thumb, so they'd be taking their chances here with me, but I did find a couple of sweet Pink Ivy Geraniums, and these little pink Petunia-like plants. I put them here in this old wire basket with the burlap ribbon that I painted last year.

This is my super old wicker wrapped chair that my mom gave me years ago. It's protected from the elements out here, so it pretties up this little corner next to the door.

I stuck in a little cream colored tin tray for some added shabby interest.

So far so good with my Impatiens in the old concrete urns. If the chipmunks will leave them alone they may make it the rest of the summer.

The hail storm over Father's Day weekend killed all my Petunias, and did a number on the rest of my plants. We had ping pong sized hail and it tore most of my potted plants to smithereens. I ended up having to replace about half. And speaking of hail, it also finished off our 30 year old shake roof. Everyone in our subdivision is either getting a new roof, or having major repairs. We're hoping we can get a new roof, but that will take a huge chunk of money, even IF the insurance will help out. It's beyond patching. 

The little black wagon was one of the victims of the hail storm,
 so I had to replant it.

The angel vine and mint are going crazy though.

This is a little metal grocery store display rack that's been in the garage, I pulled it out and planted some old pots with Moss Rose, which works well in the heat and sun. The Petunia on the bottom shelf is iffy. It's a little shaded down there on the bottom, so it doesn't get pounded too much. I guess I'm going to have to quit buying Petunias, they just don't like it here.

On the other hand, the Lantana and Geraniums are flourishing.

OK, so that's what's happening on the deck this week...

And an update on the last post about my Antique Mall space, Hubbs and I went over yesterday morning and packed up all the smalls, unscrewed all the doors and took down the gate, so they're accessible now for shoppers. I had lot's of interest in all the pieces while we were there, and a really nice man came by saying that his daughter was getting married and that the large window would be perfect for a backdrop. So I'm hoping it goes to a good home. I know you all were hoping I would keep it, but it's just huge, and I had it stored in my garage for 3 years, it needs to be enjoyed and used by someone.

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  1. Oh, Debra- your deck and all its unique prettiness is AWESOME!

    I love that wicker chair and the nifty metal store rack housing your beautiful plants.

    I bet it is almost a pleasure now to be doing dishes and seeing all that - takes the "pain" away, doesn't it?

    I am dreadfully sorry about learning about all your hail damage, wow, that's awful. And you will need a new roof as well? UGH.

    Your insurance should totally pay for a new one for sure - hoping you have no hassles, but that's unheard's always a fight with insurance, isn't it?

    Enjoy your day. Hugs.

  2. Love your deck. Truly a labor of love!

    We had wind damage to our house and our insurance company told us to pick out the color of siding we wanted. No hassle, easy peasy! Hopefully yours goes just as smoothly.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Debra, your deck looks great. So genuinely sorry to hear about your roof and the hail storm. We had one on the 4th - containers all look like crap but thankfully no roof damage....I'm ready for Fall (I know, I can't believe I even said that).
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. What a beautifully displayed deck. The plants add some pretty colour to your lovely pieces. Too bad about the roof, we are in need of one ourselves but are putting it off till next year because this year we had to get a new garage door and side door.

  5. Everything looks beautiful, love the use of burlap and wire baskets.

  6. Your deck looks so pretty Debra!... our strong winds and thunderstorms several weeks back did a real number on my plants too... I have re~planted them about three times now... we are at 100+ degree days now, and they are all pooped out... me too!... I thought about buying more plants at our garden center too, then thought again... these babies better start perking up or they are all going in the trash!... I have a yellow pot of Portulaca on our deck that is the twin of yours!... love that... it thrives in this hot hot weather we are having... love your sweet little lamb!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. The plants on your deck look great!
    What a nice view you have out your kitchen window.
    Sorry to hear about the hail damaging your roof. Hopefully the insurance company will pick up a big portion of the cost.
    I think everyone is ready for summer to be over. Seems like the weather is crummy all over.
    Have a great week.

  8. So enjoyed the visit to your deck this Sunday afternoon. I have the old Singer Sewing machine stand on my back patio. Mine is needing another coat of black paint to go with the piece of black granite I salvaged for the top. I also have a bird cage on top and am looking for a couple other small items to go with it. Absolutely love the chair and the whole composition of your corner. Your new flowers are looking great and should get you through to fall unless you have another one of those bad old hail storms. Hopefully not!

  9. Your porch is looking so pretty! I need to bring some more of my plants to my new house and paint up some of my plant stands. It's been so rainy here that nothing is doing well at all!

  10. No green thumb? Your flowers are gorgeous! ~Roberta

  11. hi debra! your back deck looks super inviting and cozy! so sorry about your roof...goodness, golf ball size hail?! mother nature is so powerful at times. i used to have so much trouble connecting to your blog, but now that i am using "bloglovin" it is i'll be checking back more often. yay.

  12. Debra, I just love your deck decorated with all the vintage items. It just makes it so cozy.

  13. Your deck décor is adorable and your plants are lovely! We played the hail damage on the roof game last spring...tons of fun :) Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am so much better with outdoor plants than indoor. My grandmother used to be able to bring any house plant back from the dead. Not me!

  15. So very pretty! Lots of time went into this.

  16. Hi Debra, I'm sorry to hear about the hail storm and the severe damages it had caused to your home. Hopefully the insurance will pay for your new roof.
    Your deck looks very beautiful. I love your sewing machine table, the wicker wrapped chair and all your pretty flowers. You've got a real lovely view from your kitchen window.

  17. Debra,
    The deck is in 'full Glory' for a Summer on the Prairie, dear friend!!!
    I adore your styling with all white pieces, allowing each plant to make its own unique presence!
    My friend, a Master Gardener, stated that if I have a 50% success rate that is good for our area. Made me feel more of a success than I realized!!!
    Enjoy your lovely deck. . .take time to visit the blossoms!!!

  18. I'm so glad you rescued those cute little babies...and I hope they thrive for you too...also, little tip...if everyone else in your neighborhood is having storm damage repaired, call your insurance agent today and file a claim. That's why you pay for insurance...and also get 3 to 5 quotes before your insurance adjustor comes to look at the damage, so you can give him a COPY.

    We filed a claim 3 years go after we had storm damage and they paid for a new roof and new roof on the protect their investment of the it!!! All we had to pay was our deductible.

    Check the roofers references (ask them for dates of the install they did too, you don't want a 9 year old reference) check the better business bureau, and ask relatives, friends and don't be afraid to knock on doors....Good luck!!

  19. I agree with the above - make sure to check out your roofers to the smallest details. Love the way you have styled your deck. Here we have had forty-five days of rain and storms so flowers are shredded, but the stone crop is faring very well.

  20. I love it all.

    My plan for tomorrow is to work on my garden - weeding and decorating. Thanks for some great ideas.

  21. Your deck looks just beautiful! I really like all of your sweet vintage pieces. Everything here is pretty crispy, but we will have some pretty stuff in the Fall. Funny (well not funny for you with the damage) you mentioned hail. We were just in NM a couple of weeks ago, and some place close to Albuquerque had over 6" of hail which caused some major damage -- collapsed carports & other buildings. The news showed people in shorts and tank tops out shoveling the stuff off their roofs! We don't get hail too often here, but we do get haboobs!

  22. What's up with this weather? We've had over 12 inches of rain in the last month. The sun has been out the last 2 days here, but I was starting to think we would never see it again. Our roof had to be replaced due to a leak and hail damage last year, but thankfully it was covered by insurance, except for the deductible. I'm sure all of our rates will go up in this area, though. It was expensive...around $16k.

  23. Your photos are beautiful Debra! I can't grow petunias very well either so I stick mostly to ivy geraniums, impatiens and ivy. Sorry about your roof...that is no fun. :(

  24. Your flowers are so pretty, Debra! I love all of your containers, that little waggon is just too adorable!

  25. Oh Debra...just love this post. Your deck area just makes me smile! And I am in love with that chair! Love how you style everything gal! But then you know that. The thing I need to know is when are you coming to FL to help me??!! ;o) You are so talented!!
    Big Hugs,

  26. Debra,
    This is all really pretty! Love the wire baskets. Some years I will have a plant that will do well and the next year it doesn't. I have a few petunias, so far so good.

  27. Love your desk, I am so enjoying each and every picture you have shared. The old sewing machine table is perfect for your plants. The impatients in the pots are beautiful. I could sit on your porch all morning and enjoy each piece.

  28. Love your deck - so much eye candy. I got a great idea for my own sewing machine base after seeing yours. I have to head to TJ Maxx to see if a piece is still there. I should have bought it knowing that one day I would find a use for it.

  29. Sweet touches! Your sewing machine base and wicker chair are the perfect pieces for you nice!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  30. Hi Debra, like many are saying, I love your deck and the many items you have on it. You just gave me a new idea for my screened porch...imagine it with my iron sewing machine base on it...yeah! Thanks for the great post and inspiration, too.



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