Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Everything's coming up...Sunflowers!

Now that August is upon us, I can safely call it "Late Summer", and late Summer always means Sunflowers to me. So here in the Dining Room I changed out the white Geraniums and the lighter tablerunner for my Frenchy Stripe tablerunner and the windowbox centerpiece full of happy little Sunflowers.

(does that sound too much like Bob Ross the 1970's painter with the big hair 
from PBS, and his "happy little clouds...trees...mountains"?)

I found this wonderful Sunflower Botanical pillow and I fell in love. My other Sunflower pillow in needlepoint was lonely so this one works great to balance out the church pew.

It needed a darker pillow behind it to set it off, so the black and white teensy check came in from the Sunporch.

Even though I hate the heat of late Summer, I'm always excited when we get to August because that means Fall will be here soon. Yep, watch out Fall here I come!

I have this wonderful old metal flower stand in the Dining Room that I don't show often, but today it has a reproduction seed box on it with a Sunflower wreath ready to be hung up somewhere.

Love my giclee print in muted tones on canvas of the sheep.

See what I was doing last year with Sunflowers, Here and Here

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  1. Oh sweet Debra... you and I think sooo much alike!... August is sunflowers everywhere here too!... (did you see all of them in your new book???)... yours are gorgeous and I love love love your sunflower pillows!... I also loved (love) Bob Ross... Jack got me started watching him because of all the critters he always showed... then, Jack bought me all of his paints, easel, etc and I began painting like he did... I have done about twenty something paintings, ONE of which Jack hung in our home!... I was so sad when he passed away... anyway... it is officially Late Summer since YOU said so!... my goodness... Now I want a sunflower pillow (or two or three!)... Happy Late Summer!... I cannot WAIT for Autumn... got my Autumn Cottage today, yay!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Sunflowers always make me feel happy for some reason. Maybe it is there big bright yellow faces... I do love them on your dining table Debra and the cushions complete the theme perfectly.

  3. All so pretty, it is hard to believe August is here. Where has the summer gone?

  4. What a gorgeous centerpiece! It really gives a welcoming feel to the room!

  5. Your sunflowers are beautiful and always look so happy.Your dining really really looks good. I am so ready for fall - can hardly wait. For some reason this summer was to hot and muggy for me.
    Have a great week

  6. Beautiful sunflowers Debra! You are definitely a fall girl!I look forward to seeing your beautiful home shine in the fall!

  7. Sunflowers make me happy, happy, happy. Think Joe would buy me a tractor and plant our spare lot in them?

  8. Hi Debra,
    I love your dining room! It looks beautiful.The sunflowers make such a gorgeous centerpiece, and i'm in love with your pillows.


  9. Debra, This looks absolutely lovely! Love the pillows, and the changes to the table. Gorgeous as always!

  10. Love your current mix, Debra. The black is such a striking complement against the whites & woods - truly a mix I'm drawn to.

  11. It's feeling like late summer here and sunflowers are perfect. I was going down the interstate the other day and a huge field of sunflowers the size of dinner plates caught my eye. The flowers were already gone and they were just huge seed pods but still very pretty to see. :)

  12. Looks fabulous Debra, I can see how those pillows inspired you, they are so cool...your table looks simply stunning!

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  14. So pretty, Debra! Late summer for me, of course, means back to school (year 10!) and today Macauley and I coincidentally painted a wall of my classroom a shade of sunflower yellow...

  15. Just beautiful and so cheerful for late summer!!! A time of transition......but I'm still in summer mode with the hydrangeas......fall will be here soon enough!!!

  16. what a fabulous pillow! and i love them in your centerpiece, debra:) my neighbor has huge sunflowers growing in her side yard this year--i'd forgotten how tall they get!

  17. The sun flower pillow is just perfect, love the colors.

  18. Awwww Bob Ross....he made painting seem so easy and fun! Love your addition of sunflowers....looks great!

  19. OH NO!!! I love sunflowers too!! But I'm not ready for fall. Where is summer.
    Temps here have gone downhill.
    Love your arrangement and the cute pillows.

  20. Love all of your pretty sunflowers:) Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  21. Dear Debra, I love your centerpiece; a nice pop of color. Oh and yes, love your sunflower pillows! Did you know That flower is our Kansas State Flower!

    2013 Designer Series

  22. Debra, this summer seems to be flying by with fall nipping at it's heels. Love your sunflower pillows and the arrangement on your table. Sunflowers are a cheerful addition for summer.

  23. You may have said before, but I love the wooden container the sunflowers are in on your dinning room table. Tell me about it. Where did you get it? Did you craft it yourself?

  24. August always make me think of Sunflowers! You have so many pretty ones. I am working on several projects for August and they all include sunflowers.

    Thanks for sharing all of your pretty sunflowers.


  25. WOW and MORE WOW! :) I love the displays and pillows!!!

    I have some sunflowers blooming now on one side of the front porch...more coming up in the back that should bloom in a week or two ( I think : ) I just love 'em...alive or in decor :)

  26. HI Debra! Oh, how beautiful. I love your floral arrangement with the sunflowers and your dining room is just stunning.
    Be a sweetie,

  27. Oh, so pretty pretty pretty~!

    I love your sunshiney sunflower pillows and centerpiece!

  28. Your home is just gorgeous, Debra! Soooo magazine worthy, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  29. Debra loving all your sunflowers! In my early twenties my bedroom was done in sunflowers. Thanx so much for sharing at THT!

  30. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I LOVE Sunflowers in the Summer!
    Please come by my site and see my latest post "Summer Inspirations" ~ sunflowers are also my highlight!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos,

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  32. LOVE....LOVE...LOVE your table runner! It's adorable!

  33. Your sunflower accents are beautiful!

  34. Your style is so distinctive that I knew it was a post by you when I saw the photo on the party at Cedar Hill Farm. Your sunflower centerpiece is beautiful.

  35. I love sunflowers and I love Fall BUT I am not ready yet!!! I cherish the warm days and evenings too much. LOVE your pillws and centerpiece. BTW, we were at an antique shop the other day and they had 2 vintage wire plant holders: 1 for $69.00 nd 1 for $85.00!!!! Hang on to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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