Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's on the Sideboard for Valentine's

Hi Everyone, 
coming to you live today from the dark and dreary hallway...
yes, the one with no natural light...
the one I have to hang from the chandy like a monkey
just to get a decent pic.

But it's Valentine's Week, so I had to share the update.

I changed things up a bit, bringing in a new galvanized drawer that has been painted with chalkboard paint. It's so super cute and I found it at The Feathered Nest by my talented and sweet friend, Ruthanne from the fun blog Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Sugar Pie Farmhouse was one of those blogs I read before I started blogging myself. Ruthanne lives only a short drive from Branson and Ozark, Missouri. If you don't know, her run by and check out all the homespun goodness.

Vintage look Valentine's Banner hanging from the old window

I always laugh and say that someone must have either been out in the rain,
or shedding many tears when they received this humongous box of chocolates!
But I imagine it was just the leaky roof from the old attic I found it in.

And I saved this wonderful wine bottle from a few years ago,
cause I just love the label.

Since this adorable drawer is galvanized, it's also magnetic.

Ruthanne also included this blinged up cake server;
just perfect for some tasty romance of the chocolate variety.

Vintage Valentine I found last year

 Do you all have big plans for the weekend,
maybe a little get away with your Sweetie?

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Have a great one!
(I'm trying to convince myself I don't want any chocolates this year...)


  1. Sooo pretty! I love the magnetic chalkboard drawer. How clever. Lynda

  2. Very pretty, Debra! It seems like you have the same situation in this area of your home as I do in the kitchen of our condo. I can't get a decent picture to save my life in there, but yours looks good. I think that's the prettiest cake server I've ever seen.

  3. It's OK to get chocolates for Valentine's Day! I think I want a pink hydrangea:) Love all of your sweet decorations! Hearts just make the prettiest display! Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  4. Very fun vignette! Anything with hearts looks wonderful and you did a great job with the eye candy (no pun intended?).

  5. Debra your Valentine vignette is so sweet! LOVE that drawer chalk board.What a cool idea!

  6. I love your chalkboard drawer! I always get inspired when I visit you, where can I find a metal drawer???? Hugs, Penny

  7. You may have had to work of your pictures but they look good. Thanks for sharing. It gave me a few ideas for my home.

  8. This I love!!! Adore the chalkboard and lovely card and the glass! :D


  9. What a pretty vignette. I love the window pane and chalk board. All the Valentine touches are so sweet.

  10. Debra,
    Ah~h~h...the risk we take for the sake of our blogs!!! Do be careful up there on the chandelier, dear friend!!!
    I applaud your efforts!!!
    This is such a festive Valentine's Day vignette!!! Love all the vintage Valentine's. Still remember some of those gorgeous ones from my youth and wish I still had them.
    Thank you for being a "risk taker" and sharing this lovely vignette with us!!!

  11. Debra,
    You never cease to amaze me with the cute and clever things you come up with. That magnetic chalk board drawer is so cute. I really love that.

  12. You are the most adorable flying monkey I have ever seen. And talented too. The pie server blinged is splendid.

  13. Sweet vignette! Happy Valentine's Day.........Sarah

  14. pretty vday gathering, debra:) (i think i gain weight just looking at ruthanne's blog--yum!

  15. It's all so pretty and the chalkboard is such a clever idea, I love it:)

  16. Haha! I think we all have a spot that's almost impossible to photograph. Mine's in the back entrance to our house. I have about 3 feet of space and have to balance on a platform to get a decent photo of my junk. When I'm doing this, I imagine what my obituary would say. "She risked life and limb for her blog." :)

    Thanks for dangling from your chandy to share the festive photos of your Valentine vignette! We appreciate your daring acts of bravery.

    I personally think those are teardrops on the candy box. Some poor gal thought she was getting an engagement ring. :(

  17. Very pretty! I love the vintage look it has.

  18. So sweet, love the chalk drawer and you have the best collections for holiday displays!

  19. Very pretty. I love and appreciate your blog. Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day!

  20. Looks so pretty Debra!
    As for chocolates...I always want some!

  21. Your Valentine sideboard is charming! I too started to read Aunt Ruthie's blog before I started my own. Her sunny attitude and deep faith carried me through many a sleepless night when my Daddy was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She is a dear.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. So cute Debra. I must say that I am laughing as I picture you hanging from the chandy like a monkey. If the lighting is bad you sure fooled me with your gorgeous pics. Love the painted chalkboard bottom! Clever, clever idea. Tears or water, I love the way it made the heart box look. It all came together beautifully. Hubby and I are getting away next weekend for a belated Valentines get away. Only 4 hrs. away, but warmer weather, YES! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Debra -
    I featured your pretty Valentine display on Mod Mix Monday. Love all you do!


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