Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Weekend's Tips and Tidbits

(say that title fast 3 times)

Being with two professional photographers this last weekend was a little intimidating to say the least. I'm just a bumbler and fumbler in the photography department. Any photo that I get that's good is more of a "happy accident" than I can say that I have a plan and know what I'm doing. So Anne and Elizabeth were shooting away Sunday afternoon when we were wandering the streets of Historic Kimmswick, Missouri. Since it was Father's Day, an Antique and Street Car Show was in progress and I had to look like I was at least partly worthy of their company. I decided I'd take photos of them, instead of trying to compete in their class.

"Dueling Photographers", 
you know, instead of "Dueling Banjos"

For some great photos of these vintage cars from last weekend go by E's (now also known as "Bitsy") If you're squeamish about a bunch of loud mouth gals (no, I didn't say "broads", but I guess that works too) and some horrible pics of me, then don't go there...I've told Bitsy that Anne and I are looking for Payback! If you have a few minutes and don't mind blushing, Elizabeth has a hilarious and "insiders" version of the weekend highlights.

 And  Someone we know has been complaining that my other photograph of the three of us had her so washed out that she looked like a "ghostly apparition", I decided that I'd put a different one out here. Same pose, just a little less manipulation to take the focus off my wrinkles and saggy-baggy, slouchy topside. And hey, what can I say, I had self tanner in my suitcase and these pasty little blondies didn't!

Elizabeth took a few minutes to give me a mini lesson with my camera, and I learned more in 10 minutes than I'd been able to figure out on my own in the last two years. I have to admit, Anne has tried to help me, but she shoots with a Nikon, and I have a Canon. So when I realized that E had a Canon too (mine is not even in the same league as hers), I was excited to see what I could grasp in a short time.

Then when we were back here in Springfield, we ran to Barnes and Noble and I found this book, which Anne swears by, and said helped her figure it all out. Maybe there's hope for me yet. I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone to try to understand at least some of this mumbo jumbo!

Another little tip I wanted to pass on to you is something I think we've all had handed to us by "Blogger", but didn't know how to change. Remember how we used to be able to click on a photo in the blog posts and it would enlarge, and then with another click it would get even bigger? Big enough that we could study even the smallest item in a store display? wow, did I ever miss that and complain about the slide show that replaced it. Which didn't enlarge much of anything...
OK, so Anne told me how to get back to the "Bigify" mode. Go to your Dashboard, then to Settings. Then find the Heading of Posts and Comments. Click on that and go to "Showcase images with Lightbox".
Click on the box and say no, or unclick the box. That will take you back to the original way of viewing individual photographs on the blogs. Oh how I've missed not being able to see all the goodies in a distance or room shot. Thanks Anne!

Anne and James (the best houseguests ever!)

Let me just say something about blogging and friendships...don't ever let anyone tell you they aren't real or important. Meeting Anne after almost three years of phone calls has been nothing short of miraculous. And then to meet up again with Elizabeth after 4 years, and find a friendship, ...well...let's just say that God has plans that sometimes we just don't know exist.

p.s. who of you out there have had Bubble Tea? (an Annie favorite)
and have you choked on them on your maiden voyage?
(Thai concoction of flavored tea with milk and round balls of tapioca)

p.p.s. And if you haven't joined in for Vintage Inspiration Friday,
 it's still going strong, just scroll down to the next post.


  1. Hi Debra... what a fabulous time you all must have had... love those ladies and you!... you are a hoot, calling them "pastie little blondies"... hee hee hee!... you all look terrific!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Thanks for the info on the photos... just changed mine too!... xoxo Moi

  3. Beautiful ladies indeed. How cool to learn so much in that short amount of time. I need help too. Your photos are always amazing Debra!

  4. You girls obviously had a fabulous time. After reading Elizabeth's account of the weekend, I thought your post title was somewhat misspelled though, shouldn't it have been titbits ;-)

  5. i don't know what bubble tea is, but, i'm glad to get rid of that lightbox view--tfs that, debra!

  6. Well if I had a camera worthy of learning more about, I'd be happy too. I think your photos are always good. I'm so glad that you were able to meet up with your blogging buddies after so much time apart.

  7. Wow, that's amazing that you all have formed such strong friendships! Being new to blogging, that gives me something to look forward to (although I've already 'met' many wonderful bloggers) :)

  8. Thanks for the tip - now I can see all of the details in pictures again. Sally

  9. You all look wonderful and so happy to be sharing your time together.

  10. Debra...and Anne, too, Thank you, thank you for the tip on how to make the blog photos larger. Love it.
    Y'all look fabulous in your photo. Looks like you had a great time.

  11. Never had Bubble Tea....and isn't it interesting when someone knows about things we wish we did....I love that! God is good.

  12. How great to meet with blogging friends! Y'all look wonderful! Thanks for the picture tips!

  13. Isn't it amazing how connected we all are in blogland? And then we actually get to meet each other in person, and it's like we've been sisters all along! LOVE that, Debra! So glad that you girls had a such a great time! The photo of the three of you is just beautiful! :)

    xoox laurie

  14. I was really hoping you'd say there is an earbud you can pop into your ear at night and learn photography while you sleep. Darn.

    It sounds like the 3 of you had a wonderful time together!

  15. Looks like you were all bored stiff :) Thanks for the tip about the photo viewing -- I did not know about that so I changed my settings! Bubble tea - yuck! I don't like the 'feel' of it -- creeps me out :)

  16. Shhhh.... the tan brunette wins the sexy award!

    Never heard of bubble tea, do I live under a rock? Do I want to try it?


  17. Hi Debra, I have so enjoyed reading your post with Anne and Elizabeth. We haven't been to St Louis in a long time since my hubby's cousin past away. She always took us sight seeing and we would have a wonderful time and hate to come home. Thanks for how to make pictures larger. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It is raining right now which we need so much. I think about you and some other friends when we are going through your area to Branson. This year has been put on hold with hubby having health issues. I may not always leave you a comment, but I do enjoy your blog. Have a great weekend. Your Northern Missouri Friend.

  18. Debra,
    You always take amazing photos.But I would feel the same if I was surrounded by pros.I am still learning too.Great photo of you all!Thanks for the tip I just changed that on my blog!Have a great weekend.

  19. Too much fun! Yep, we "get" each other don't we?

    Bless your days,
    deb <3

  20. Fun post, Debra! I think you do a wonderful job on your photos! And I appreciate the heads up on the blogger setting!

  21. Oh, Debra - it looks like you had an AWESOME time!!! How wonderful to finally meet up with two friends after years of corresponding with each other!

    I immediately changed my lightbox setting after reading your post - thank you!!!

    I have a Canon also, but since mine's just a point and shoot Power Shot I doubt I'll be needing the book! You guys are all way out of my league!

    I also wanted to tell you hos much I enjoyed your painted sofa post! Sure wish I'd read that years ago before buying Sure-fit slipcovers! haha What an amazing idea!

    Have a wonderful week, Debra!


  22. Yes, I like that last photo MUCH better! I look less like a vampire, even though I realize that IS in vogue and tres chic these days.

    Photography can be tricky business, but when one piece of the puzzle falls into place, the rest follows very quickly. Just wait and see. I still swear by that book, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Love the dueling photographers photo, that one is going on my desktop! Oh, and I'm stealing it for Facebook, too! :-)

    Love you big bunches!!!

  23. P.S. Bubble tea is the BOMB!
    Choking on the tapioca balls is a common rookie mistake. Hang in there and try it again, it's wonderful! :-)

  24. I just LOVE that picture of the three of you! Having met a few fellow bloggers I know just what you mean!


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