Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our weekend in St. Louis

There really aren't words that are adequate to describe this last week. Anne and her husband James arrived last Tuesday evening and it's been a whirlwind of talking, laughter, tears...good ones..., shopping, and eating. We left Friday morning to go to St. Louis where we spent a long weekend at my daughter's and son-in-law's wonderful home in University City.

(French lavabo with lavender, right inside the door of Elizabeth's home)

But I couldn't wait to show you one of the highlights of the trip, visiting with Elizabeth Maxson and seeing her wonderful home that was just a few miles from my daughter's. I had met Elizabeth just briefly a few years ago, but we've kept in touch through comments and my blog "a day in the life..." which is my Bible Study Blog.                

Elizabeth graciously let us take photos of her home and office/studio, which were featured in the May-June-July 2010 issue of  "Where Women Create". I just took a few and let Anne have the honor of capturing these beautiful and inspiring spaces.

(chandelier in Elizabeth's office) 

(Elizabeth's desk)

(Elizabeth's wedding dress that she created)

 (front porch)

Look who else was here!

Anne will be sharing her photos soon I'm sure.

I was so blessed to be around these two amazing gals this week. For Vintage Inspiration this Thursday, I have some shots from Elizabeth's kitchen, which was featured in the premier issue of "Where Women Cook".

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  1. My goodness...she has one beautiful place...love her porch. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen.


  2. this is just not fair ... next time, Chicago BABE!
    promise me now!!
    and that's an order

  3. What a little slice of white heaven in St Louis! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  4. NO! The WEST! Wide open spaces...clean air, mountains majesty. Looks like you beautiful women had a great time.


  5. What a fun meeting of "Beautiful Ladies in such a Beautiful Place"! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time!
    Have a fun week,

  6. How wonderful for you! What a fantastic visit and what fabulous photos!! Envy, envy envy rears it's ugly head!!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  7. Olá
    eu adoro tudo que é antigo, lindo o lampião.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.
    Anajá Schmitz

  8. Looks like so much fun. Love her home and your hair is tres chic!

  9. I can't promise anything as lovely as that, but I can promise a hug if you were to say head to Texas.
    Wait...I can! Could I tempt you with a little CW?
    Truly...gorgeous photos, beautiful friends, and a trip to Neverland. Hard to beat.

  10. Dear Debra, since seing a few shoots on Annes FaceBook page showing you 3 ,I have been waiting for you to write about it here :-)
    Must have been fantastic to take on tour with Anne and to visit Elisabeth Maxon, and your daughters.
    Thankyou for sharing sweet.

  11. You three look fabulous. Love her space too.

  12. My goodness, what a festival of shabby chic. Wow! Glorious stuff. Glad you had such a nice time. I'm off to a day camp for cubscouts this thursday so I'll be at your link party! (hug)

  13. correction: WON'T be at your party...

  14. Great photos, Debra! I love her studio and office space. It sounds like you had a great time.

  15. Wow- looks like you all had a ball ! Wonderful friends, shopping, and Elizabeth has a very interesting and beautifully appointed home.
    I need more photos- will look at Annie's blog and
    check back with yours later. Thanks:)


  16. Debra,
    I love that you and Anne were able to spend time with Elizabeth! Thank you for taking us along! Your daughter's lavendar on the wall is gorgeous!

  17. You lovely girls are just surrounded by beauty. Her home is amazing and there are so many pretty things to see.

    And what I want to know is where did Anne get that gorgeous outfit she's wearing?????


  18. Looks like so much fun and you are so lucky to be able to spend time with both these lovely ladies. I wish I could meet all three of you...maybe someday. You guys all need to make a road trip out this way:-)


  19. Debra, how fabulous to have been with Elizabeth and Anne, I know you had a great time! Elizabeth's house and her magical touches are just so pretty.

  20. its all gorgeous, debra! love that porch:)

  21. TOO much beauty, I am still jealous:) Thanks for sharing all these beautiful times with us! HUGS!

  22. This is an amazing space...awesome porch, lavabo, etched glass door, etc. but my favorite photo is the last one with three beautiful ladies!!!

  23. How fun, Debra! You three must have had such a fabulous time together! Elizabeth's home is just beautiful - as is that photo of you pretty girls! :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. What a wonderful way to celebrate your friendship that all started with a blog!

  25. I have to tell you that I swooned over this post...I lived in St. Louis for 20 years before transplanting myself and my family to small-town Kentucky. Boy, I miss St. Louis! Also, I used to go to Elizabeth's charming store back in the day...so good to see her in your post--such a nice lady!! I would love to have you visit my blog: http://piecespassed.blogspot.com/!!

  26. What a gorgeous place! The images are just spectacular! What a fun way to spend your time! Looks like a lot of fun!

  27. Love this post, love the week, love YOU!

    Miss you much already!


  28. Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much for visiting!
    I truly love this post...how wonderful to have such beautiful friends to share a long weekend with! Elizabeth's home is so lovely...thank you for sharing!

  29. That porch is TDF!!! Lucky you to meet the 2 women and have a great time.

  30. You keep some pretty cool company.


  31. I can only imagine all the fun you guys had?!?!?! Love her porch....
    Thanks for sharing her home with us :o)

  32. Well Miss Debra,

    I am wishing our time together hadn't ended so soon. But I love that you aren't so far from me! And for those of you out there who haven't the pleasure of meeting her...? She is about 3'2" tall and I want to just put her up on my shelf! Okay, maybe she is a little taller than that... :-)

    But the one thing you may not know about her is this: This girl has more twang to her accent than Anne and I put together! I can still hear it and it is adorable. You would think she was born and raised in Texas.

    Thank you for the wonderful bowls - we already used them and will think of you each time I whip something up in them.

    Love you!

  33. I just visited Elizabeth's post too! I have a thousand reasons for envy. But you looked darling posing with those Amazon women! LOL! So glad you had such a wonderful time. Seems like it was a little miracle. xx

  34. Debra, I'm sorry I've been out of pocket lately but I just had to leave a comment letting you know how happy and excited I am that you got to meet up with these two amazing women. What a trifecta of style, grace, and beauty you three brought to St. Louis last weekend!


  35. Elizabeth has a gorgeous home, and I love the wedding dress she designed. The picture of the three of you is wonderful, Debra.

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday this week. Tonight is the last night to enter my "French-inspired" giveaway. Hurry on over to enter. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  36. I like Elizabeth's house very much and see her in the Where Women create book . I think her desk is wonderful , with the writing on it she can really create and deserves to be in the book again

    your hair does look great and so glad you had a great weekend in St Louis. I have been thinking of going for the week end and I am just 2 hours away , however a tour of Elizabeth's house would be fabulous

  37. What sweet imagery. I love the subdued tonal color. I hope you all had a lovely visit.

  38. You gals look fabulous! How much fun did you have? So jealous.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for "Zurrie", as my cousin calls Missouri. We have roots in SE Missouri, which means, we have lots of summer memories with our family there.

    Gorgeous photos and I cannot wait to see more.

  39. Debra, I love Elizabeth's style and especially the architectural salvage pieces. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for joining the Open House party this week.

  40. It really sounds like a special and wonderful time, Debra...so fun to meet kindred spirits...

  41. That looks like so much fun! All 3 of you are so beautiful. What a wonderful opportunity. I loved your pictures Debra, and your style. I also saw the pics on Elizabeth's blog :) You ladies are crazy...in a good way!

  42. I enjoyed the shots immensely. Think I may have picked up a new idea or two as well. Thanks!

  43. Beautiful shots :)
    New follower from the Blog Hop
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  44. Elizabeth has such a great style!! Love each and every image! What a fun time visiting with these two ladies! Thank you for linking this up to Home Sweet Home! Wonderful post!!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I remember Elizabeth's feature in Where Women Create, and I still love that desk.

  47. Debra, they are beautiful photos of what looks to be a gorgeous home. Isn't it lovely to see how others put it all together so beautifully. I hope you might consider sharing this at Shabbilicious Friday :)

  48. The smiles on your faces says it all!
    Glad you had fun!

  49. What a wonderful trip and thing to do. You all look so happy. I just love all the pictures one is just as beautiful as the other.


  50. Elizabeth's style is beautiful just like her heart. How fun it is to see you girls together. ox

  51. What a wonderful trip. I admire all you girls and how creative each one of you are. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  52. Three gorgeous ladies in one beautiful place. The pictures are amazing. The dressform and the dress are to die for. I know you had an amazing visit with Elizabeth and she had an amazing time with you.



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