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If you haven't read my previous post on Remembering Whitney Houston I'd love for you to scroll down. I don't get on my soap box very often. Most of the time I try NOT to say much on this blog, but I wanted to give voice to a viewpoint of mine and many others concerning the coverage of Whitney's life, passing, and funeral. Just giving pause for reflection here. Everyone has their own opinion.

Below is a comment I left on a blog this morning. I read each comment and debated on whether to share mine or not. After thinking and praying about it this morning I shared this. Please know I'm not at odds with anyone, just thought I might give my own insight into the controversy over the media coverage issue.

"You asked for thoughts, I'd like to share mine. I think there are two distinct issues here. One the news media; with 24 hour news channels now, every story runs multiple times. I agree topics are not always chosen or run wisely. There are many many issues that could and should have attention that are worthy of our viewing. But I don't necessarily think most people get satisfaction from seeing other people's tragedies. You're so right everyone, there are thousands of people who suffer and die everyday. We ought to be bringing attention to their plight, also. 

I for one, DO think that in Whitney's case of prescription medications and drinking, we all need to take a long hard look. Oftentimes we think if we are taking legal prescription drugs then everything is OK, you add alcohol in to the mix, we are asking for trouble. Dr. Drew Pinsky's coverage on HLN has been timely and graphic in this area. If all the coverage and scrutiny saves one life, then I say the coverage was justified.

As for Whitney's funeral, I watched most of it. It was touching and intimate. Those that spoke or gave tribute in song, were not seeking attention, only to share their love, memories, and grief for their loved one, friend, and colleague. As a born again Christian I found it touching and spiritually uplifting. God loves all of us, even when we fall down. We can celebrate a life, knowing that she is now in a place without pain or struggle."

Having close family members that have had physical and emotional issues, and having taught many Bible Studies on Overcoming Addictions and Depression, I think it's valuable to know and understand the causes of addiction and the fallout for loved ones. Being a celebrity causes one to naturally be in the public eye. If we can learn from the trials and lives of other's we will all be better human beings, with an attitude of empathy and caring to our fellow brothers and sisters in life.

much love, thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

February 19, 2012 12:52 PM


  1. Debra,
    Anytime, dear friend! My belated and dearly loved Uncle...once Drill SGT of the U. S. Army @ Fork Polk, LA...later became a Baptist Minister told me,"God loves us all the same...even those that you and I may not see as worthy!" I have been a different person since that day. Open my eyes that I might see...
    P.S. I adored Whitney's sons played it often in our home!

  2. Well said, Debra. When my husband and I discussed her passing, it wasn't the music, or the media. It was her salvation.

  3. Well said! Through it all, she had a strong relationship with her God -- it's just hard to understand addictions unless you've been there.

  4. Debra,
    I really liked reading your thoughts on Whitney Houston. Everyone makes choices in their lives...we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Only God can judge what is in the heart.


  5. You have said it so well. Do not make judgement until you walk in the same shoe's..

  6. Debra,
    Absolutely. That is exactly my take on her life, too. The service was beautiful and meaningful.

  7. I think it is awful her daughter will have to hide away for sometime to come so she doesn't hear/see all this. My father died when I was a child and I cannot imagine having his face plastered all over everywhere. Seeing him move and talk after he was gone. It would be nice to have one special for all of the fans to sit and celebrate, NOT SEE THE BAD, and move on. PLEASE always give your own opinion. It is what YOUR blog is for!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. I agree with you on this. If you can see the silver lining, it is that we can learn from other peoples mistakes. Sometimes, it takes a famous person to shine the light on it for all of us. We tend to pay more attention to it. None of us are perfect and we are all vulnerable to falling victim to something that may cause us to make bad decisions. It's such a sad story to such a great talent!

  9. beautifully said and written,

  10. Debra, I really am right there with you and was waiting for someone else to say it. The media is not making this a lesson for others, as it really should be. Addictions are the devil to get beyond. This could be a teachable moment for our youth. Thanks for your comments. I really love your blog and stop in often. Michele

  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Debra. I say Amen!


  12. There are demons in our lives, most of the time they are kicked to the curb but some people just can't do that! When a family member fails, we love them, pray for them and love them some more! I love my family as Whitney's family loved her! While she did things that they didn't agree with or perhaps like, they loved her as families do! They will grieve for her and care for her daughter! I pray that someone will be saved because of what happened to Whitney! It could be her daughter's life that is saved! Everyone has their own opinion and it is always OK with me for everyone to voice their opinion! BIG HUGS!

  13. Well said, Debra. The media does bombard us with stories; however, no matter if we are rich or poor, we all have struggles and hardship. Whitney was a mom and daughter, and her family is grieving. Thankfully she was also a child of God, and may she rest in peace.

  14. Well said! Such a sad and tragic ending...

  15. Nicely stated...have a wondeful day!!


  16. Your opinion well spoken and I agree whole heartedly.

  17. Debra,
    I have intentionally avoided the media coverage because it saddens me so. It's far too easy in this day of 24/7 coverage to think we "understand" someone else's life, when in fact we have no clue what Whitney's real life was like. And I won't presume to do so either, as tempting as it may be.
    I'm happy she's finally at peace....

  18. I think what you had to say was very well thought out. I know that sometimes expressing a point of view can be mistaken by others reading it, and sometimes that can be a bit intimidating. It makes me sad to think that the death of one person (albeit one who was in the limelight)can cause people to have such polar opposite feelings about the events and coverage. My heart goes out to Whitney Houston's family and loved ones. And that is all I will say.

  19. i am echoing the chorus of "well said". having had addiction problems in my own family and friends, i can empathize with the feelings of helplessness and frustration. too many times, the public can "kick the man when he is down". there are many who take perverse pleasure in watching someone fall.

    much is to be done re addictions, and a remedy that suits one individual, may not be effective for another. one can, though, benefit from the awareness brought forward by those whose trials have been disclosed. perhaps one day, mental health issues will be taken seriously and treatments for such will not be left at the bottom of the funding "barrel".
    my heart reaches out to those who contend with mental health issues in their circle of family and friends....the stuggles are constant....
    rest in peace ms houston, your struggles are over.

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  21. It's important to note that I said nothing in judgment of Ms. Houston - I acknowledged what we all know, that she struggled with addiction. As someone who comes from a family of alcoholics, I know only too well the heartbreak of the addict's struggle. I've lost friends to addiction. I would never sit in judgment of someone struggling with the grip of addiction. I also said nothing about salvation. That wasn't what the post was about.

    The post was about the media and the over-the-top, every hour on the hour coverage for over a week. Meanwhile, thousands of innocent people were being slaughtered in Syria, our soldiers were dying, everyday people were doing heroic things and we heard very little about any of it.

    She was an extraordinarily talented woman. I hope she has found peace. But I stand by my thoughts as to the obsessive - almost ghoulish- level of coverage.


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