Monday, February 20, 2012

I can't believe I'm doing this...

OK, so I DO have a bedroom, and it does now have a sunburst mirror above the bed, and I can't believe I'm actually showing pictures, 'cause I can't get good ones, and now I will probably have blog remorse once I hit the "publish" button...

There are some things I want to change out, like the old school curtains, which were fine 9 years ago. And of course there's that itch that would have me repaint it all in a taupe-y gray. But the master bath and my closet are also in this camel color so that's a big job. Right now I don't want any more big jobs, at least for awhile. So I guess I'll wait until I can't stand it anymore, then I'll do it.

oh gosh, these photos are not very good...

anyway...this room is a booger bear to photo;
it's dark with all the gold, dark rug (which used to be in the Living Room),
and large pieces of dark stained furniture.

(our TV is in here)

but, I bit the bullet and I'm outing myself,
'cause I promised a pic of the new sunburst mirror,
which DOES help bring it just a tad bit more up to date.


I bought a new duvet cover and shams from Pottery Barn last fall,
and I love them...
I could still use them with gray walls...

I had fun putting together little gallery areas on either side of my dresser.

This carved trunk came from the Philippines, 
when my dad was in the Korean War.
He shipped it home to my mom
 full of Japanese kimonos and handmade items. 

frenchy mirror

frenchy things on my dresser.

can you tell I like old "frenchy" things? kind.
I have some decisions to make on drapes and painting.
I hope I can decide what needs to be done,
so another almost three years won't go by
before I show it again.

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  1. i like the frenchy mirror. happy Monday!

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  4. What a great post! The sunburst mirror is very pretty. I love the suitcases by your cabinet. I understand not wanting a big painting job... Gray would look pretty but you have to be in the mood to do it :) Anyway, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh my gosh what a beautiful room, my fav are the stacked suit cases, I once had that in our home, no room for that anymore, this was a lovely post,, thanks for sharing.

  6. it's a designer's dream ... I know instantly what I would do ... maybe we could have a phone consultation ... hahahaa

    are you doing a cpmplete makeover?
    I'm a little confused

  7. Seriously, Gorgeous!!!!!!! Come redo my bedroom, pweeze? Love the arrangement of the table and chair! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  8. There are so many details I love about this room: the sunburst mirror, stacked suitcases, bedding, gallery wall, carved trunk (oh my!). We shouldn't let a paint color make us feel like a design failure. You should enter this post in The Nester's it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful room! I wouldn't change a thing. Of course, I have not lived in it as you have. Do you spend a lot of time in there during the day? If not, why is dark a problem? I think it looks cozy and warm. Very "frenchy". It looks romantic and sensuous with lots to catch the eye . My opinion.. if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Amanda

  10. You have nothing to apologize about in your bedroom or the photos. It all goes together nice, your armoire is beautiful, the suitcases I love and the colors are warm and homey a perfect backdrop for your frenchies!


  11. It's a homey, cozy and pretty room! But I know what you mean about not being able to take good pictures in the space! My bedroom has too much light and is a booger to photograph! Love the sunburst mirror and the suitcases by the armoire!

  12. I think the room looks lovely, updating the window treatments( as you mentioned)would really change the whole look. But there are lots of pretty vignettes. Good job.
    I have just started a blog ( and I live in your neck of the woods) stop by and say hi.

  13. What a gorgeous room Debra!! I love that KILLER {vaulted??} ceiling!! I will trade you. rofl!! Our bedroom is small and really needs to be totally gutted and redone, but I am very apprehensive about starting that. We don't have the funds to hire it done so that means we would do it ourselves. No problem doing it, but I am just afraid it would never get all done. Tends to happen around here. :)

  14. Oh Debra, we can commiserate together! : ) I think your photos look fine. We are probably harder on ourselves. I am unhappy with the photos I put up of my bedroom, but it doesn't matter what I do. Open the shades, close the shades, put lights on, leave them off ~ one day, I will catch the perfect picture and then ~ I'll probably delete it by accident. I can get great sun in most of the rooms, but then it makes it harder to take the picture! Argh ~ can't win and I need to keep the camera on auto because I am a shaky person.

  15. I know how you feel, the paint color is the same in my bedroom but I have to wait on the mister to paint it when "he feels like it." So I'm trying to work with it as best I can.
    I was really surprised when I saw the engraved chest, my dad sent one home too, my brother has it now, and I remember my mom having a kimono too. His was from WWII though.

  16. Looks like you did that same color in your whole home as I did too.It is gonna be a big job to repaint.But I will be doing it soon.My television is in a armoire too.But ours is not an antique like yours is.It is gorgeous.And that trunk is too.I have a feeling someone is going to be painting soon.;-). Happy painting.

  17. I really like your bedroom! The sunburst mirror looks great above your bed. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the windows.

  18. Debra, Your bedroom is so beautifully warm and personal. Are you wanting to just paint and change the window treatments, or a total makeover?... or do you know yet? :)
    Your furniture is gorgeous. Are you thinking of keeping it as it is, or doing the ASCP thing?
    I think I know how you feel. I'm wanting to "do something" to my bedroom,too. I'm going to make small color changes and hope that helps, but I really need to paint. UGH! Looking forward to seeing what you decide, then maybe I can decide, too. LOL

  19. Such a nice big and lovely room. I think it looks very inviting. Great colors and accessories. Hugs, Marty

  20. It's a lovely, warm, inviting room! But I can completely understand the desire to change things up a bit. Go ahead and start with those curtains! You may find that a few small changes allow you to put off the big paint job for another year or two ;-)

  21. Do you know it took me months to sell a vintage sunburst mirror in one of my "stores" but it finally sold and it was gorgeous just like yours. I wondered when you would show your room and it is lovely darling, never apologize, any room of yours has your special stamp on it. love ya, t

  22. It's a large lovely room ! And I can see it will be a lot of work to paint it . Although it's very pretty now , I understand the need to change and paint after looking at it for a long time , But for me having never seen it before , it's wonderful !

  23. Your bedroom is lovely. I love your duvet! Your french accents adds beauty to the room!

  24. Well, I for one, love dark, so I think it is beautiful and warm and inviting. You have some incredible accessories in there too. I also LOVE the rug, and the wall color. I know sometimes you just need a change, though.

  25. how about painting the furniture and window drapes in cream color. sorry i think the gallery is to small i think putting it together would make it stand out more.

  26. Love it! You have your gold and I have my greenish brown and we make it work!! Love the mirror and that stack of suitcases is fabulous!

    Everything you do is classssyyyy!

  27. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the new mirror above the bed and your bedding is really gorgeous!!! When you are ready the room will look stunning in grey but until then it is still looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  28. Love the frenchy mirror and the round star mirror. I love dark wood and your bedroom is cozy and lovely. I would only change the wall color and that's it...or maybe nothing. We are going to redo ours from window treatment to walls and wooden floors, so that would be a terrible time to endure...don't know the date we'll start the project, but it'll be on 2012. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Debra,
    I so know what you mean about taking on a project like this one. If you decide to paint it, here is the color that I just painted my kitchen and I LOVE it! Valspar-Coastal Villa from Lowes.


  30. The mirror is lovely and the whole room feels peaceful but with personality.

  31. worry too much, Debra. Your bedroom is fabulous! And the French accessories are devine...I even have the same Marie Antoinette powder container!

  32. I think it is an absolutely beautiful bedroom Debra! It has so many gorgeous details and I really actually love the dark furniture. The sunburst mirror is perfect and those stacked suitcases are so wonderful. I totally get itching to make changes so I'll be excited to see how you improve this already lovely room! :-)

  33. I think it is a beautiful space.
    Such wonderful pieces and collections.
    Some times we are our own worst critics.

    But I understand how you feel.
    I feel the same way about so many rooms in my home.
    I love the colonial prim style, but lately farmhouse has been calling to my heart.
    So I walk around my rooms thinking...
    I want to change this, I want to change that.
    The problem is, knowing what I want to do.
    I have to sit and think, decorate in my mind a few months before actually taking the plunge. :)

    Thank you for sharing your very lovely bedroom with us.

  34. I think it is beautiful Debra! I love your dark furniture and warm walls! Very inviting and pretty!!

  35. It must be a sign of spring.
    We are all changing up or decorating
    our bedrooms. Yours looks lovely the way it is. Love the dark furniture.
    Very rich.

  36. Your bedroom set is beautiful and would fabulous with off white walls.
    My Mother has one of the same trunks that you have, crazy I have never seen another one like it.
    I painted my room and still have my bathroom to redo.I just shut the door Lol~Cheers Kim

  37. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the wall color and wouldn't change a thing. But that trunk! What a great story behind that beauty. Such a treasure!!!

  38. You have some lovely things and its well done! It looks like a nice comfortable bedroom!

  39. Your bedding is absolutely gorgeous!! You have a lot of beautiful things.

  40. I know what you mean, I would get a friend and get it painted. I think it would look outstanding in a lighter neutral~thats the only thing you would need to change. Love all the frenchy stuff too!

  41. What a gorgeous bedroom! I wouldn't change a thing. I can see where you got your eye for father sure knew how to pick out a gorgeous trunk! What a wonderful gift to send home. Thanks for sharing....

  42. Debra, your room is lovely! I love your little gallery photos on either side of the dresser! looking forward to seeing what you change! hope all is well! susan

  43. Such a beautiful, restful room! What a treasure your carved trunk is. And that stack of vintage suitcases, be still my heart :) BTW Debra, I loved what you wrote about Whitney Houston. If only we could all be understanding, and not judge, what a much better place the world would be.
    xo, Andrea

  44. I love your mirror, that fabulous carved chest (with great memories too), and all your frenchy finds!! Enjoy those great things!! Wish I could redo my whole house every couple of years - but that's not gonna happen!!

  45. Miss D....I love it all. What I wouldn't give to have that much space.


  46. I think it's all very pretty & refined.

  47. Your room is lovely with all your Frenchy treasures. I finally (after 7 years in our house) took down the window cornices in our master bedroom. Good thing there are roller shades because I have so many coals in the fire, it will probably be seven more years until I figure out what to do with the windows!

  48. Your bedroom is like a warm hug! The depth of colours is probably a great greeting in the evening!
    WE are our own worst critics ...I love hate (well not hate more frustration!) my bedroom, but every night it embraces me!
    I will look forward to seeing any changes & the motivating pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the color of the paint! It makes everything looks so warm and inviting.
    Very, very pretty!

  50. Everything looks lovely! I especially like your scrolly gold mirror. I think I might have the same color on the walls in my bedroom...restrained gold?

  51. Let's take it up a notch, The bedspread and curtains are too matchy with the wall so the room looks dull.

    You can pick another color out of the spread as your accent piece. Use that color on your pillows on your chair and at the foot of the bed. Add lace pillow case behind the current pillows on your bed
    so the texture makes the room stand out more.

    Redo the fabric on your chair and the chair at the foot of the bed. They could be the same fabric. I think you need something larger or differnt over the bed. You need a statement piece.

    You have too many little things on the wall by the dresser it makes it look like clutter and takes away from the pretty french pieces on the dresser. Rearrange the pictures around the room but they all can't be the same size it makes it look boring.

    You could change the lamp shades add some french accents like beads, tassle or lace.You could change your rug...check out discount stores because rugs can be so expensive. I hope my ideas help you take it up a notch. You could also make your closet really colorful and cute with the french theme too.

  52. Your pictures are fine! And I love your new mirror!

  53. Your bedroom is perfectly perfect. You are , the bravest person I know. I could NEVER take a camera into my cave..I mean bedroom. There is laundry everywhheerrreee. I LOVE the sunburst - they are all the rage now and I am flooded with requests from customers for them. Maybe someday, I'll find one. They are pretty scarce right now. I am wanting to paint by bedroom grey/bleu also ~ Spring wish list. Have a great week. Dee xo

  54. I LOVE the starburst looks great and I think gray walls would look amazing!

  55. Lovely room. I would also love for you to stop by and link up at my linky party via:

    PS: I am your newest Linky Follower

    Mrs. Delightful

  56. Your bedroom is gorgeous! Looks better than mine, that much I know!!!

  57. I found you on The Nestor and loved seeing your beautiful bedroom. Your furniture is gorgeous! As for the carved chest, it is called a camphor chest if it made from camphor wood as they still are today. I brought 3 home from Korea when we were stationed over there; one for me and one for each of my children to have in their homes. Does yours have a strong odor inside? They keep away bugs just like cedar chests do!

  58. Love the Pottery Bran bedding and starburst mirror above the bed. Very pretty.

  59. Hi Debra,

    Your room is so lovely!!! What do you call this style? I love the color, but I agree sometimes after yrs you want something else. I love pink and white, and our room is pink, but I am starting to tire of it. Decisions, decisions. Then, I go on Pinterest, and I am more confused. LOL!


  60. Your room is have so many pretty items that are real treasures. Love the chest..Do you still have the kimonos?...

    It is so hard to photograph when the lighting is not just right..i find it really distorts the colors...I did a post on my sister in law's kitchen and ran into the same problem. I have a new camera that I need to "break in" so hopefully that will help.....Love your new mirror!

  61. Mirrors are very helpful in the room because it makes the room look bigger and brighter. Love that sunburst mirror above your bed and I think it is fit to my condo. :)

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