Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On one of my recent trips to Relics Antique Mall
I found a few items that were "keepers".
You, know, those things you buy because they would look so
wonderful in your booth space,
but never make it?

This large white suitcase was a great find to house some of my jewelry supplies.
I've painted a lot of old suitcases white, but this was in great shape
and older than most white luggage that I've seen.

The gorgeous roses on this embroidered pillow cover were a perfect match
 for the roses in the gold frenchy coverlet.
It's been living out here on the porch.

These quilt squares stopped me in my tracks.
From a very old "Friendship Quilt" here locally in Missouri,
I loved the red and white theme and the floral embroidery.

I think I may eventually make these into pillows
using a loose weave linen fabric that I have.
A good project for a rainy day.

This little starched crocheted hanging heart I've had for a few years.

The light in the sun room just calls out for photographing my goodies.
Everything now goes back to it's place.

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Hope you're having a wonderful week.
I'm getting the house ready for fall.
September 1 is my day!

big hugs,


  1. as usual... i just want to move in to your sun room!!! LOVE the quilt squares!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  2. The suitcase and the pillow are calling out to me!


  3. Some things make my heart ache in a happy way - know what I mean? Those quilt squares and the pillow...so sweet!


  4. what a totally cool set up! Love it all and I have never seen a suitcase like that in white! great find, I'd keep it too. Jennifer

  5. Your new found suitcase in white are great,
    and the old friendship squares so beautifull, I`m sure they will make some wonderfull pillows.

  6. Really fun treasures! I love the purple inside of the suite case! And the pillow!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Hi Debra,
    Ooh, I love that embroidered pillow! It's yummy.
    The white suitcase is perfect for display and your jewelry, is of course divine.
    Love those quilt squares!


  8. Lovely photos.I adore the crochet heart.Do you happen to have the pattern?? If not its ok.Im a crocheter(is that a word LOL)

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  9. That's not their new place...'cause they sure look right at home there! Oh my stars...be still my heart. Two things I love...embroidered pillow and friendship quilts. I have a couple of quilts that are just tattered. I may have to steal, I mean borrow your idea to remake them. Something about the ladies initials on them that makes me feel like crying. So much love in them...you know?

  10. I just love your suitcase! I know about "keepers" --a house full of them!

  11. I can see why you don't want to sell them... :)

  12. I love the little quilt squares. I would not sell them either. Please post when you make pillows out of them. HUGS MARY

  13. Love Love the white suitcase, Happy WW for tomorrow. I am trying to finish few white pieces but as you can see from my blog post today I am CALM. Ciao Rita

  14. You are a darling Rose but you do not ramble too much! love ya bunches of roses♥olive

  15. I love your finds.. especially the suitcase! I too have purchased things to sell but somehow never make it there as I just can't part with them. take care, Maryann

  16. Debra. Yum! Love it all! I'm not sure I've seen a white vintage suitcase . . .
    LOVE the jewelry . .. and the quilt squares are fabulous. YUM!!!!!!
    Very fun!
    HAGD! Karen

  17. Hi Debra ~ love your keepers! Love that pillow!

  18. Debra estoy enamorada de tus trabajos,
    la maleta pintada divina!!
    las almohadas hermosas!!
    ese corazón de crochet hermoso!!!
    maravillas que haces
    te deseo un lindo dia

  19. Hello Debra, I love the pillow. That white suitcase is great! Suitcases are my favorite collection. I have so many of them, but not enough
    yet! sandi

  20. Such beautiful eye candy, I love it all, especially love the last picture with it all grouped together!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  21. The quilted squares are my favorite of all (but my, the white suitcase). Those are so beautiful I'd probably want to frame them.

    We're started a link up for giveaways and are kicking it off with a kitchen backsplash giveaway. Stop by and share the fun. Jane F.

  22. Oh my gosh----those quilt squares are just amazing, Debra! So vintage, so pretty. Don't they just make you wonder what sweet woman sewed them and who they were for....? That's what makes re-purposing so very special. The history and the imaginary story behind it. :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  23. Beautiful eye candy, Debra~ those quilt squares...amazing find!

  24. I LOVE those quilt squares. I found an old quilt very much like your quilt squares. It was only like $50 but what was so cool about it was there was a handwritten note attached. How this woman had started the quilt in 1899! It was amazing and so sad to find it abandoned in a junk store for $50! It is one of my favorite things that I have in my home, no matter how beat up it is!

    Take care, Sue

  25. Of course I love it all Debra, but those quilt blocks stopped me in my tracks too. I cannot wait to see what you do with them. They really are lovely.

  26. Okay, I want that jewelry! All the pics are so neat, but that jewelry...wow!


  27. I love the friendship quilt pieces-the history of them is soooo cool!

  28. You sure have some swell things gathered together! I have way too many keepers, but when things speak to you what are you gonna do say no? That white suitcase breaks my heart. JQ

  29. They all work so well together...I can see why they are keepers!

  30. Debra, Such lovely "keepers". The pillow is beautiful and the quilt squares will make wonderful pillows. Hugs, Sherry

  31. Oh! The white suitcase! Can you imagine some woman going on a trip carrying it? Definitely a stand out! The quilt squares were a good find too, love them!

  32. love everything.....so vintage!

  33. You found some really beautiful pieces, Debra. I just LOVE that white suitcase and those quilt pieces... beautiful! Actually, it's ALL beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pretty things with us.
    Happy WW!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  34. Pretty treasures....Love it all!
    Sweet Blessings,

  35. Great finds. Especially that white suitcase and that cute pillow.

  36. Hi Debra,

    What wonderful finds! I am your newest follower and plan to come back and join your party. Thank you for giving us a chance to show what we are creating as well as receiving inspiration from all of those wonderful talented peeps out there.

    Melanie @ The Frosted Gardner

  37. Ooooo - those quilting squares are gorgeous! Lovely finds!!!
    Wishing you a happy Thursday, Debra!

  38. Hi Debra, I love the suitcase, I can see why you didn't sell it. The pillow and quilt squares are gorgeous. You are right a great rainy day project pillow. Have a great week.
    The Swedish Room

  39. OmG! I love the rambling rose pillow and the other embroidered pieces you have. I love embroidery anywhere and anytime. It looks lovely with your suitcase!!

  40. The suitcase is in fantastic condition but my heart belongs to the quilt squares - I have never seen anything like them, and I love them. (I'd be a bit sensitive about the 'Rambling Rose' - see my name!)

  41. This is beautiful!! I m hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway and would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

  42. I recently bought a white suitcase just like that. Does yours have hangars inside? Mine has a bar and hangars and is in perfect condition. I love, love, love the redwork quilt squares! MY GOSH, those are fabulous. I think pillows would be a perfect way to use them. Well, I'm headed back here to visit again. Have a great day!


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