Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a Barn Chick

well, sort of...

Here we all are with Karen, strutting our stuff;
showing off the "barn chick" fun.

is calling all Barn Chicks!

This all started when Karen was posting about some of the
wonderful barns in her local area.
Several of us with an affinity to barns thought we should all get
together and have a party.
So that's what all this is about;
showing our local barns that we love to see.

Missouri Barns
images from
Missouri Folklore Society

I grew up in the country
and we had a big old gray barn on the property.

I've always loved the look of them,
all worn and weathered.

But now the old barn is gone,
fallen down amidst time and memories.

So I've had to find my inspiration in the ones I see,
on the way to Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room in Ozark,
where I have my booth space.

These are the barns I pass each time I go there.

It sets on a very steep hill on the main drag in Ozark.
Can you see the stone foundation?
It's recently been re-sided, but I love it still
Bright Red and Eye catching.

I like to take the back routes.
And enjoy the winding road.

This one is interesting because it's hexagonal,
you know, it has six sides!

They have horses and mules, but didn't see them today.
Hunting for shade I would think.

This is another one, more like the typical Missouri Barn
but smaller.

Now if only I would have had someone there to take my picture...

But since I didn't,
and I don't have the proper Barn Chick attire in "real life",
I decided I'd make a "virtual Barn Chick outfit".

I'm  really lovin' my "get up" here.
Pretty spiffy in my book.

(Those boots are callin' my name)

So join the roundup of all the great local barn flavor,
and head on over to see Karen and all the other chicks at

And if you haven't entered my
Design Your Own Give Away

Now get that straw outta your hair!



  1. Oooh Debra, your Barn Chicks post is wonderful! I love all of the beautiful barns you have shown... I believe my favorite is the gorgeous one at sad when these lovely barns are torn down, but I am happy you have your memories of the ones you loved and these you drive past are fabulous! Your virtual Barn Chick outfit is the coolest! I LOVE those boots, I want them!!! You are so cute! Your posts are always so much fun and lively... hey! how did you know I had straw in my hair... tee hee hee (wait, maybe it's just my hair, kind of turning to straw from being out in the sun so much photographing barns!)... love to you! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Beautiful barns, Debra. My siblings (and DH) all swear that someday I'll live in a remodeled barn. My dream! In Wisconsin, we even have round barns. They're fabulous...and no place for the mice to hide! lol
    Thanks for the photos, kiddo. Hope you have a restful and creative weekend.

  3. Debra, You have captured these barns beautifully! Love the chickens too!!


  4. Oh what lovely barns. How sweet are you to mentiom my blog. Love your outfit! How unusual id the 6 sided barn, have never seen anything like it. The lighting is so incredible in your pictures, almost spirtual.
    please add your link to my post...

  5. Debra,
    Love the hexagonal barn-we have a great one in our area-thanks for sharing!!

  6. I just love old barns. I will definately be popping over to check the rest of them out. Love your barn outfit. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Love all of those gorgeous barns! You are one good looking chick:) Have a blessed day my friend!

  8. I just love old barns. They have such charachter (unlike the metal ones today) and each one tells its own story. When we go on vacation I try to take photos of barns along the way.

  9. Now who would think to build a barn with six sides? Love your outfit. I never did dig my boots out of the closet too busy dodging hornets and potential bullets I suppose. loveya♥olive

  10. Good morning Debra!

    Thanks a million for sharing. Oh I just love all of your photos...your blog is absolutely beautiful. I especially love your words and dialoge. We too 'once upon a time' a huge old barn and we took the best picture of our three children standing in front of it. Those priceless days and old barn are gone. I praise and thank God for all the memories.

    The outfit you put together...way cute! Go girl.

    Have a fantastic Friday.

    I'll be back soon.

  11. Nice barn pix Debra and I love your outfit!! {especially the skirt and top and boots} Have a beautiful day!

  12. I really enjoyed reading your post. I especially love the virtual outfit you put together just for the occassion!!! ;)

  13. This was a real "barnburner" of a post. Love all your photos. Be careful with that outfit. The Mister might just try to catch you out behind the barn in it!

  14. Hi Debra,
    I love those boots too. Great pictures of the barns. Love the hexagon one. We have one of those in town too but it was too dangerous for me to pull over to get a pick. lol
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. You've captured some wonderful barns!! I LOVE the one at sunset, that's my language you're speaking!
    Blessings...Lisa :-)

  16. Nice barn photos - we had what they called a 'round barn' at the Whiteside County Fairgrounds in Morrison Illinois - what a dandy it was!

  17. Hi Debra, I love the old red barn and the wooden barn are my favorites!!! I'm still trying to get linked up to the barn post, I just called my husband for help, I know he must get tired of my cries for help, but he does it anyway! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  18. Missouri is such a beautiful state and I've enjoyed the pastoral version so much. Cute outfit!
    You so deserve those boots girl!

  19. oh.......... i'm DROOLING over those boots!!!! Let's both get a pair - then we'll be matchin' barn chicks! hee-hee

    Have a great afternoon!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  20. Another Missouri Barn Post! I loved the round barn, we have one near us but I never could get there to take pictures but it's on the list.
    Great barn post! Hugs, Margaret

  21. What a fun post, Debra! And I love your "virtual" barn chick outfit.

    Found you through Karen's Barn Chicks Blog Party and joined you as a follower.

    Come for a visit.
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. You are tooooo cute!

    Wonderful barns Deb and the photos are beautiful!


  23. Love the outfit - it is very barn chic!

  24. Debra,
    Your barn pics are soooo neat...I'm so happy that I came by for a visit!


  25. Very interesting post - and I see you did where Bloggers create too. I have to check out your space.

  26. That second picture is absolutely breath-taking. I also love your virtual cowgirl getup! Can't I just get ready virtually every morning. I would be a 10 if I could do that!!!

    Have a great Saturday! Followin' ya ;-)
    ~ Alex


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