Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday

With fall just around the corner,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas,
ideas start swirling in our heads.

No, it's not too soon to start gathering our inspiration
for all that this time of year has in store.

I've been thinking about this for awhile and thought it might be fun to have one day of the week that lets us share our inspiration. I know there are a lot of parties out there. I love to join in also. Just think of this as a way to not only share our creative ideas, but also give credit to the source. Is it a magazine article or photo, designer, place, shop, book, word, color, another blog or blogger? The possibilities are endless. We have so many sources of "inspiration" let's celebrate ideas and inspired creativity. And if it's your own idea, that's still wonderful, feel free to share. We'd love to see it!

Last fall I found so many wonderful ideas for holiday decorating from magazines that I had stored away in files. Blogging gave me an opportunity to try out some projects that I had been wanting to do. Feel free to combine other parties, I just ask that your topic and post be "vintagely inspired". Please include that "inspired idea" somewhere in your post. Old posts or new. Feel free to use an idea and pictures from a previous post. I know I have several that I will re-use. I never get tired of a great idea!

I'll be setting up a linky on Thursday evenings at about 5:00 or 6:00 pm CST. And I'll take links all weekend. Now, I've never done a party or "linky" before, so keep a good thought for me as I get this rolling. We'll start Thursday evening, September 2. I know this is Labor Day Weekend, but join in if you can.

It doesn't have to be long and involved, just share what's on your mind with the upcoming holidays, decorating, crafts, renovation, a furniture or room re-do, a recipe; etc. you get the idea. An inspiration photo would be great. And if you have a finished creation, even better.(We'd also love to see the process). Don't feel like it has to be a major production. Let's just share our "inspiration"!

I have a button, and I'd love for you to grab it and display on your sidebar and post. Even if you don't join in every week, it will keep you thinking about a future idea. Please be sure and link back to Common Ground in your post.

Come on...Let's share that Inspiration!

You still have a few days to enter the
Design Your Own Give Away!

Lots of love to you all!
let's have some fun.
no pressure...
just fun.



  1. Sounds like a great idea Debra! I get so much inspiration from the amzing people here in blog land. I loved your last post too about WW. That table is gorgeous! It was pretty before but now it has the WOW factor, as do your little statues and, well, all of it!!! Nice job! Debbies comment was too funny, but really if I were your husband I'd be sleeping with one eye open!!! LOL!! Theresa

  2. Wonderful idea lovey. I just might have some vintage inspiration hanging around here someplace! hugs♥olive

  3. I too think that this is a wonderful idea. I get so much inspiration from blogs, magazines, etc. and I have a few projects I want to do based on this inspiration. This will be a wonderful party to share those ideas. Thanks!

  4. Hi Debra,
    I think this is a wonderful idea and I hope to participate. I find so much inspiration from your blog and many others as well. You just never know when it ignites.

    I'll post your party button on my sidebar.


  5. Great idea!
    Count me in, and I'll grab your button as soon as you get the code, sista friend!


  6. Sounds like a cool party! Lezlee

  7. Debra,
    Love it, love it, love it!!
    count me in :)
    I love the lights as simple as they are love their raw form, they are inspiring.

  8. Hi Debra, What a fabulous idea!! This blogging thing has changed my life and the inspiration is endless!! I can't wait to get in on the fun!! Thanks for doing this! Julie

  9. that sound like a lot of fun. I'm always finding pics. that I find inspiring. I have a whole folder full in my computer photos.

  10. This is going to
    be very inspiring
    for me, as I like
    to start thinking
    about the holidays
    very early....They
    have a way of sneaking
    up on me and hopefully
    THIS year, I'll be
    armed with inspiration
    from my bloggy friends
    and be READY!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Thank you, Debra,
    for all of your dear
    comments on P&H! It
    means so much to hear
    from you : )

  11. Debra ~
    Love the ideas ~ Vintage Inspired Fridays!
    Count me in, I will link to you, I am always getting VI someplace each week! A lot of times from your beautiful blog!

  12. Debra I hope it is ok with you I posted about your upcoming Vintage Inspiration Friday party. I think it is such a wonderful way to celebrate those who inspire.

  13. Thank you, Debra! Such wonderful inspiration all around. Love this party!


  14. Hi, Debra. I always love your porch. It looks gorgeous year round! Thanks for hosting.


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