Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White Wednesday: Sunroom Whites

I remember about 10 weeks into White Wednesday someone made the comment that they were running out of white things to post about. And my comment to them, in joking was, "oh, just move them around to different places and no one will ever know the difference." I guess I'm following my own advice. I've realized that maybe we might have a tendency to repeat some of our "whites", but it's about how we use them, the season, and the elements in a vignette.

I love white china and ironstone, and of course my sunroom has been the subject of countless posts. But, trying to keep things fresh, I've learned just to "change things up". That's one of the reasons I love to decorate with the seasons.

During the winter this little sugar bowl and creamer held paperwhites, while now they are filled with wild violets that I dug up from my backyard. Amazing how a weed can drive me crazy for 11 months of the year, then for 1 month I'm really lovin' them.

Old and chippy picket fence gate

Several of you asked about my little "garden box" or conservatory that was in the background of my Silver Sunday post. I found it about six years ago at a local antique mall. I know that several people in the area were making them about that time. There are some pretty elaborate and BIG ones around here. I believe Brian and Meloney from the Seed Box made a few that were very large and really amazing!

The fleur de lys are hinges and the top opens at the front.

And here are more photos of some
 of my collection of white pottery.
Hull, McCoy, USA, Haeger, and some unmarked ones.
I just love them with or without plants.

And with or without cats EATing the plants...

Some of you have heard my harrowing story
 about my wicker furniture.
I seem to have a little problem with collecting it.
But what I love about the white is that it becomes a backdrop
for whatever season and color scheme I choose.

(love those yo-yos)

Right now I'm enjoying all the colors of Spring
with vintage floral quilts.

My old white door and mirror
anchor my seasonal wreaths.

Love that morning sun.

Thanks for suffering browsing through another sunroom post.
You know it won't be the last!

Only two more days to enter the GiveAway

Still lovin' White Wednesday,
drop by and say Hi to Kathleen at Faded Charm



  1. It was my first time seeing your sun room and I loved it!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Debra there is so much gorgeousness in this blog that I can't even pick out my favorite!!!!!I can not believe how warm and cozy your sunroom is. And your garden house is fabulous! Thank you for sharing:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. HI Debra!
    Please email me your info so I can send out your prize!
    Beth ;0)

  4. You know I love every single sunroom post you do! That mirror and door always get my interest! And cats. You know I love cat pictures! haha ~Mindy

  5. What a great sunroom! This is where I would spend all my time. Love all your whites!

  6. Hi Debra,
    I am in love with your sunroom. You can show it as many times as possible. Everything that you are showing is so pretty. Love the white pitchers with the wild flowers, so pretty all in a row. And the box is 2die4 pretty. I want to tour your entire house and linger for hours.

    You crack me up about eating off the floor. I never thought about just blowin off the cat hair! LOL!!!

    My sister and I could have some fun with you that's for sure!


  7. First time to see your sunroom and I love it! Yours is just wonderful! I could browse and look at sunrooms for hours! Keep it up!

  8. Those are amazing whites. I just love the mirror with the wreath on the front door. Your style is very chic!

  9. What a beautiful blog you have! I am so enjoying my visit. And your white china and ironstone is fabulous. I am now collecting white ironstone to decorate my built in book shelves. Very inspiring. And those darling violets in the white sugar bowl- amazing!!!
    I think I'll stay and visit a little longer.

  10. Debra,
    Love your porch/sunroom :) and you sure have won lots of awesome gifts. You are Little Miss Lucky!
    Deb :)

  11. I am just blown away with how you can change it up at the drop of a hat. It would take me half the season just to find what I needed! Yes...I am that disorganized.
    It never looks the same(but always beautiful) and if you hadn't told on yourself...no one would ever know.

  12. I love the sun room, and all of your pictures are so pretty!!! Blessings~~ Daphne

  13. love, love your porch!! envious too...........

  14. Everything looks beautiful Debra. You have so many wonderful treasures to use in your creations.
    I love the garden house/conservatory. I have wanted one forever, but the ones I saw were a little big.

    Have a great Wednesday


  15. Debra
    I am so in love with the garden box!!! AHH dreamy it is. Everything is wonderful as always. Hope that you are enjoying spring and having a wonderful week.'

    God Bless

  16. We're thinking alike today, girl. Pitchers and flowers~who could go wrong. I love you sunroom. It so inviting and I wish I could share a cup of tea with you someday.

    ~Happy WW~


  17. I love the box such a great piece to put displays in. What a lovely sun porch to enjoy in the spring time.
    happy WW

  18. That is a brilliant idea, just shuffle it all around!
    And it really does look fresh, I'm seeing things I'm sure I've seen before, and they look brand new.
    Except for the cat.


  19. HI Debra, I can't believe I have never been to your blog before. I just love it. How funny your post was too....I have thought the same thing...just move stuff around or fill it with something different. Or if you have used one shelf one too many times...go in a different room to a different shelf! hahahaha...anyhoo. I enjoyed your post immensely and can't wait to come back for another visit!

  20. Diane amor, your comment about moving things around and no one would notice cracked me up...uhmmm I tend to do that when I find new treasures too lol you know just shuffle things around into the mix...hoping no one knows the difference lol Hey I try :) Your whites are gorgeous and I do love your conservatory..it is soo pretty! Also loving Anne's comment about everything looking new...but the cat :) Have a lovely week amor :) Besos, Rose

  21. Love your sun room. What a nice place to visit. And once again....I love your garden box! Be blessed. Cindy

  22. Such a beautiful room. I'd love to sit in there drinking coffee and visiting with you. My favorite is the garden box!

  23. Gosh Debra ~ just gorgeous. I would love a bright sunny room like yours ~ I bet its cozy even in the dead of winter. Happy WW!

  24. Debra, it all looks just absolutely beautiful. If I visited you I wouldn't want to leave your porch, so peaceful looking!

  25. Hello Debra~
    Once again, I adore all your whites! And great idea to dig up the violets and bring them inside. I'm digging some up anyways! Thanks...

    I love that your sunroom undergoes many a transformation! I love seeing how you change everything up! Now I have to go read about the harrowing experience...

  26. Debra, everything is so pretty and inviting...eap. love that quilt on the wicker chair! You can always mix things up, too, great idea!

  27. The garden conservatory box is wonderful!!! I was sitting here wondering how I could get one.
    I have all these old windows but my husband and I are not crafty even in a little way. I love your post and the sun room which is something you seem to know just how to decorate for the season.
    Best wishes,

  28. OK. That does it, once and for all. I'm moving in. You can just throw me in your sunroom. I'm not dangerous. I'm relatively quiet. I have good references. I'll make you laugh when you visit me or throw some morsels of food my way... off to pack...

  29. Thanks for stoppng by. What a lovely sunroom! Love the wicker - altho my cats woudl do a job on it. With the cats I have to go with shabby chic! Great idea to bring the violets inside!

  30. Oh How I wish I had a Sunroom ~ Love all Your Whites, whether you have showed them before, They Are FabUlouS

  31. oh debra..you can duplicate your white treasures ANYTIME....they are stunning no matter how many times you might think you post about them or move them around. pretty is pretty!

  32. What a delightful room, Debra...so sunny and happy. I love it!!!!

  33. Hello Debra,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment you left me! ~ Oh, I just love the white ironware so lusciously potted with violets. The sweetest essence of Springtime ... your sunroom looks so inviting, no doubt many wonderful thoughts and musings, are inspired there!

  34. Thank you very much for your very kind words Debra, I will be happy to blog, because I like a lot, has some very interesting and beautiful, lovingly Chany

  35. Well my first time seeing your sunroom too! How darling!Fun to see everything close up, and then the wide shot,... sigh. Love it all but the quilts on the chair--yum,yum.

  36. Debra, what a lovely post and I love your sunroom. I know I would spend alot of time in there!! wishing you Sunny days!!! Julie

  37. Hi Debra
    Never get tired of porch pics...love them! I also love that little sugar, I have such a love affair with ironstone, don't know what that is all about. Hope you have a lovely week

  38. LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the white pitchers! And the quilts! Oh my gosh Debra - that room looks SO inviting!!! You even have a greeter in there! LOL

    SO gorgeous!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  39. Hey Debra,
    How did I miss out on entering a GIVEAWAY!!!
    You rock girl...Your blog is so with the word as well as inspiring.
    Your inspirational pictures just makes you want to sit and create move things around and relax with a cup of tea.

    Your a rare blogger.



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