Friday, April 23, 2010

I Went to a Garden Party

The day started off with showers, but by the time we made it to
Brian and Meloney's wonderful home in Chadwick, Missouri,
the clouds were clearing and the sun was peeking out;
a perfect day for a Garden Party.

Recently Brian constructed the most wonderful Garden House
on their country property.
And this weekend they are having an Open House.

Their invitations read,

"We built it, Will you come?"

A brick path led to the garden house that meandered
through a quaint courtyard surrounded by a white picket fence.

Outside seating, statuary, whimsies, and plantings
all made for a magical experience.

Brian and Meloney are friends to so many people across the US, selling their wonderful vintage wares at the Texas Shows for many years now. Up until two years ago they had a brick and mortar store in Ozark, Missouri called

The Seed Box.

Brian is a great craftsman, and Meloney has the style and design experience that causes them to be everyone's favorites. They hold several Open Houses each year, and this was to introduce the new Garden House. They are widely known for their amazing vintage Garden and Architectural elements, that are showcased in their new Garden House.

Myself and Hayley from Nesting Notions.

You never know who you'll see...
 Pam, myself, Kenda, and Hayley,
all with booth spaces in the area.

For some amazing inspiration check out
 The Seed Box website,

And my post on their Christmas Open House last November.

"You have risen from the seeds you have sown."

This was just a teaser.
More next time on what's inside,
And a tour of Brian and Meloney's wonderful home.

What a really wonderful day!


  1. Debra~~~~~

    This is such a beautiful garden and little cottage...I love it!! I know it is a tease because you HAVE to show us inside. I love the picket fence {sigh} and the chairs attached to the walls. How sweet. Love seeing pictures of you too, sweetie.

    Looking forward to your next post about your amazing friends!! :-)


  2. Hey Debra! What fun you must of had there. That is such a cute place. Love how they've fenced it in and all the whimsy it has outside. I bet you found many lovely things inside. It seems you always find the sweetest places to visit. Thanks for lets us see them too.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. How adorable ~ what a magical place!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Oh how i love this place of peace! Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy

  5. Debra!
    Stop right there and everybody hold their horses!!! This is the cutest little cottage and garden that I have ever seen!!! I am just imagining myself living in that sweet little place just sewing up a storm. Then sippin iced tea in the sunlight.
    You are so fortunate to get to see it for real.
    You look awful cute too.


  6. What a cute cute place!!! It's very charming! Looks like a wonderful place to visit, I bet you had a great time, would love to see the inside!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. What a perfect little place! I love it, Lezlee

  8. that is the cutest house much fun!!!

  9. A M A Z I N G !! What fun and what a darling place. Lookin forward to more. JQ

  10. Debra, I just love that little cottage, I bet it is just as cute inside as outside. I am inspired by the way they have displayed all their "treasures", like the chairs hanging on the wall with the bird's nest. It looked like a fun place to visit and have a party.

  11. Hi Debra, What a lovely garden house. I always wanted a garden and now even more to put some of those wonderful garden "embellishments" in it. Thank you for sharing this great place!

  12. What a charming little garden space and house~ and the surrounding countryside is just beautiful!

  13. Lovely! Love what I can see of their house ~ is it made with field stone?

  14. MORE? I don't think I can take MORE:) OMG, Debra... precious tour of this creation. I love it and can't wait to go check them out. THANKS for sharing this tour with me. HUGS!

  15. oh ...i love it!! can NOT wait to see inside! thanks for sharing this special place!

  16. What an adorable spot and some fun friends. I will check out their website. :)

  17. What a neat place! Can't wait to see the rest..

  18. Hola Debra, a totally charming and lovely space, I love everything in it!!!!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  19. What a sweet little place..magical indeed. Thanks for made my morning. xoxo

  20. Oh my goodness! I WANT one! Looks like a fun day!


  21. Wow... your blog looks soooo great! And I'm heading off to check out the links!! :)


  22. WOW! What a sweet place! I'm so jealous-I've always wanted something cute like this to have sales in!!! BTW-I'm lovin' your gorgeous photos--keep on doin' whatever it is you're doin'!! Love, Julie

  23. Great Pics!*!*! Looks like it was a fun visit!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  24. Hey, your background looks great! Good job!

    I'm kicking myself that Brian and Meloney were in Warrenton, and ninny me didn't even know! Ya woulda thought one of my Warrenton peeps would've told me, right?

    Great pics!


  25. I consider myself fortunate to know them, but terribly unlucky to not live close enough to attend one of their open houses. They are the talented couple for sure. I also had the pleasure of meeting Hayley and her darling little boy last year. She is a cuttie pie and he is such the little man.
    P.S. You're quite the cutie yourself!

  26. Debra, thanks for posting this and letting me know. I going to do a post on them and send peeps your way. I'm still mad at myself for stopping by to see them and not taking pics, but Mel was still redoing after several things sold and then I didn't get back to them to take pics. I'll be anxiously waiting for the next post!

  27. Hi Debra, thanks for showing the photo's of your friends garden shop. I love it. I hope to have mine looking that good someday. Glad you are doing well and having fun out there, it shows from the photo's. XO MARY

  28. I was scrollin' through the pictures thinking, "What a fun place!" Then I scrolled down to their picture. "Hey, I know Meloney from Warrenton!" lol Small world!

  29. WOW, thanks for the "eye candy"!! It would be great to have that much land. Out here we all live on postage size lots. Again, thanks for the "eye candy"! I best stop starring at your photos and get ready to go to "the store"!
    Take care, Sue

  30. I can't wait to see the inside, because these outside photos are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. What a lovely place! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  32. The place is beautiful.You feel probably closer to nature.

  33. (drool) Oh sorry!
    But . . . how can one not drool? I mean - LOOK AT THAT!
    Golly - why does California have to be so far away from everything?
    I LOVED this post! Makes me want to go on a ROAD TRIP!!!
    Thanks for sharing. I'll just be drooling along each time you post this wonderful space.
    How FUN is this? What a great idea! I'm so jealous that you actually get to go there . .
    sigh. Have a great day!

  34. My dream house....I have the secret garden, just need the little cottage....


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