Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday Features from Last Week

I'm changing things up a little this week for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday,
 due to also starting up the first Design Challenge Feature.

I wanted to share some great links from last week,
so for today I'm doing a seperate post.

Each week I'm amazed at the talent and inspiration out there.
Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to join in on the party!

Denise at Pink Postcard shows us how to have some fun with

Gail at My Repurposed Life,
is some kind of genius, nothing's too tough for her!
made from an old coffeepot,

Stacy from Conspicuous Style has blown everyone away this week
I'm in love with these chandys!

 Carmie from The Single Nester
shows us how to make those wonderful blue jar knockoffs.
How did she come up with this fab idea?

And Rene from Where the Grass is Greener
has me crushing on her fabulous frenchy mantle...
now if I could just get one like that at my house without
doing a total demolition!

Thanks everyone,
Hope you can join in on
 Vintage Inspiration Friday
tomorrow afternoon.

And if you were featured,
I'd love you to grab a "featured at" button on the sidebar!

See ya tomorrow afternoon!

Design Challenge Kickoff

What a fabulous response I've had to this concept of
 Design Challenge!
Once it hit me, I've been so excited to see it get started,
and Thursday will be the big day.

I'll be combining the first
 Design Challenge Feature
Vintage Inspiration Friday.
I'll be Featuring someone, hopefully, on a weekly basis,
at the beginning of each week.

First I want to say a big Thank You to a great bunch of gals
who are my sponsors for this new feature.
Right now they are helping me spread the word,
but I hope to have some interactive blog projects and link parties in the future.

Heather and Vanessa
 from At the Picket Fence


Familiar faces here in Blogland!
Thank you so much!

Our first Design Challenge will be with Heather

She has been doing a kitchen renovation
and is ready for a change in her Dining Room.
Here's a sneak peek at her space: 

Heather has wonderful traditional furniture
but wants a fresh and updated look.
Tomorrow we get to put on our "decorator hats" and
share our ideas to help her get there.

Vintage Inspiration Friday
 is still on,
we'll be linking up "anything vintage or vintage inspired".
(Sorry, this won't be a link for design help.)

and on a completely different note,
I want to mention Rhonda from Blue Creek Home
has recently changed blog addresses.
It's been somewhat of a hair raising ordeal
and if you've missed her, that's why!
So please go by Rhonda's and say Hi,

then be sure and change out your blog list link
so you can keep up with what she's up to!
(if you use the blogspot address it will link to her new dot com.)

Remember, let me know if you're interested in being featured
on Design Challenge.
I've had some great submissions this week.

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Mantel Makeover

Do you ever get stuck in a rut? ...and you don't even realize it until you want to change something, but you don't make the change're stuck in a rut. OK, that describes my mantel. I just tend to do the same old things. Well, at least I did until I started on my paint transformation a few weeks ago.

This room really causes me to be symmetrical,
you know something alike, or at least similar on either side.
my sofas, chairs, end tables, lamps...
works for me,
but can be predictable and boring.

...OK, so it's easy,
but not a good excuse.

And, I still needed out of the mantel rut.
Spray painting my small accent lamps, buying new shades,
 and then changing out the book stacks
were a good place to start.

But my light and bright obsession
and a need for something summery caused me to try some new things.

I removed the small clock that had been there,
then went on a hunt for a couple of prints that were similar,
but different.
Two vintage bird prints fit with my summer theme,
and then an old white iron doorstop for the centerpiece.
My large conch shell and two smaller ones were added in the mix.

Anchoring both ends are vintage demijohns that my husband contributed.
Actually I borrowed them from his collections,
but he agreed they fit the French feel I was going for.

One of the best bits of advice I was given during my makeover was
to remove everything from the place in question,
then try new things.

It's still "symmetrical" in here,
but at least I've changed out a few things.
Now, to just stay out of that rut!

linking up with these great parties,
links on the sidebar:

More news coming on the new weekly feature


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