Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Design Challenge Kickoff

What a fabulous response I've had to this concept of
 Design Challenge!
Once it hit me, I've been so excited to see it get started,
and Thursday will be the big day.

I'll be combining the first
 Design Challenge Feature
Vintage Inspiration Friday.
I'll be Featuring someone, hopefully, on a weekly basis,
at the beginning of each week.

First I want to say a big Thank You to a great bunch of gals
who are my sponsors for this new feature.
Right now they are helping me spread the word,
but I hope to have some interactive blog projects and link parties in the future.

Heather and Vanessa
 from At the Picket Fence


Familiar faces here in Blogland!
Thank you so much!

Our first Design Challenge will be with Heather

She has been doing a kitchen renovation
and is ready for a change in her Dining Room.
Here's a sneak peek at her space: 

Heather has wonderful traditional furniture
but wants a fresh and updated look.
Tomorrow we get to put on our "decorator hats" and
share our ideas to help her get there.

Vintage Inspiration Friday
 is still on,
we'll be linking up "anything vintage or vintage inspired".
(Sorry, this won't be a link for design help.)

and on a completely different note,
I want to mention Rhonda from Blue Creek Home
has recently changed blog addresses.
It's been somewhat of a hair raising ordeal
and if you've missed her, that's why!
So please go by Rhonda's and say Hi,

then be sure and change out your blog list link
so you can keep up with what she's up to!
(if you use the blogspot address it will link to her new dot com.)

Remember, let me know if you're interested in being featured
on Design Challenge.
I've had some great submissions this week.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Debra,
    If I submitted all my "need help" photos...well let's just say no one else would get a chance for help. I'd tie up the lines forever!
    It's a wonderful idea and I'll be checking in for advice and tips that I can use as well.

  2. I would love some help. What do I need to do to get on the list?

  3. So glad it's on! This should be inspiring and fun.

  4. I have a degree in art,been an antique dealer for over 40 years, award winning floral designer, and Interior Designer in St.Louis for the past 12 years. My home and houses I have designed have been featured in magazines. If I can answer any questions or help,Please feel free to call on me. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  5. Oh gosh Debra, I am so honored, excited and I'll admit a wee-bit nervous (in a good way) to be your first Design Challenge! Thank you for the opportunity. We are so excited to help sponsor this fabulous idea! Can't wait to read all of the suggestions and ideas tomorrow for my dining room space! See you then!


  6. Hope to learn a lot from all the creative output about to burst forth from your challenge, Debra! May even be brave enough to link into a Vintage Friday sometime with some of my better pieces. Otherwise, I plan to be watching with "oooo's" and ahhh's" to beat the band! Inspire me!
    Miss Kathy

  7. How fun and exciting. I can't wait to see all of the "challenges" and to hear all the advice. I am honored to be selected as a sponsor and in such fabulously talented company. I look forward to tomorrow. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Debra, It is my pleasure to help you spread the word about Design Challenge! I am excited to be a sponsor and I appreciate being included with all these talented ladies.

  9. Dear Debra, congratulations with this new exiting venture- I know how wonderfully clever you are ,decorating---and the sponsors helping you, are also some great women-I know this will be a beautiful thing to return to every week.

  10. This is such a great idea. I'll be anxious to read everyones advice.

    Thanks also for the sweet comment yesterday. Think I was having a "bad" day.

  11. hi -great room- I would suggest a bit of drama, to create more seperation or distinction between the wall and the floors. Perhaps an patterned carpet (oriental) layer over the nice tan one?


  12. Hi Debra,
    this is going to be so much fun and a real learning experience too. I'm ready to join in.


  13. sounds fun looking forward to it! Lezlee

  14. Now this is going to be fun! What a neat idea Debra!

  15. This is going to be fun! Can't wait!


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