Monday, May 16, 2011

Faded Charm's White Wednesday 100th Post Celebration

For almost two years I've had an appointment every Wednesday.
I know many of you have the very same one.
No place we'd rather be than coming to visit
Kathleen at Faded Charm,
 White Wednesday!

We've seen her lovely farmhouse from every angle
and have been inspired with her wonderful collections;
flowers, pottery, vignettes,
chippy white furniture,
and displays of her antique spaces and events. 

So to celebrate this milestone,
Kathleen is putting together a Huge Party this week.
Just take a peek at some of the great Give Aways.

Yep, you heard me right...
multiple give aways!

to join in on the celebration.
This week,
 May 17-20.

Be sure and be a part of all the fun.
See you tomorrow!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #37 Japanese Majolica

As we all know, there have been monkeys in our blogs since yesterday.
Long story short, this post was lost.

First text,
then photos...
and all links to the party.

So I'm giving another shot at a linkup party for
Vintage Inspiration Friday
we'll see what happens.

I'm putting on my happy, smiley face right now.
Can you see it?

lots of love
and gnashing of teeth...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things are Looking Up

It's no secret that short people are vertically challenged.
Not only height wise, but also in just thinking "vertically".
I'm trying to remember to take advantage of all my space.

OK, who am I kidding...?
it's just another excuse to decorate a flat surface.

So today I put on my stilts and decided to share
the space on top of my kitchen china cabinet.

Actually I just climbed on top of one of my chairs to get these shots.

I've always thought how horrible it would be to fall and hurt myself
and have the ER person ask me what I was doing when I fell.
Not to mention that I was still in my pajamas when I was doing this.

anyone else out there do this sort of stupid stuff?
yeah, I know you're there...

The top of this cabinet doesn't change a whole lot
due to afore-mentioned reasons;

I'm short.
It's tall.
My husband complains that every time he walks in here:
it all rattles so much he thinks it's going to go crash.

Stacked McCoy, Hull, and USA pottery vases

And vintage white ironstone creamers
setting on pink depression glass salad plates.

I took this blurry shot so you could hopefully see the patina of this old basket.

It has some white paint along the sides and bottom.

It's old, people...
 older than me.

Oh, and I was happy to learn that my ceilings are not "popcorn",
they are "orange peel"...

I feel so much better now!!!!

I'm linking up with some other gals for some fun parties this week.
Be sure and check out Kathleen at Faded Charm.
She has some fun coming your way.

(links on sidebar)

and btw, I always hated that song about "short people",
having no reason....grrrrrr

If you haven't entered for my May Give Away

See ya Thursday afternoon for
Vintage Inspiration Friday

lots of love,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just by Chance?

I just wrote a little Bible Study post on my blog, "a day in the life" about listening and being willing to respond to God's nudges. Sometimes things He asks of us are not life changing or deep spiritual things; just something He wants us to do. Give a hug, cook a meal for someone, donate clothing or household articles, share a a book. His desire is for us just to be willing to listen to Him and then act upon what He shows us.

The first blog post I read after hitting publish of that post was from At the Picket Fence. They are participating in a project called the Tuscaloosa Baby Shower. Head on over to hear about how just a small act can have lots of impact if we all work together. Thanks gals!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Blessings

Usually I have my plant containers potted by now, but all the rain and yuckiness of the last few weeks has really slowed me down. After hitting all the garage sales in my immediate neighborhoods, I did manage to get to the corner nursery to find a few flowers to get started with.

Do you have "corner nurseries" where you are?
Around here, larger nurseries set up "satellite" sites around town
 to make it easier and more tempting
to spend money on whatever the current blooms might be.

I don't buy them all at once,
 I have to spread it out to decide what and how I want to use them.
Not to mention that flower prices seem to have skyrocketed...eeeck!!

So they are usually my "Mother's Day Present" to myself.

Here are a few blooms waiting to go into containers for the back deck,
in one of my galvanized metal carriers.

Then to wish you a happy Mother's Day,
a framed Mother's Blessing print from 1939.

(You know I love my English Cottages!)

After storms last night and this morning we're expected to have a lovely weekend.
The guys are opening the pool today,
so it's a work day for me too, cleaning and arranging outside furniture.

Have a wonderful family weekend,

I'm linking to these metal parties this weekend:

And if you haven't entered my May Give Away

love to you all,

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