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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Join me?

Recently I've found some odds and end dishes
 that I've just washed and stacked in a pile. 

Roses, red transferware, plain white...
Some were found for just a few pennies because of broken ones in the set.

I'm not much of a "tablescaper",
and I don't entertain a lot,
but I still wanted to "play" tea party today.

Today was the perfect day to send an invitation for brunch and tea.

This is the lower level patio, usually shaded and quiet.
A place to feed the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels and watch the birdbath activity.

The little vintage iron garden set was just the place to have an impromptu setting.

Not only dishes, but mismatched old silver is part of the setting today.
Collecting bits and pieces this last few years has been something I've really enjoyed.

Hope you don't mind that I didn't follow protocol.
Limited space had me keep it all to the right.

White vintage embroidered tea towels are used as a placemat,
and a cherries luncheon cloth sits atop one of my wicker lunch "hampers".

This was my inspiration,
English ironstone salad plates.

I just cannot resist transferware.

And to make sure we're comfy,
settle back into some pillows with a vintage flair.

Chenille and old linens.

My neighbor had this concrete faux bois planter out for the trash truck. curiously ended up in my backyard. (?)

So, have a seat, let's relax, and I'll pour the tea.

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Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silver Sunday, I wish these were mine...

I really love these little silver clocks
made of teapots and other silver "accoutrements"

 Sorry to say they aren't mine,
 but folks,
 my exciting silver items are running thin,
so here are a couple of images of my silver "wants".

(Romantic Homes)

Oh yes, and this gorgeous silver trophy cup.

(Country Living)


Oh, excuse me, now back to reality.

I hadn't really been "into" silver
before our 25th "Silver Wedding Anniversary".
Our children bought this silver tea set
 for us to celebrate appropriately.

Here are some flea market finds of silver bud vases
and one of my many random silver teapots.

This antique silver-plate monogrammed ladies inkwell set
was given to me by my brother,
for my Birthday about 7 years ago.

I love the detail of the roses.

silver flea market candle holders.

Now, please disregard any and all dust that may have
inadvertently been shown in the taking of these photos,
and do not check back to see me
 in my pink thermal pajamas.
(the management)

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to see the rest of the fabuloso silver goodies!

Have a great Silver Sunday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday, Tea Anyone...?

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, anyone for tea?

I love old silver,
but much of it is out of my price range.
So what I have, are bits and pieces
 I've collected from my flea market adventures.

This set was black with tarnish when I found it,

but I knew something wonderful was hidden underneath.

This is my wedding china, really French faience;
heavier and hand painted.
No two pieces are exactly alike.

Pewter tea tin...

With my favorite Scottish biscuits,
 "McVitties Digestibles".
They taste a little like graham crackers,
but more dense.

my "new" silver spoons,
and "old" butter knives.

Oh and let's not forget the Crabtree & Evelyn.

The tray isn't very heavy and it's a completely
 different style from the Georgian tea set,
but I love the ornate design, vintage by Wallace.

A lot of people like their silver tarnished.
And I have certain pieces that I do,
but silver is such a gorgeous metal
I like to keep mine shined.


Hope you have a delicious day!

Drop by and visit Beth over at
for a day of Silver inspiration.

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