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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

St. Louis Visit

Fall is my favorite time of the year to visit the kids in St. Louis. They live in an historic community, close to Washington University. Their home was built in 1904, just after the St. Louis World's Fair. The trees in their neighborhood are so gorgeous and the town is decorated for Fall Harvest and Halloween. 

We did a little antique shopping at Cherokee Street on Sunday afternoon. The architecture of the storefronts and homes is amazing. St. Louis is an old city, first founded by the French in the 1760's. This was a booming antique center for years, but it's been hit hard by the economy. There are still several great stores here, enough for me to find some things of course!

Sunday morning we had a wonderful brunch at the Lemp Mansion.

This was the family home of one of the early large breweries in St. Louis, and is well known for it's history of ghosts and hauntings. They hold ghost tours, events, and parties throughout the Fall, but today we were just interested in the delicious homestyle fried chicken dinner. 

Our daughter Erin and I out front.
(sorry, I take the worst photos, I actually DO have eyes!)

They were renovating the ceilings, and this was in the Dining Room where we ate. Do you see the one black raven at the edge? ...very creepy.

Dining Room


Keith and Erin in the Lemp Mansion Garden.

They've lived in their home for several years and have mostly done cosmetic updates. But they are starting a bath reno upstairs and a kitchen makeover soon. They want to bring back the authenticity of the kitchen that a makeover in the 80's had taken.

She had a cute pumpkin display on the porch, but I never got a photo of it.

I just took a few photos inside, but this was the one I was interested in; their new Restoration Hardware Entry Lighting. The photo doesn't do it justice, as the reflection of light was wonderful.

RH website

Dining Room
The house has 10 foot ceilings throughout, and Erin's mother-in-law made wonderful draperies for not only the Dining Room, but the Master Bedroom and Living Room. (so glad that wasn't my job!)

I did a post two years ago, but this was also 3 cameras ago, so the photos are less than good. We don't get to see them as much as we would like. Springfield is only 3 hours away, 4 if you have to eat and potty. Erin is a sales manager with a real estate developer so her getting weekends free is hard, and Keith is in sales with IBM so they both have demanding jobs. We love them to pieces and they are the best hosts anyone could ask for! 

Hope you'll be able to join in tomorrow for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday

"anything vintage or vintage inspired"
and all your Fall Decor!

p.s. I'm about caught up with the laundry!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raising the Bar

                                 Shhhhhhh....This is a surprise post for my St. Louis kids.

Their Anniversary is coming up later this Spring
and I love to surprise them with something vintage.

They are big fans of the local breweries of St. Louis.
If you've never been, then it's the home of Anheuser Busch
Schlafly, and tons of other smaller companies,
with lot's of great little urban pubs.

So when we found this Farberware Bar Set I knew they'd love it.

I've checked the Internet and can't find any information
so I'm not sure how old it is, but the wicker covers just knocked me out!

On second thought, they may need to arm wrestle me for that  thermos.

Here's a photo from our trip last fall.

Incredible house...

Their "Restoration Hardware-ish" Dining Room

Happy Early Anniversary, kiddos!

see you two at Easter!
(xoxoxox, mom)

Aren't they cute?
I don't look old enough to have them as kids.
yeah, right...

I'm joining in for

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snuggle up

These crisp Fall days
 hold such a fascination for me.

The colors of the leaves and sky;
 the critters, (squirrel,s chipmunks, and birds)
 all scurrying around
filling their pantries for the cold winter days ahead.
My old chippy Adirondack chair
calls out for a good book and a hot mug of cider.

I love to mix the patterns of plaid, stripes, and florals.

Pendleton and Scottish blankets are my favorite cuddle on these cool days.

Halloween is over,
but Fall will still be here awhile.

My mums and ferns survived a killing frost last week,
but soon it will be too cold to try to cover them.

I just wanted to say "Thanks" again,
for the great turnout for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday!

We made a trip to St. Louis to visit our kids,
so we were constantly on the go.
Come back Friday, I have some wonderful photos
of the local fun.

I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday

and Cindy for Show and Tell Friday

Hope you're having a wonderful week!
(I'm pooped!)


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