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Sacred Vintage Easter Inspiration

Hi Friends, today I'm sharing a compilation of a few of my past posts with sacred vintage items and religious themes. 

For all the adorable bunnies, chicks, and eggs that we have fun decorating with for Spring and Easter, I never want to forget the real meaning of Easter, which is Resurrection Sunday. As we move closer to Easter, here on Palm Sunday, I like to keep the Entry a place where I can remember the meaning of Easter Sunday and have a reminder of the importance and solemnity of this sacred time.

When my father-in-law passed away in 2010 one of the lovely floral arrangements sent for the service was a foam cross covered with real flowers. It was displayed on a wire easel and made it a beautiful arrangement. A few days later I asked my husband to head back to the cemetery and check to see if the cross was still there. I was hoping to retrieve it before the cemetery caretakers cleaned up the gravesite. He brought it home and I removed all the flowers and took it down to the foam form, then packed it away, knowing I'd cover it with moss and use it for Easter the next year.

The following 2 photos were from 2011 at our house at the time. That next early spring thinking about Easter, I covered the form loosely with moss, added 2 Calla Lilies, a bit of faux hydrangea, and sprigs of faux ivy. It was my first attempt and I loved the way it turned out, slightly wild and organic.

The moss wasn't packed as tight as it is currently, so I used floral wire to tightly wrap and secure the moss.

These are a few pics from last year when I had a some other vintage Easter things on display. A faux Gladiola stem was added to the form and the floral wire and added moss gave it a cleaner more pulled together look.

The antique glass piece is reverse painted on the mirror as Jesus as a young boy cradling a lamb. It's an advertising piece for the early 1900's. Vintage and antique religious Easter post cards are tucked into the old mirror.

Faux Paperwhites and pussy willow stems are gathered in my iron urn.

Here is my main inspiration image that I used to create my own moss covered cross. If you want a premade moss form you can find one on Etsy and there are wood, plastic and Styrofoam bases on Amazon.

This is what I started out with when it had been stripped of all the live flowers. This form can be found on Amazon, but unless you're using live moss or flowers a wood frame for a much less expensive price will work just as well.

Then I covered it with this moss using white Tacky glue. If you've worked with loose moss before you know it's a bit messy and trial and error. I'm sure moss sheets cut to fit would also work but they didn't have those available when I first put this piece together back in 2011.

Wrap with heavy duty green thread, florists wire, gardener's twine or covered wire for a more structured and contained look. Then add your florals and wrap with twine or covered "grapevine" look wire.

Here's another post from our previous home when I shared a few religious items for an Easter theme in our dining room on the buffet.

This season I wanted to do something reflecting the real reason for Celebrating Easter, and that was to display a few of my religious pieces within my large cloches. Usually they are filled with flowers, old china, and bunnies, but this year I felt like they would perfectly represent the meaning of Resurrection Sunday.

A painting of Jesus by C. Bosseran Chambers, from the 1920's. He was a very prolific painter for the Catholic Church, and also did portraiture on the side. When you have a moment, you can look him up and see all the wonderful religious paintings he has painted.

When I found this vintage chalk statue of Jesus it was in vivid colors; I believe it was from Mexico. I kept it that way for a long time, but realized that for me to use it, I would have to tone down the color. I'm glad I went ahead, because I keep this statue in my studio next to the little print above.

I think most families had one of these versions of "The Praying Hands" during the 40's and 50's. This one may have been a woodworking project for someone. I think that the base and cross were handmade. 

The old Bible was published in 1943. My husband has a collection of old Military Bibles. I have this one open to John 3:16. The crucifix is probably a little newer, along with one of my vintage sheep.

You may have seen my Entry this year in one of my earlier posts. I'm using my moss covered cross again this year after giving it a refresh with new moss and faux Lilies and Gladiola. My "O" initial is here and the iron urn has a mix of Paperwhites and Pussy Willow.

This little mirrored print is of Jesus as a child, carrying a lamb.

Here are 2 more glass painted pieces of the Last Supper that I have also displayed.

Here's another post from our first blogging home in 2014, when I shared a "suitcase display" of some pieces inspired from the Jeanne D'arc Magazine and Easter book. 

I'll let the pics speak for themselves,
 and I have links to the original posts below.

You can see the original post Here .

Thanks so much for coming by, and hope you have a lovely Easter Week.


  1. How wonderful Debra you have this beautiful cross in memory of your father in law to display each Easter. It is beautiful. Have a great Easter week. Hugs. Kris @ junkchiccottage

    1. Thankyou Kris, have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  2. What a beautiful way to always remember your father, and celebrate Easter too, the moss covered cross is lovely! I love all the beautiful ways you remember the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday! Many blessings to you :)

    1. Thankyou Marilyn, so glad you came by! Happy Easter Week!

  3. I can't believe that it is Easter week. That is a lovely way to celebrate your dad's life, along with the holiday.

  4. Oh I love this so much Debra! You know that cross always speaks to me and it's a beautiful tribute to your FIL. Happy Easter friend. XO- MaryJo

  5. These compositions are very beautiful. They truly express the substance of Easter.


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