Friday, October 8, 2021

Fall Cottage Front Porch

It's taken me a minute to get things rounded up for the Fall Front Porch this year. Every project takes me three times as long since the back surgery. I'm on track with recovery, it's just a lengthy recovery and I can't move too fast or work too long. I started with a few mums which replaced the sad moth-eaten impatiens that we planted in the vintage concrete pots on either side of the steps. Then I added a few pumpkins, but before I even finished up the first stage of fall the squirrels had started eating them.

The pumpkins with ridges or warty things are easier to get their little teeth into, 
so the green one has been the first to go.
I've tried the spray sealer and varnish.
Sorry, these are tough little squirrels with cast iron stomachs.

I love to decorate the porch but we live on a well trafficked street,
and I don't want to overdo it. 
I don't want to stand out too much because I don't want vandals.
Not that anything I have is worth much,
I just don't want people running off with my vintage goodies.

I added a few more mums and brought out my little wooden wheelbarrow
 along with my paisley pillows and plaid throw from last year.

I've ended up tweaking my door basket several times
to try to rearrange and edit down the high velocity brightness. 
The gingko leaves are pretty,
but I ran out of the neutral faux Hydrangeas
 that normally would have toned it down. 

They are on my list the next time I head to HL or Michaels.
I use Hydrangeas in most of my floral arrangements,
so it seems like this year there just weren't enough.

We were out earlier in the week so we headed to the pumpkin/mum market
and I picked up a few more pun'kins to fill in a bit.
First thing I saw were these amazing dark green pumpkins,
that ranged from forest green to literally black!
I settled on one that was dark green,
as the black ones didn't have pretty stems.

It was the first time my husband had been with me inside the barn
and he was overwhelmed with the amount and variety of squash.
I do this every year, but it's the first time he's helped me pick mine out.
WOW, the things he's missed by working in a stuffy office all these years.
Now that he's retired he's experiencing all kinds of fabulousness...

I tend not to buy big orange pumpkins
because they tempt the kids to steal them for jack-o-lanterns.
Shhhh... don't tell anyone that I have a tall skinny one out here.

I've had this big old crate for years out in the garage.
I noticed it this year and thought it would be just right for mums.

The large container of Lantana and Geraniums are still pretty so they are still sticking around. I loved the Lantana this summer because it was a favorite of the hummingbirds and butterflies. The last of the Monarch butterflies are gone, so in a few weeks we'll probably have a freeze and it will be time to let them go. Hard to believe that our first freeze is late October/ first week of November when it's still in the upper 80's off and on here. It's been a rollercoaster as far as the temperature goes here. Just when I think it's cooled off we have another few days of 80's.

We have a new batch of baby chipmunks in the front landscape area. I spotted this one earlier this week, and honestly it's only about 3 inches long. It's the sweetest little thing ever. When it noticed me it literally froze. I watched it about 15 minutes and it never even twitched. It was camouflaged on the river rock. Sorry the pic is fuzzy, it was with my phone from a distance. So far I've only seen two at a time. Last year we had four out back. I imagine there are more I just don't know about them yet. 

It seems like things are always a "work in progress" around here lately.
I'm sure I'll be out here piddling and fiddling around as fall progresses.
Just trying to stay ahead of the squirrels is a job.

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  1. Your porch is so pretty and cozy and inviting. Love how you decorated the bench. Little chipmunk is so cute. Have a great Thursday Debra. Glad to hear your are slowly but healing from your back surgery nicely. xoxo Kris

  2. Your porch looks lovely and so inviting. I always think about someone running off with my cute vintage stuff too so I don't feel "free" to put it out. James keeps saying no one will take it. I can't tell if he's saying that because he doesn't like it and thinks no one wants the stuff or because he thinks we are safe from thievery. ;) I don't want to hear his answer so I don't ask. Gotta pick my battles and keep the peace. LOL. Anyway, enjoy sitting out there watching the chipmunks! How adorable is that?!


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