Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Christmas Mix on the Front Porch

Happy December, Everyone!

Hi Friends, are you having fun transforming your home to Christmas?
We had a couple of nice days over last weekend, so I wanted to get the outside decorating done while we wouldn't be freezing. Missouri weather is notoriously crazy at best, but after Thanksgiving it's just as easy to be a snowy wintry mix as anything above 50. So Thanksgiving weekend is when we all shoot for porch and outside decorating. 

Last Christmas (our first Christmas here) kind of caught me off guard, because I was thinking about what kind of theme and color scheme I'd used in the past. I was just planning on using my old standby theme. But one big element sort of threw me off. 

You all know I love Tartan Plaid everything, and in the past I'd used it on the porch (wherever we've lived). There was only one problem at this house. I have a slightly, orange/ bittersweet/ pumpkin colored door. Yes, the door I love during the rest of the year just doesn't go well with red Tartan plaid! I learned that too late last year, so this year I was trying to be ahead of the game. 

(The gray plaque on the left is our house numbers
that I just cloned out, in case you were wondering
why I would have have a plain piece of wood hanging there)

A little red and a smidge of plaid will work, but I just can't make it the focus.
I was on the line with the large red plaid ribbon on the sled and watering can,
but oh well, I'm living dangerously.

During the Fall I started looking for pillow covers for the old metal bench.
I wasn't planning on Buffalo Check but it seemed like the best option
 that didn't have a lot of red in it.

Then I found this adorable "JOY" lumbar pillow,
and thought how cute they would look together.
Once I put them on the bench I loved them!

I'm using my larger gray wash wicker basket again,
with some faux evergreens, fruit and red berries.
I have some larger Black/White Buffalo Check ribbon,
but thought two different sizes of check might look confusing.
So I went with a wider black grain stripe burlap ribbon instead.

My old beat-up French watering can
and my hubby's childhood sled
both have some of that red plaid ribbon.

The heavy antique concrete urn which usually holds a Boston fern, 
They came in a two-pack and the other one is in the goat cart in the Garden Room.
I used a bundle of burlap to stabilize the tree. 
     It has white lights that make the porch very charming when seen from the street.

One little weird thing is that the basket naturally leans off-center. 
I guess it must be the handle. 
It makes me a little crazy trying to straighten it frequently.

Last year I had my little white wheelbarrow out here
and I may add that when I'm finished with everything else.
I'm not used to having space for more pieces of decor on a porch.
I just don't want to overdo it and junk things up.
It's a fine line with me... haha.

I found the frosty red berry wreath in my stash. 
I thought it coordinated with the wreath on the pillow.
Otherwise there are big ugly nails imbedded in the brick wall.
So best to try to cover them up.

Where do you start your Christmas decor?
 Is the porch first or last?

*This isn't a sponsored post.

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  1. Hi Debra. It looks so cozy and pretty on your front porch. I wish I lived closer you would open your door and find me sitting on your front porch lol! So inviting. Happy Wednesday. xoxo Kris

    1. well, you just need to come on down here for a visit! There are so many fun things to do here when it's not a pandemic, haha!! xoxo

  2. Very pretty. When you said you loved your front door the 11 other months of the year, but not in December, I had a crazy thought. I wondered if your front door was protected enough that you could wrap it like a gift? Then it could be any color you wanted. It looks like there might not be enough protection, though. Like I said, a crazy idea. I love looking at your pretty home. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Marilyn, actually that's a great idea! I'll have to look into it. The wooden door is covered by a glass storm door and it's pretty much away from the elements. Thanks for the concept, now my head is spinning with ideas!

  3. That's so cute! I love the mix you made.
    I usually start with my window candles. I keep them in their original boxes, and 12 of them take up one whole storage tub. It makes me feel like i accomplished something big when I start there, lol.

  4. Really cute front porch, Debra!! What about taking Christmas wrapping paper and covering just the outer door (taping to the top and edges) for the season?? It works at school and could work at home as well. I love the buffalo plaid pillows and the new JOY pillow. Really pretty out there and I am totally envious of your large front porch! I miss my old one from our California home. It was perfect for decorating and was screened with a large hedge making it a perfect place to sit in the afternoons.

    Enjoy your pretty winter look!
    Barb :)

  5. That is such a beautiful and welcoming front porch!

  6. I think you have used just the right amount of plaid and I love that ribbon on the door basket! My favorite thing is the tree in the urn with burlap, just so simple and wintry. Of course the sled is perfect, and the sign, and the joy pillow...

    All too cute. Now to take the Thanksgiving wreath off my front door!

  7. Love your porch Debra! So pretty and welcoming. I've got some big ugly nails in my brick too but I did not not have such a pretty frosty wreath in my stash! That little tree is adorable too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love it all, Debra! I have similar buffalo check pillows on my front porch, and I've been wanting another pillow to put with them, so thanks for the Joy pillow idea! I have now ordered it! (This makes the second time I have ordered the same pillow from a post of yours!) I'm a Missourian too, (and forgive me if I've told you that before - my memory isn't the greatest all of the time!)

  9. Lovely! Featuring your porch on the Farmhouse Friday Link Party tomorrow! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. This is gorgeous Debra! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday - we're featuring you at tomorrow's party!

  11. Your Christmas porch is too cute Debra. You have inspired me with that cute big basket with the ribbon ties around it.

  12. I have so many ideas for front porch decorating but we don't have a covered porch!:) This really limits me . . . . you, however, have a lovely covered porch and the sky's the limit for you:)I love that door basket and the sled -- I use an old sled on my porch, too (at least THAT was made to withstand the elements!) We also decorate outside the weekend after Thanksgiving. Because once Chicago gets cold there's no going back until the spring! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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