Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Seed Box Vignette on the China Cupboard

Since Easter, I've been puttering around here bringing in some vintage pieces that are seasonally "Spring". I just removed the "bunnies" on top of the china cupboard, and replaced them with a  vignette using an old wooden box decoupaged with seed graphics. It was a "make-do" attempt, but with that wonderful original green paint, it makes a perfect display piece for Spring.

I had this old green box before I found the two original antique Seed Boxes that I have now. I was improvising with this vintage box by adding in some vintage graphics from calenders. One thing I like about this little piece is that it's not as tall or deep as most Seed Boxes so it's easier to display in a small space.

As with other pieces of furniture and my mantel, I keep the main pieces up here, and just change up the smaller pieces for seasonal vignettes. The Chalkboard from Pier 1, the vintage wicker laundry basket and the old watering can and birdhouse are pretty much fixtures here.

I have several of these small wicker baskets, 
which are just the right size for a little nest.

Old gardening tools, vintage clay pots, and a strawberry carton with nest are sitting on a bed on moss. Moss is always a good "grounding" for a vignette. Even though it can be messy to work with, moss makes a nice organic carpet especially for anything garden related.

I love Iris, and have had a few that I planted at our old house. When my husband's parents moved to a retirement community, we dug up a few of the various bulbs and transplanted them in our front yard. They were plantings that had come from my husband's grandmother's old house, so they were "family". I don't think they had enough sun where I had them, and then adding in gnoshing deer, they never did well. So when I found this little potted miniature iris, I felt like I at least had a sweet reminder of one of my favorite Springtime blooms.

Having higher ceilings in this house has made it easier and more fun to decorate vertically. Sometimes those spaces can get a little cluttered, but I really enjoy having something to help balance out wall space.

I'm reworking my Baker's Rack for Late Spring too.
 I love an excuse to change it up.

The weather here has been more like early March than early April. We had a few nights of upper 20's for lows. I'm still waiting to see if that ruined the bud process on my little Redbud tree and Apple in the backyard. I took down my door basket on the front porch because of a couple of little finches that were eyeing it for their nesting spot. But despite my efforts, I ended up having a little birdie nest high up on our hanging light fixture. I've felt so bad for mommy because she had to brave those cold nights without cover. But her instincts have seemed to kick in and kept her there coving her eggs. 

I'm going to share an update soon on my journey to get to the bottom of my health problems these last few years. I've purposely waited until after my long-awaited appointment with a new Rheumatologist. It was way overdue, as I had to wait 7 months to get in with her. She has the reputaton of being one of the best and most experienced Rheumatologists in the area, and even though I really needed a diagnosis and help several years ago, I'm glad to finally get in with her. 

This health update is proving to be a hard post to write. I'm struggling with not saying anything, versus feeling like I owe it to you all to have access to information that I've had to fight for. Anyway, it's a work in process. I'll share soon.


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  1. Love it, so perfect for summer. I've sent you two emails about the Summer Tour so please check your emails and let me know if you are going to join us. I need an answer asap.

  2. Your vignette with the seed box is so pretty. I love the combo of birds, seed packets, pots. It just feels like spring -- and believe me, I need some spring!

    I know what you mean about tough posts to write relating to health updates. You know people care and you want to share but it can be so tough to put into words -- emotional, cathartic, scary, everything. In your own time.

  3. I always love your seed box vignettes. I've looked online for one and they are expensive. Its a shame it took 7 months to see the doctor..but glad you finally got in. My heart feels a little heavy because it doesn't sound like its good news. I hope this is not th case. Take Care

    1. Hi Cathy, well any diagnosis from a Rheumatologist isn't particularly good, but at least now I know what I'm dealing with, and have unknowingly had to fight my whole life. I'm on some medication now, but it's a slow going process. thanks for your good thoughts, sorry to sound morbid. I'm just kind of down over the lack of knowledge of the general medical community.

  4. What a beautiful arrangement! I love the combination of Vintage and Spring themes. Well done! ~Cheryl

  5. Your vignette is lovely and hints at the spring to come! I am waiting (with bated breath) just like you:) My prayers go out to you this night as I write this and can only hope for your healing:) You are stronger than you think! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  6. Great vignette, Debra, and I can see lots of climbing up and down to get it done! Looking forward to your update, however much you share.

    1. I had my trusty step ladder with me, but yes, it was up and down a lot! I think I still have things to tweak up there!

  7. I love your vignette. I'm partial to anything garden/nature related. The seed boxes and the mini-iris are just perfect. Sweet memories, too. Happy Spring!

  8. Debra, first I have to say that I really hope you get the medical help you need. I know you've really struggled just by the little bits you've shared and I'm sure there's much more you could say.

    Your vignette is beautiful! I always say you have the best collections and you layer like a with pure talent.

  9. Love the green woven in the natural browns and florals. Your mantle is a real pick-up to the spirit on a drab cloudy day.

  10. The blend looks perfect and flawless. Vintage + Spring wow !!

    Varsha| Villas in OMR

  11. Debra, I always love your garden vignettes! You did an amazing job on that sweet green box. I'm anxious to hear about your health update. Also, it sounds like the little bird is a very good mommy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Hi Debra. The seed box vignette is so pretty. Love the way it looks on top of your sweet cabinet. Hope you have success with the new doctor since you have waited so long to get in to see her. Praying you get some good news and help with your health issues. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  13. This looks vintage and classic at the same times! keep up the amazing works

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  14. You know I love this! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  15. Anxious for the update. I know how long you have waited for answers. Your vignette is charming. Thanks for linking your post to our Keep In Touch party.

  16. Just FYI Debra I featured you at this week's Vintage Charm Party #129!
    xo Kathleen


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