Sunday, February 4, 2018

Vintage Finds for Valentine's Decor

The last few days I've been hunting down my boxes of Valentine's Day things and I've located one tub, but the other is somewhere in the vast nether regions of the Arctic Storage; AKA, the garage. Since I'm not into freezing, I'm having to try to rethink some other vintage items that can become stand-ins for my usual Valentine goodies.

I've mentioned several times, that I'm not what anyone could call a "pastel" person. I don't wear them, and I don't usually decorate with them. I look all washed out and deathly in them. (just me) Sometimes I'll use some pretty vintage ornaments at Christmas, and yes for Easter eggs and bunnies, and yes for Mother's Day with sweet little presents or cards. Just not usually as to having a color accent. This is coming from a person that thinks gray and khaki is the closest I'll get to qualify in the pastel category.

Back years ago when I was out several times a week scouring flea markets and swap meets, I would find myself every once in a while picking up and bringing home a cup or pitcher or print that was decidedly a "pastel". I have a few china and pottery pieces that have a rose motif, so why not use them for a little romance  on Valentine's Day.

A few days ago I headed to the wholesale faux floral shop, looking for something that would work for small Valentine arrangements... small rosebuds and the like. I found some ivory colored roses, but I didn't buy enough so I ended up mixing a few blooms from my stash and some faux Ivy to fill this wonderful pitcher from my mismatched collection. It says Avon on the marking on the bottom, but don't know if it's connected to Avon makeup. I don't know where it's made, and don't know if it could possibly be Bristish. I couldn't find anything like it on the Internet. Anyone have any ideas?

In the same cabinet I pulled out these cherub candleholders that have the perfect amount of chippy white. I don't have any tapered candles, so I used these shorter ones instead. I'm blanking out on the type of medium used for these candleholders. (some sort of moldable plastic) Some of you "vintage" peeps can help me out with it. It's on the tip of my tongue but can't think of the name. I imagine they're from the 50's. (old brain syndrome)

I brought in some lighter shades here in the Kitchen Sitting Area, so we'll see what I can come up with. A few of us are getting together on Tuesday February 6 for a little Valentine Blog Hop. We'll be having a Linky Party at the end so please come join in and link up your Valentine posts from this year or the past.

Have a great rest of the weekend. Do you all do big gatherings for the Super Bowl? No one may be reading this post. Have fun. My hubby isn't into football so we're the odd ones out on Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe I can talk him into Mexican food instead.


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  1. Keep cozy Debra - the pastels in your vignettes help me imagine that spring is getting closer (but oh so slowly). In my area a few leaves of snowdrops and a very few little white flower buds peek around the bases of protected shrubs but the rain and the rather deep puddles and sometimes even a bit of slushy snow are keeping things mostly brown.

    I pinned the cherub candle sticks and handled flower holder with its pink and white lush blossoms. Dreaming of spring.


  2. Pretty arrangement, Debra. Occasionally I'll wear a pastel top, but usually end up donating when I buy one, and I haven't even brought out my hearts. I'm leapfrogging into spring. I think SB is mostly a marketing hype to entice Americans to do what we do so well....gorge ourselves on food (and drink).

  3. We do not superbowl either. But here in CT we are a looonnnngggg way from spring!

  4. Love seeing this pop of pastels in this beautiful pitcher. Very pretty. Ohhhhh swooning over those chippy cherub candle sticks. So sweet. Happy New Week.

  5. We don't care about the super bowl either! I would rather be reading lovely blogs, like yours! I love your candlesticks!

  6. Pretty arrangement. The pitcher is quite pretty. Pastels have their place, but I tend to prefer bolder colors.

  7. I loved your floral arrangement. When thrifting, I always look for pretty flower containers. I am not an earth-tone person. Black is only worn as an adjunct to turquoise, orange, and hot pink! Tan, khaki, beige, dead greens, and even a lot of browns just don't cut it for me. Love brights to wear but decorate more conservatively! It is also a "cheap upper" for my (mild) seasonal affective disorder. Here in Maine, we are supposed to get 8-12" more snow today; I am hunkered down, did extra cooking in case the power goes out. Crafting won over housework--again!

  8. I'm like you Debra, and seldom have anything that resembles a pastel around my own home. I have a few linens that were my grandmother's. Your arrangements are always lovely. I will maybe have to venture into my stash of flowers. I know there are some lovely pinkish roses, lurking down there somewhere. Lovely post!

  9. Hi Debra! Ditto that on the pastels. Give me a dark paneled room any day however I do have a room dedicated to pinks and whites so you inspired me to bring some of my vases out for Valentine's Day. I wasn't going to post for February but decided to show what I love to collect the most being fox figurines. I hope you stop by for a peak. Happy February!


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