Sunday, September 24, 2017

ReStyled Fall Wreath and Black Botanicals

As much as I love Fall you'd think I would have a huge stash of wreaths to choose from here at the Midwest Headquarters of Hoarder's Anonymous, but no, I only had one decent wreath up till last year. I'm not sure why, other than I'm really picky when it comes to wreaths, or that I've tried NOT to overdo it with the "Faux Fall Foliage", which can at times be a little overwhelming around here.

My lack of wreaths could be that I wait too long to decide I want something new and different and/or everything is picked over or out of stock. But this year I got in gear and ordered this really beautiful wreath from Grandinroad's Fall Catalog. I like a wreath that's "Nature-al" looking with fruits and organic looking elements. Plus I really love that wonderful black/brown plaid accent ribbon.

The price was good, as some custom wreaths around here go for around $200 dollars. I wasn't going to spend that for a wreath, no matter even if it was my favorite season. So I happily ordered this one above from the website.

But when I got it up on the Old Door in the Kitchen Sitting Area, it was just too big, as in too lush, and too full. I know it's hard for a Fall Wreath to be too full, but it darn near took up the whole width of the door and it made that side of the room look top-heavy. Sorry, no pics, cause at that point I wasn't sure what I was going to do about it.

Well I grabbed my wire cutting "wreath trimmers" and went at it. I felt like the green leaves were what was making it too dense, so I thinned those out drastically. ...then I lived with it for a few weeks. Each time I looked in that direction I knew it needed a little something "extra" because it still wasn't quite what I'd had in mind.

You all know how much I love Hydrangeas and that I've never met a faux one that I didn't love and buy, so I found some extras that were "Fallish" and I trimmed them up and added to the wreath. I couldn't find my florist wire so I just used some Gardener's Twine to secure the new florals.

BINGO! just what it needed!

The varigated Hydrangea blooms filled out the gaps and added another texture and color to the wreath, and I loved it now even more than before!


during... while I was scratching my head.

after... with the Hydrangeas

I also wanted something different for Fall on either side of the China Cupboard. Since my two other old prints are dark I thought now would be a good time to look for some Botanicals with black backgrounds. I'd seen these from Antique Farmhouse but they had been out of stock. So when I happened to run into these same canvas prints at a vintage market here in town I bought 2 of them.

This look is a little "out there" for me.

I thought the darker color helped balance things out in here, and also complimented the other dark prints and the black granite countertops in the kitchen. Yes, I actually have pics coming of the kitchen area. I know some of you cannot remember a new pic from the kitchen, but I finally got around to doing that so they are coming next week, along with the rest of the KSA.

I know the light switch looks a little clumsy,
but it is what it is.

Hope you're having a great weekend.
It's too hot here, but we'll get a taste of Fall next week. Yay!

(this isn't a sponsored post, just thought I'd let you all know where I found it.
 It really is wonderful, it was just too big for my door.)

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  1. The wreath is gorgeous. Love the hydrangeas. And the door is the most beautiful backdrop! Your quilt is so pretty, too.

    1. oh, thankyou, that old door has been around the block. that quilt was my first one, and came from Georgia. it's pretty fragile now, but the colors are perfect for Fall.

  2. You made the wreath your own and a thing of beauty...and I love the black canvases, too!

  3. Debra, I love the wreath. I would be panicked after buying it, too afraid I'd mess it up adjusting it. You did a great job. I guessed right on the botanicals! Love those too!
    Speaking of heat and hoarders anon, I spent all afternoon in my dark, cool basement...going through stuff, getting ready for a yard sale next week with my sisters. We're all nuts.

    1. Yes, I was a little panicked! kind of like cutting your Barbie's hair. not much you can do if you don't like it later!

    2. p.s. I REALLY need to do a yard sale, but I guess it's going to have to wait. I really need to clear out tons of "stuff"!

  4. The wreath is gorgeous with your touches!!! It looks so much prettier and real! I love those botanicals ... have been looking for something new for over my sofa and they would be perfect! Keeping my eye out for these or something similar.

  5. I'm confused.........the last pic does not have the hydrangeas in the wreath......did you change your mind??

    Great looking wreath!! Hydra flowers are perfect for everything, they are full and fluffy and a great filler..... In the 90's here too, I hate it, not leaving my house until October and only if its cool.....

    1. no, sorry for the confusion, that was just showing where the botanicals were sitting in relation to the rest of the sitting area. It's staying with the Hydrangeas.

  6. Love the black touches and the sitting area is so cozy!

  7. Love the black touches and the sitting area is so cozy!

  8. You did a great job, Debra! And I love the botanicals on the wall. I always love seeing your fall seasonal decor.

  9. Love the vintage door and that wreath is a stunner on there. Happy New Week Debra. Enjoy.

  10. Love your wreath Debra. It looks gorgeous.

  11. Your reworked wreath is beautiful. I love the addition of the hydrangeas as they lighten the look,and as you point out add an additional texture. The black background botanical artwork and the brown background floral pillows balance the look and are really pretty. Thanks for sharing on Share Your Style.

  12. I love your wreath! It is so cute...

  13. Your fall home is beautiful Debra and I love the addition of hydrangea to the wreath. You can always rely on hydrangeas!! Thank you for linking this post up at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tonight's party and pinning too!


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