Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Few Finds for Fall

Sometimes I forget to let you all see what I bring home from my vintage market shopping. But I had been looking for one of these standing vintage baskets for a while, and I just had to share it with you all. You can never have too many white pumpkins for Fall decor, so when I found a crop of these  "new" metal distressed pumpkins, one had to come home with me. and... I have a Brown Transferware detector built in, so I also grabbed up this little Brown Aestheic Transferware pitcher/gravyboat that was only $5. It's a cloudy and rainy day, so I had to quickly take some pics here in the Dining Room, where the light is always good.

I did some searching online and some of these are a creel type basket for bringing home the catch of the day. Other's I think may be a picnic type basket, but this one has water stains along the bottom of the wicker, so I'm thinking it was used as a creel.

It has a hinged lid with a cutout grip and what really got my attention was this cool canvas strap that allowed someone to carry it over their shoulder. It's a pretty good sized basket, so it could get a little heavy if filled. 

I would prefer a yummy lunch over a few grotty fish. Sorry, I'm not much of a fisher"person" and please don't ask me to fry it up for dinner... gagging sounds are being made here. I had food poisoning after eating a bad trout dinner at a restaurant once, and that was enough of eating anything where the eyes look back at me.

I'd like to recondition the wicker, because there is a lot of water staining. I'm torn as to what to do. I don't think I want to paint it, but I'm not sure. If I did it would be a light wash of gray. Any ideas?

Love that rusty distressed plump pumpkin.
It's just the perfect size and I've had it sitting on a cupcake stand here on the table.

The little pitcher didn't have a stamped mark on the bottom, 
but did have some kind of pottery marking that was hard to make out,
but it's definitely the real thing and very old.

I still had a little late afternoon light, so I took a couple of pics of my dining room table with the pumpkin on the cupcake stand. Cool down coming tomorrow, it may decide to be Fall after all!

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  1. Great finds. Looking forward to your basket makeover.

  2. I love all of your finds...unusual and pretty! Fun!

  3. What a great haul!!! Esp. the pitcher.....what a steal.....not fair!!!

    Wondering if some linseed oil would work on the basket. I've used it on numerous things and it always works wonders.......

  4. That is a fab basket you found. As long as it doesn't smell (!!!), it will serve you well for a long time. I'm terrible with fish also. The pumpkin is precious, I like how you have it set on a pedestal----inspiration!

    I'm just getting ready to decorate before I lose my mojo! Hope you are doing well, sweet friend!

    Jane x

  5. Love the basket and it was great you found it. Cute little pitcher, perfect color for this time of the year.

  6. Love the fishing creel, they would line the bottom with leaves and moss and then put their fish in their. Sometimes they also used it as a stool. At least that is what I was told.

    Love the rusty pumpkin! So cute.

  7. Perhaps hemp oil would recondition the basket.

  8. These are great finds. That brown transferware gravy boat was a steal and it is so adorable.

  9. I'm always envious of your brown transferware radar!! It's certainly the real deal. The "cookies" are charming. Glad you found it for your collection. Sally

  10. Love all three, Debra. You might try one of the Howard products for wood before you decide to paint the cool creel basket. They make various cleaning/conditioning ones for wood....
    The transferware is a nice piece. I think I have one or two of the same pattern and really like it.
    Cooler here too today.....glad, because the sisters & I are doing the yard sale this weekend. Stuff out, stuff in......

  11. I love it when you find a group of things that work so well together! Pumpkin has a great look. And of course the little pitcher is sweet for fall!

  12. Awesome finds! I have a built in detector too!

  13. I adore the pumpkin, and that little pitcher is so sweet. I have the same feeling about 'n chips, shrimp & lobster are AOK but best served in a restaurant setting! Does the basket have an odor? My dad was a great fisherman, and everything he had or wore when fishing was so stinky. Yep, I'd be slapping some paint on that basket!

  14. Nice finds, darlin!

    I'd leave the basket in all it's patina'd perfection. (Long as it doesn't smell.)

  15. The basket is a great find. Maybe you could apply some dark colored wax to hide the stains. I might also help the wicker from becoming too brittle.

  16. Love your basket Debra! I have a lift top basket on my porch and fill it with seasonal "faux" did good!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. That is a fishing basket and I believe the hole on top is to put the fish in the basket. Good finds.


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