Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Change-ups in the Living Room

Hi Friends, can you honestly believe that it's June? It's officially Summer, and I just got my container plants for the porch and patio done this last week! Someone asked me not long ago why I don't show my Living Room more often here on the blog, and I said that it's because things never change up in here very much. Basically all I did for "Summer" was to replace my sofa pillows and add the new white and chippy wicker Demi-John I found a few weeks ago. 

I like to lighten things up in here a little, and put away the Leopard print pillows, then give things a good cleaning. Part of the clean-up means pulling out Hubbs leather recliner for a good dusting and wipe-down. You can still see the chair sliders under the legs... that makes it easier for me to dust and vacuum over there. (I don't show it much because it's always cluttered up with a blanket and a gazillion remotes on the wicker trunk)

I swapped out the taupe floral pillows for Spring and brought out these patterned ones that I found at Pier 1 last year. The colors are a little "early Fall", but I wanted a look that is little something different.

The new/old Demi John and an Ivy lightened up the coffee table tray. I love how my little ticking monogram pillow that my mom made matches whatever it's paired with.

With the rug pattern being so big and busy, 
I can't have pillows that compete too much.

I wanted to keep my white tool carrier up on the mantel, but it was time to change up the white Tulips that were "Spring-y", for white Hydrangeas, with a little more "Summer-y" feel. 

Little changes of pattern and color keep our spaces up with the Seasons!
Hope you're having a great week,



  1. Well it sure is pretty! I don't change my living room up much either. Not many ways to put the furniture in a small space. How are you liking Mediavine?

    1. thanks, Brenda. LOVE Mediavine, they are really nice and pay great!

  2. I had to laugh--and you get kudos for showing the "man chair" at all. Honestly, very few people show the "man chair" in their rooms, when we KNOW they exist in every house that there is a man. Here, it is a "man sofa" and it's always has charge cables and pillows and crumbs, papers, and stains. So much for home decor, but your pillows are perfect and give just a bit of sunny warmth...grins and thanks, Sandi

  3. Debra, I love the new/old demi John. It looks perfect in your tray. Sometimes only a few small changes is all you need to freshen up a room.

  4. Such a great mix of colors and patterns and your vignettes are always unique and spot on!

    Jane x

  5. So pretty. This looks so light and bright.

  6. Your family room is so pretty! I love the pretty pillows you added that coordinate with your rug. I also like the greenery you interspersed in the room.

  7. So pretty Debra. Love your family room. The styling of the coffee table vignette is so wonderful too. Happy New Week.

  8. Very pretty! Love the little changes you made for the season. Had to laugh about the man chair and all the remotes because I can relate!

  9. My lab woke me up early this morning!! For no reason other than boredom.... So, now I am enjoying my cup of coffee and your change up! Looks wonderful. Like a welcoming place to have coffee with a friend.... :)

  10. Gorgeous as always!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  11. I love your picture over the couch. Can you give me any information about it? I would love to have one like it.

    1. Hi Christi, thankyou. yes, that painting is one of my favorite pieces. We bought it about 15 years ago, and it's an original oil. sorry don't remember where exactly we found it. we were in a flurry of decorating a previous home.


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