Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gathered #1

When I was involved in a weekly party, the thing I enjoyed most was getting to feature different people and their blogs. Sometimes I now feel like I'm out of the loop because I don't have access to meeting so many creative people and showcasing their talent. I'm sure you're like me and run across a great post or pic and you just want to share it with others, but it's awkward to work it into something of your own. There are so many unique and timely posts that speak to who you are and turn your head, but you just don't have a way to share with everyone. So I'm going to start a new (hopefully) weekly post where I can randomly share those topics, pics, and inspiration that I've picked up that week in the blogging world. Okay, here are a few I've gathered this week...

One of the hazards of blogging for many years is that you inadvertently lose track of people and their amazing talents. I've had blog lists disappear overnight, or someone takes an extended break, so you lose touch. Well, I ran across some of Sassy Trash wire art on Pinterest and just had to share this with you. She has a great Etsy Shop, so check that out too.

Michael Lee has a wonderful post on "Late October in the Living Room" at her blog, 
Rattlebridge Farm. This pic of a gorgeous orange quilt showcased for a table covering 
just grabbed my orange lovin' attention with her use of contrasting color.
This post was like looking at a magazine layout.

Lynn from a Pocketful of Paint. shares her DIY Marbleized Pumpkins. 
Love these! She has great instructions to do it yourself. 
This would be so much fun as a family diy project

If you love vintage Halloween Collectibles, 
She does shows and events all across the upper Midwest, 
and she certainly qualifies as the queen of vintage goodies.

OK, so I love clothes, but I'm practical. I had a conversation with a young saleswoman at J Jill just yesterday about wearing neutrals. I usually don't go in for "color" in my basics, but prefer to use color in accessories, like with a scarf, maybe a cardigan, or jewelry. I love this tunic, but I usually have to buy petites. I'm short. And most regular pieces are just not proportioned right for me. Anyway, I love gray and wear tons of it, and it's so perfect for Fall. Click over to Cindy's blog, Rough Luxe as she shares three looks with one basic tunic. You'll be seeing and hearing more from me in the clothing "department". (pun intended)

Shannan Martin from Flower Patch FarmGirl writes a funny and poignant piece on her experience as a child when Halloween got kicked to the curb. It makes so much sense and is entirely Biblical. Do you enjoy and/or celebrate Halloween? Here's her viewpoint.

well, this was fun for me,
hope you enjoyed it.


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